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World Class Standards RFID Networks workshop general introduction 25 February 2008 Patrick Guillemin ETSI.

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1 World Class Standards RFID Networks workshop general introduction 25 February 2008 Patrick Guillemin ETSI

2 World Class Standards 2 Introduction Following the planning of the ETSI Board RFID Ad Hoc group (chaired by Kirit Lathia), this second ETSI RFID workshop would determine how and when new standardization projects related to the "RFID Networks" could be developed at ETSI. Past 3,4 December 2007: 1st RFID Workshop 44 participants, 24 Documents and a debriefing Input doc for 25th February 2008 2 nd Workshop) February Plan to review « Ideas for RFID and IoT Standardization» 25 February 2008: 2 nd RFID Workshop Good progress Excellent context for international collaboration Proposals Need for discussions and support identification First draft for FIT starter group

3 World Class Standards 3 Goal To identify together in this ETSI open working meeting (rather than a standing conference) what are the new actions needed that are not yet conducted within ETSI existing technical bodies? Of course we will include the ETSI proposals made in the 1st workshop, the new participants in the 2 workshops, the on-going European activities where ETSI is involved (CASAGRAS, GRIFS, CuteLOOP, ETP EPoSS, EU RFID Expert Group, CERP Cluster...)

4 World Class Standards 4 Agenda to review Alice Moroni from RFID Lab of University of Rome "Sapienza" "Pole SCS", Traceability Centre (Technosite de Valence) and other RFID projects (like National RFID centre) involving the global RFID stakeholders like Orange, ST Microelectronic, ATMEL, TI, GEMALTO, CEA... that include RFID Standardization plan ETSI ERM TG34 and TG28 about RFID spectrum allocation and 2008 RFID Plugtests plans Trevor Peirce will coordinate the RFID Security technical standardization plans in liaison with Scott Cadzow BNetzA, the German Regulator, (Helmut Wolf and Thomas Weber) will coordinate RTTE 199/5/EC Directive initiatives & proposals Global standards bodies and RFID/IoT stakeholders (ERM, CEN, ITU-T, GS1, EC, ISO...) involved in the liaisons. How can ETSI be used as facilitator? 6,7 October 2008 RFID/IoT conference under French EU presidency plans Peter Friess, EU initiatives and explanation on how to work with it in practice. How to work in liaison with the EU initiatives. How to liaise with the EU Cluster on RFID research projects CERP ; EU FP7 Projects GRIFS, CuteLOOP and CASAGRAS; ETP EPoSS and European RFID Expert Group François VACHERAND, CEA RFID Presentation Working session on elaboration of draft terms of reference AOB (review of all input documents) > (next slide)

5 World Class Standards 5 09:30 - 09:45 Patrick Guillemin, General Introduction 09:45 - 10:00 Alice Moroni, RFID Lab of University of Rome 10:00 - 10:15 Marc Vodovar, Pole SCS 10:15 - 10:45 François VACHERAND, CEA 10:45 - 12:30 Thomas Weber, BNetzA ** Lunch ** 14:00 - 15:30 Trevor Peirce, RFID Security, Scott Cadzow 15:30 - 16:00 Peter Friess, EU initiatives 16:00 - 16:30 AOB ** Coffee Break ** 17:00 – 18:00 Draft terms of reference

6 World Class Standards 6 Issues (tentative) Lack of interoperability at all levels, too many fragmented proposals Lack of trust in the technology (security by design) Lack of global dialogue Need for well governed global numbering and naming system Challenges for the industry: Security, privacy, of tags and data in network Networking of trillions of objects Handling huge volumes of transactions and information Specific applications (hospital vs factory)

7 World Class Standards 7 Activities (to be continued) Good standards should follow established best practices for engineering design: Establish and analyse requirements Develop a functional model and architecture Specify the detailed design Review « Ideas for RFID and IoT Standardization» from last workshop Standards landscape/gap analysis, terminology, report needed? Global dialogue and liaisons? IoT Plugtests, IoT testing standards? Issues, quality requirements, performance, robustness, interoperability/conformance, security, privacy? Architecture requirements, protocols, middleware? SOA, services, applications, operations? Governance, regulation? Harmonised Standards in support of R&TTE Directive Harmonised Standards for European frequency allocations

8 World Class Standards 8 ETSI RFID Plugtests 1st event, 7-11 March 2005. Tested Code of Practice for the installation of RFID equipment in conformance to EN 302 208 2nd event planned 2-5 June 2008 with TC ERM TG34 in Dusseldorf DE Will focus on interoperability Tags and Interrogators supplied by different vendors Will validate interoperability In laboratory environment Passing through portals On conveyors At item level

9 World Class Standards 9 ETSI Technical Bodies in RFID Networks TC ERM: RFID Radio Interface and Spectrum Management TG28 SRD (Short Range Devices) TG34 UHF RFID TG30 Medical Devices EP EHEALTH TC HF TC SCP Smart Card Platform (NFC and SIM/USIM) 3GPP NFC Forum, ECMA TC ITS: Intelligent Transport Systems TISPAN/NGN: Next Generation Networks Security

10 World Class Standards 10 RFID Networks in action Participating in EU RFID Initiatives EU RFID Expert Group 3 EU RFID Projects GRIFS, CASAGRAS, CuteLOOP CERP (EU RFID Cluster) and EPoSS ETP ETSI GA Strategic Topic, ETSI Board RFID Ad Hoc Group, Workshops M2M and The Internet Of Things (RFID) are 2008 ETSI Strategic Topics

11 World Class Standards 11 ToR drafting (tentative) Name: Future Internet of Things (FIT) « starter group » Techncial Body type? Board RFID Ad Hoc Group, Workshop, Starter Group: no deliverable ! Working Group of existing TB (ERM TG xx, etc…) ? Industry Specification Group? Technical Committee? Agreement needed? Letter of Intent Memorandum of Understanding or Cooperation Agreement Supporting companies (at least 4): Contributors (by domain, by role): Candidate Chairman? Scope, Process Liaisons Standards, Work Program: TR/TS, ES/EG, EN/HS The example of GRID Starter Group and TC GRID creation is useful

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