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Vendor Update SLA P&HT Division Meeting April 8, 2008.

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1 Vendor Update SLA P&HT Division Meeting April 8, 2008

2 Adis R&D Insight - Statistics
Total number of RDI drug profiles = 23,296 Number of new profiles added per month = 80 Number of significant updates per month = 992 Active drug profiles = 43.1% of the total database. Inactive/discontinued drug profiles = 56.9% of database. Number of profiles with chemical structures = 8952 Number of companies covered = 3589 Number of company profiles linked = 406 Number of companies tracked by Lehman Bros = Number of profiles with a Lehman table = 995 Therapeutic Area Coverage = ALL plus Diagnostic agents, Cell therapies, Gene therapies and Vaccines. Number of Indications = *February 2008

3 Adis R&D Insight: Sources
Detailed drug profiles derived from the following sources Company contacts Press releases International conferences Company websites More than 1,300 biomedical / medical journals

4 Adis R&D Insight NEW! For 2007/2008
Upgraded search functionality Improved ease of use Links to original sources Major improvements to customizing preferences and push alerting Two enhancements in last 12 months. Q laid groundwork for 2008 improvements.

5 Upgraded Search Functionality
Biological and Chemical Class BROWSE function Separate lists for Biological and Chemical classes List View/Tree View option Allows searching on synonyms

6 Upgraded Search Functionality
Route and Formulation New tab allows search by Route of administration Formulation

7 Upgraded Search Functionality
Organization Renamed parameter for better classification of drug developers Search by Organization Type or Ownership Type

8 Upgraded Search Functionality
Phase ‘Highest Phase’ and ‘Phase is’ New ‘Phase filter’ option Updated and expanded Phase list

9 Upgraded Search Functionality
Country Hierarchy Country searching is expanded to provide the ability to confidently and simply search by broad geographical / political region. Addition of ‘Tree View’

10 Upgraded Search Functionality
Fast Track Allows to search compounds that were assigned Fast Track status by the FDA in the US

11 Upgraded Search Functionality
‘Orphan Drug’ Orphan Drug designation for a particular indication Orphan designation country ‘Any Indication or Country’: search ALL profiles were Orphan Drug exists

12 Upgraded Search Functionality
Full Text ‘Full Text’ has replaced the ‘Text Contains’ free text searching option. Can be partnered with a Category, which will search a specific part of the profile. Search term will be highlighted in yellow when you open the profile

13 Improved Ease of Use Addition of Disease Qualifiers
a qualifier may be added to an indication a qualifier comment can be added to provide additional information

14 Improved Ease of Use More Tabular Content
Route listed in Phase of Development Table Orphan Designation Brand Name Table

15 Links to Original Sources
Journal FullText option in records Open access linking capability to link to your journal holdings

16 Customization Results Page Choose Columns for viewing on Results Page

17 Customization Development table Filtering by search Sorting by heading

18 Alerts New ALERTS features:
Multiple addresses can be set up for a single alert Searches from both R&D Insight and Clinical Trials Insight can be included in a single alert Users will be able to export, print, chart results from their Alerts Run search from last alert

19 Customer Engagement Activities- 2007
Online Surveys conducted Key Takeaways Areas of expanding importance are drug targets and new formulations Greater need for financial data, patent, and licensing/deals opportunities Improved ability in accessing specific data points Timeliness and comprehensiveness is critical

20 Next Steps for Adis R&D Insight
Customer roundtables to determine and continue to drive specific major enhancements US and Europe during the weeks of March 31st and April 4th Representation from all user and customer types Improve comprehensiveness of coverage through the content acquisition initiative (technology and process review)

21 Adis Business Intelligence
Feedback and Comments Adis Business Intelligence Client Services option 1

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