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Whats New From Dialog Government Transportation Research Information Committee (GTRIC) SLA: June 5, 2005.

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1 Whats New From Dialog Government Transportation Research Information Committee (GTRIC) SLA: June 5, 2005

2 What's New From Dialog2 Agenda Highlights Corporate News TRIS on Dialog Products & Services Content Training

3 What's New From Dialog3 New: DialogLink 5 New: Chemical Structure Searching Enhanced Alerts Enhanced e-journal linking Expanded content collection Highlights

4 What's New From Dialog4 Agenda Highlights Corporate News TRIS on Dialog Products & Services Content Training

5 What's New From Dialog5 Dialog & The Thomson Family Today Dialog – Over 30 Years of Information Excellence 1960s - Dialog began as a Lockheed Missiles & Space Company project, before the advent of computers as we know them today. In 1968, NASA applied the Dialog system to its databases 1972 – Dialog launched commercially 2000 – Dialog becomes a business of the Thomson Corporation The Thomson Family includes: –Derwent- Dialog - FindLaw –Gale- IHI- Investext –ISI WOS & WOK- Janes - MicroPatent –Prometric - West

6 What's New From Dialog6 Accurate & Authoritative Information… Dialog is the broadest and deepest information resource available: –More than 1200 databases –15 terabytes of data –1.4 billion records –Over 200,000 unique sources… 470 million scientific records, including… –160 million research reports from 150,000 journals –3 million conference papers –1.8 million dissertations –44 million patent records –15 million trademark records –95 million domain name records –60 million global company directory listings

7 What's New From Dialog7 Powerful Search & Retrieval… World class-indexing schemes were developed to deliver multiple levels of access to data. The ability to generate, combine, and manipulate sets of data offer clients a significant time and cost advantage. Our Federated Search Capabilities: Dialog OneSearch capabilities that allow a single powerful search using a uniform search language across multiple databases. Advanced search commands further provide tools to quickly search and extract thousands of sources simultaneously, analyze with RANK, MAP fields from database to database, SORT and output data in the format of choice, including direct downloading into bibliographic reference databases. The Dialog search engine can handle more than 700,000 searches and deliver more than 17 Million document page views per month.

8 What's New From Dialog8 Time Saving Features & Services to Make Your Life Easier… State-of-the-Art Alerting and e-Linking Capabilities – Dialog Alerts provide the ability to set up a profile in up to 60 databases at one time, custom schedule delivery, remove duplicates, and include hypertext links to full text e-journals, client resources and document delivery services. Multiple output options now include XML and automatic Word and Excel report creation. Copyright Compliance Tool – Dialogs ERA (Electronic Redistribution & Archiving) Create your own interface with Dialog tools and support services. Customized Training, Help Desk and Technical Customization Services

9 What's New From Dialog9 –All other countries will be directed to for their new number Telephone & e-mail support 24 hours, Monday-Friday E-mail Online support http://support.dialog.comdialogcustomer@thomson.com U.S. and Canada 1 800 334-2564 (3 DIALOG)Most Major Countries 00 800 3 334-2564 Phone numbers from other countries on Expanded Customer Support

10 What's New From Dialog10 eNewsletters - Subscribe at eChronolog Dialog Corporate News Dialog GEP News Quantum 2 Highlights Training Updates Receive Dialog press releases by Really Simple Syndication (RSS) –Be instantly informed of the latest Dialog company news –Go to Dialog pressroom to subscribe: –Look for the RSS icon - COMING SOON: Communities of Interest Newsletters

11 What's New From Dialog11 Dialog Pricing Options Transactional Consortia Discounts Discount Contracts Flat-Rate – Over 300 Databases –Site Licenses –Subscription Pricing –Dialog Choice

12 What's New From Dialog12 Dialog Choice Information Providers

13 What's New From Dialog13 Agenda Highlights Corporate News TRIS on Dialog Products & Services Content Training

14 What's New From Dialog14 Transportation Research Information (TRIS) TRIS on Dialog Facts & Advantages: File 63, 1968 to Present with Monthly Updates Current Awareness Alerts - Monthly upon update or Custom Scheduled. Can combine with other databases, sort, remove duplicates. eLink Enabled – Seamlessly link to fulltext ejournals, pay-per- view fulltext, OPAC records, or other custom OpenURL targets. 8 Predefined Output Formats including Tagged - + your own ERA Available for copyright compliance Flat-Rate Dialog Choice Pricing Dialog Document Delivery Available

15 What's New From Dialog15 TRIS on Dialog Continued… Dialogs TRIS file includes –Both published & Research in Progress (RIP) records –The English-language ITRD content. Recent reload and upcoming clean up will provide more flexibility in addition to more linking capabilities. More in the planning stage! Dialog Power Advantages: –35 Search Fields (search together, separately, combine sets) –3 Limits –8 Sortable Fields –Multiple Rank fields –Include with other files or Dialog OneSearch Categories (Transportation, Engineering, Materials, Automotive Research, Science & Technology) Advanced & End User Interfaces and Services Available

16 What's New From Dialog16 Dialog Custom TRIS Search Form Example Search Language & Connectors are Behind-the-Scenes

17 What's New From Dialog17 Click of Saved Search Link on Intranet Page Automatically Runs Updated Dialog Search in TRIS or Desired Databases S ((TRANSIT OR TRANSPORTATION)(8N)SECUR? AND (HOMELAND()SECURITY OR TERROR?)) AND ((RAIL? OR TRAIN?) AND (SECUR? OR TERROR?)) s s1 and PY>=2004 rd

18 What's New From Dialog18 Agenda Highlights Corporate News TRIS on Dialog Products & Services Content Training


20 What's New From Dialog20 DialogLink 5: Revolutionize the Way You Work New and larger icons Task Panes Chemical Structure tab

21 What's New From Dialog21 DialogLink 5: Reports

22 Chemical Structure Searching

23 What's New From Dialog23 Chemical Structure Searching Substructure Highlighting Result from Dialog Chemical Structure Search highlights structure searched

24 What's New From Dialog24 Chemical Structure Searching on Dialog - Content Beilstein Facts (File 390) Derwent Chemistry Resource (DCR) (File 355) IMS R&D Focus (File 445,955) Pharmaprojects (File 128,928) Prous Science Drug Data Report (File 452) Prous Science Drugs of the Future TM (File 453)

25 Dialog Alerts SM

26 What's New From Dialog26 Dialog Alerts - Enhancements Alerts in XML & Custom HTML available on Dialog Custom E-mail Alerts with Table of Contents Added 6/6/05! eLinks added for quicker & easier access to fulltext sources –HTML, XML, and TAG formats Alert name size increased to 30 characters Dialog Interactive Alerts Renamed Table of Content Alerts

27 What's New From Dialog27 Alerts results will come with Tables of Contents, which are anchored to each record in the body of the message

28 What's New From Dialog28 Dialog eLinks Database Citation Source OpenURL Target Custom URLs Library Holdings Target Electronic Fulltext Dialog eLinks

29 What's New From Dialog29 Dialog eLinks List of files containing eLinks available at Sample publishers: –American Society of Civil Engineers –EBSCO –Highwire –Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers –MIT Press –Public Library of Science –SWETS

30 What's New From Dialog30 New Tab options allow set up of links to multiple options for obtaining a document Product Testing R&D Dialog eLinks

31 What's New From Dialog31 Dialog DataStar & TradStat - Enhancements Dialog DataStar: Access from DialogLink 5 Implementation of multifile Alerts Ability to edit and rerun Alerts Alert tracking tool Postprocessing with Thomson ISI ResearchSoft products enhanced Improved thesaurus navigation RANK option now available TradStat Relaunched: New Report Library added Report Layout enhanced Graphics Editor redesigned New countries added - –Turkey (June 2005) –European Union member countries coming in 2005

32 What's New From Dialog32 Dialog and Dialog DataStar APIs Application Programming Interfaces (API) Enable the integration of Dialogs rich content set and powerful search engine into enterprise applications. –Enterprise applications can expose this powerful search capability against any Dialog collection –Level of search complexity can be defined by the application Deliver content in multiple formats - XML, HTML, and ASCII

33 What's New From Dialog33 Agenda Highlights Corporate News TRIS on Dialog Products & Services Content Training

34 What's New From Dialog34 Dialog OneSearch Categories of Interest to GTRIC – http://library.dialog.com Aerospace – AEROSPAC Automotive Research – AUTO Cited References – CITEDREF Civil Engineering – CIVILENG Coatings – COATINGS Conference Papers – CONFPAP Ecology & Conservation – ECOLOGY Energy – ENERGY Engineering – ENG Eng. & Construction Industry – ENGBUS Environmental Regulation – ENVREGS Foundations/Grants – FOUNDAT Geology – GEOLOGY Geosciences – GEOSCI Government – GOVT Materials – MATERIAL Mechanical Eng. – MECHENG Metals – METALS Patents – PATENTS Science & Technology – SCITECH Transportation Industry News – TRANSBUS Transportation – TRANSPORT U.S. Research in Progress - USRIP

35 What's New From Dialog35 CSA files are once again available on Dialog!!! More than 30 databases to be added in 2005 Now available (as of June 2005) for subscription pricing: –Aerospace & High Technology Database (File 108) –METADEX (File 32) –Technology Research Database (File 23) Megafile of all the more than 6.5 million records available through its 17 component files, including Aerospace & High Technology, METADEX, and Aluminium Industry Abstracts. Content – SciTech Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA)

36 What's New From Dialog36 CSA Technology Research Database (File 23) More 6.5 Million Unique Records Major areas of coverage include: Aeronautics Alloys Astronautics Biomaterials Casting and molding Ceramics Civil engineering Communications and networks Composites Computer applications Construction materials Corrosion Database information systems Decision support systems Earthquake engineering Electronics Engineered materials Environmental engineering Glass Intermetallics Mechanical engineering Metallurgy Metals and their applications Meteorology, climatology and oceanography Navigation Nonferrous metals Optical and acoustic technology Pollution, waste and water engineering Polymers Robotics and automation Semiconductors Space biology Steels Superconductors Surface finishing Telecommunications Transportation engineering Welding

37 What's New From Dialog37 Content – SciTech New and Enhanced Databases AeroBase TM (File 104) Derwent Chemistry Resource (File 355) Ei Compendex® (Files 8,288) MetalBase (File 36)

38 What's New From Dialog38 Beilstein Facts (File 390) Derwent Chemistry Resource (DCR) (File 355) IMS R&D Focus (File 445,955) Pharmaprojects (File 128,928) Prous Science Drug Data Report (File 452) Prous Science Drugs of the Future TM (File 453) Content – SciTech Chemical Structure Searching Added

39 What's New From Dialog39 Content Beilstein Reloaded and Expanded The Beilstein database reloaded divided into three files: Beilstein Facts (File 390) provides full details on the properties of organic chemicals, including melting points, chemical properties and much more. Beilstein Reactions (File 391) contains data for more than nine million chemical reactions, including compound structures and preparations. Beilstein Abstracts (File 393) includes citations and author abstracts for the references in Facts and Reactions. All three files can be searched independently or simultaneously. Coverage dates back to 1779 and the files update quarterly. Provides 9 million chemical substances, 9.5 million chemical reactions extracted and indexed from 1.9 million references

40 What's New From Dialog40 Content – Patents & Trademarks New and Enhanced Databases CLAIMS®/U.S. Patents (Files 340, 341) Derwent World Patents Index First View SM (File 331) Derwent World Patents Index (File 351) – India Patents German Patents Fulltext (File 324) TRADEMARKSCAN®-Mexico (File 668) TRADEMARKSCAN®-Ireland (File 683) TRADEMARKSCAN®-Lithuania (File 685) TRADEMARKSCAN®-Slovak Republic (File 676)

41 What's New From Dialog41 Content – Intellectual Property Patent Delivery Accessible from all Dialog products Order up to 100 patents at a time E-mail delivery within minutes of ordering Bulk e-mail delivery for multiple patents PDF documents provide links to the most important areas of a document Integrated into Dialog search experience

42 What's New From Dialog42 Content – Pharmaceutical New and Enhanced Databases Pharmaprojects (File 128,928/PHAR, PHZZ, PHLP,PHDI ) FDAnews (File 182/FDAN) Drug Information Fulltext (DIFT) BIOSIS Toxicology (File 153) International Pharmaceutical Abstracts (IPA) Toxicology subset (File 157)

43 What's New From Dialog43 Content – Biomedical New and Enhanced Databases Old MEDLINE (File 155/ME65) MEDLINE® (Files 154,155/MEDL,MEZZ) PsycINFO® (File 11) Kings Fund (KFND) Cinahl® (NAHL)

44 What's New From Dialog44 Content – News New and Enhanced Databases CorpTech® Directory of Companies (File 559) The New York Times – Fulltext (Files 471,472 & in NewsRoom) World News Connection (File 985 & in NewsRoom) Kompass databases enhanced (Files 584-586, 590-594) Delphes European Business reloaded (File 481)

45 What's New From Dialog45 Dialog NewsRoom (B NEWSROOM) 11,000 sources –Publication List now available at –Updated weekly Searchable by publication title, location, industry and ISSN number Dialog NewsRoom Alerts (File 989) –Rolling one-week news file –Continuously updated throughout the day –Intraday Alerts available New file segments added for 2005 coverage

46 What's New From Dialog46 Agenda Highlights Corporate News TRIS on Dialog Products & Services Content Training

47 What's New From Dialog47 Training

48 What's New From Dialog48 New Support & Training Options Dialog & DataStar training now available via Webex! –Gives people access to training globally –Schedule now available via http://training.dialog.com New! How to create and use templates and reports within DialogLink 5! Quantum WebEx workshop list updated –Adding Value to Information Service –Measuring Impact: Cost Justification for Information Services –Leading the Way: Trends & Best Practices in the Information Professional Role

49 What's New From Dialog49 Dialog KnowledgeBase Search by keywords, product, business area (sectors), focus (content) or by database number or label Available at Also Dialog File 418 Popup search tips

50 What's New From Dialog50 Thank You! Elizabeth Simmons, Manager, Account Management, Dialog Government Sales & Account Management (703) 908-2391 (800) 213-1439 x 2391

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