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Cluster for Research Projects on the Internet of Things Dissemination.

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1 Cluster for Research Projects on the Internet of Things Dissemination

2 Dissemination Objectives Higher visibility of the cluster on European and national level More high level conference opportunities to underline the strategic role of the cluster Develop common documentation and dissemination material to promote the cluster

3 CERP-IoT Poster

4 CERP-IoT Flyer 1/2

5 CERP-IoT Flyer 2/2

6 CERP-IoT Website

7 CERP-IoT website Some suggestions -Update the projects and projects description - Add the CERP-IoT logo -Migrate to own URL when new name is decided? -Add flyer and poster in PDFs for downloads -Suggestions?

8 Visibility at events Past events: 13 March 2009 – RFID in Europe Kickoff meeting 7-8 May 2009 – IoT 2009 conference, Brussels 11 May 2009 – Future Internet conference, Prague 17-18 May 09 – Wireless Vitae, Aalborg

9 Future events SToP Conference – Zürich, Switzerland, 27 May 2009 RFIDsec09 - Leuven, Belgium, 30 June-3 July 09 IoT/CASAGRAS final conference – London, UK, 6-7 October 09 GRIFS workshops – Washington, Beijing, Seoul, Brussels, 30 June and dates to be confirmed 14 th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, 22-26 September 2009 (Networking session on IoT) EPoSS annual conference – Venue and Date? Other events?

10 Each member is an ambassador All partners are encouraged to: -Promote the CERP IoT cluster at their events -Use the CERP IoT flyer to promote the cluster -Link their website to the CERP-IoT cluster How to further disseminate the cluster?

11 CERP-IoT Coordinator CERP-IoT EC Secretary: CERP-IoT Dissemination:

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