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What is Abstract art?.

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1 What is Abstract art?

2 This representation can be differed in many ways including the shape,
Abstract Art is art that is not an accurate representation of a form or object.  This  representation can be differed in many ways including the shape, color, and form.  The artist takes the object and then either simplifies it or exaggerates it using these things.

3 Styles of Abstract Art There are many different abstract styles.  There are three forms of abstraction that really stand out:  Cubism, Neoplasticism,  Abstract Expressionism. 

4 Cubism    Cubism is a more modern art movement in which forms are abstracted by using an analytical approach to the object and painting the basic geometric solid of the subject.  Cubism is a backlash to the impressionist period in which there is more of an emphasis of light and color.  Cubism itself follows Paul Cezanne statement that "Everything in nature takes its form from the sphere, the cone, and the cylinder." in which these 3 shapes are used to depict the object of the painting.  Another way that the cubist expressed their painting was by showing different views of an object put together in a way that you can not actually see in real life.  The Cubism period stated in Paris in 1908, reached its peak in 1914, and continued into the 20's.  The leaders in the cubist era were  Pablo Picasso  and  Georges Braque . 

5 Georges Braque "Violin and Pitcher"
Georges Braque's  "Candlesticks and Playing Cards" Georges Braque "Violin and Pitcher"

6 Neoplasticism, Neoplasticism is the belief that art should not be the reproduction of real objects, but the expression of the absolutes of life.  To the artists way of thinking, the only absolutes of life were vertical and horizontal lines and the primary colors.  To this end neoplasticisist only used planar elements and the colors red, yellow, and blue.  The neoplastic movement happened in the 1910's and the two main painters of this movement where Piet Mondrian and Theo van Doesburg.

7 Piet Mondrian "Composition with Red, Yellow, and Blue"

8 Abstract Expressionism
Abstract Expressionism is a style of painting in which the painter shows his personality through spontaneity.  Most abstract expressionist art is not a painting of an object or image, but instead a study in color and brush stroke.  There are two major types of abstract expressionism.  One is Action Painting and the other is Color Field Painting. 

9 Pollock, Jackson "Lavender Mist: Number 1, 1950"
Action Painting Action painting strives to show paint texture and the movement of the artists.   Jackson Pollock  is an example of an Action Painter.  He dripped and poured his paint to create his work.  Pollock, Jackson "Lavender Mist: Number 1, 1950"

10 Color Field Painting A Color Field Painter is a painter who is concerned with just color and shape.   Mark Rothko  is one of the best examples of this kind of painter. This style is known as the color-field branch of abstract expressionism.  This style of painting is when an artist takes large, hazily defined rectangles of color and paints them on the canvas.  He used a range of bright happy colors to dark murky colors to convey his emotions and a sense of spirituality. Mark Rothko "Untitled"

11 Other Abstract Expressionists
Hans Hoffman's "Flight"

12 Your assignment Research on an abstract artist. Choose one and be able to describe what his/her paintings are about.- (Why did create what they did.) ( 1 Class period in computer lab and at home.) Create your own abstract painting and be able to defend your color choices and composition/design. (Why you created what you did.)

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