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SLA – Pipeline Town Hall Ben Weintraub and Jeff Southwood

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1 SLA – Pipeline Town Hall Ben Weintraub and Jeff Southwood
Adis R&D Insight SLA – Pipeline Town Hall Ben Weintraub and Jeff Southwood March 27, USA

2 Why Adis r&D insight March 27, USA

3 Why? – Experience, Expertise, and Timeliness
Editorial Staff 150+ highly qualified (PhD, MD, PharmD) staff in-house Average writing experience = 7-10 years (some up to 20 years) Expertise across extensive range of therapeutic areas Rigorous training program Global focus inThought Team 10 years experience covering pharma for Wall Street Practicing physicians on staff to provide the clinician’s perspective Network of medical experts Daily updates from company contacts, press releases, international conferences, company websites, and journals Comprehensive pipeline of preclinical, clinical, and launched compounds, updated daily using sources from around the world. March 27, USA

4 Why? – Scientific/Clinical Emphasis
In-depth reviews of launched products and compounds in development worldwide covering all indications, countries, and phases Concise summaries of pivotal clinical trials with links to full study profiles in Adis Clinical Trials Insight Comprehensive drug development history provides timeline for key events and milestones throughout the development process Detailed synopsis of pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and adverse events broken out by indication Global phase of development table documents progress by country/region Extensively referenced profiles provide a narrative of each drug’s developmental history. March 27, USA

5 Why? – inThought Commercial Assessments
inThought Approvability Index Probability of FDA approval Available for all drugs in active clinical development Based on specific factors in each phase of clinical development and benchmarked against historical parameters Absolute probability of approval as well as comparison to similar agents Revenue Forecasts Models assess both currently approved and developmental drugs Top-down, based on the addressable patient population Forecasts seven years in the future and three years in the past Models incorporate Wolters Kluwer’s Healthcare Analytics prescription data Single-source estimates provide a consistent view of FDA approvability and worldwide revenue potential. March 27, USA

6 12 No Develop-ment Reported
Why? – Ease of Use Intuitive search by name, class, mechanism, organization, development role, indication, patient segment, phase, and country Refine search results to include drugs that are only available for licensing, small molecules, fixed combinations, orphan drugs, fast track status, biological, in active development Save searches, send searches, revise searches Alerts based on saved searches Gilead Products by Phase 12 No Develop-ment Reported 17 Launched 28 Discontinued - Preclinical 10 Phase II March 27, USA

7 Why? – Workflow Solution Tools
Create Excel and PowerPoint tables and graphs from search results Export to Excel or HTML Exported charts have links to the database that do not require a password – to anyone March 27, USA

8 Why? – Customer Support Ask-The-Expert service provides complimentary access to our team of scientific experts, financial analysts, and physician consultants to help answer your specific questions March 27, USA

9 Emerging trends March 27, USA

10 Emerging Trends Pharma is increasing the pace and sophistication of licensing and acquisitions, driving a need for better information to screen candidates and more diverse and detailed information about each product Emerging markets: visibility into India, China, and other emerging markets are becoming critical Pharma doesn’t want a data dump…they need a strategic partner who can synthesize, condense, and summarize all the available information in a meaningful way that provides insights that are commercially relevant to their specific business and business issues Mix of secondary and primary information, mix of facts and opinions Drug database users want a single source for clinical data summaries, forecasts, commercial information, and business development solutions. March 27, USA

11 Future Developments March 27, USA

12 Future Development Single site source for clinical, commercial, deals, and regulatory Incorporate other content from within Wolters Kluwer Sales and managed care content from Source Healthcare Analytics Clinical Trial content from Adis Clinical Trials Insight Epidemiology and clinical content from UpToDate inThought Research alert content Partner with 3rd parties for additional commercial content Consensus revenue estimates Consensus launch dates Patent expiry Building a single source for clinical data summaries, forecasts, commercial information, and business development solutions. March 27, USA

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