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Diversity in Graduate Education Shirley M. Malcom, Ph.D.

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1 Diversity in Graduate Education Shirley M. Malcom, Ph.D.

2 DIVERSITY IN GRADUATE EDUCATION General Workforce Concerns Numbers (will we have enough?) (Post-9/11 environment) What diversity brings The business case for diversity Fairness (rights-based arguments) Talent development Demographic concerns


4 Emerging Patterns Cross-field differences Within-field changes over time Differential progress for various groups Constrained access and competition for foreign students Changing demand Shifting demographics

5 DIVERSITY IN GRADUATE EDUCATION A Context for the Numbers Remove the barriers (restrooms and telescopes) Affirmative behaviors (recruitment and outreach) Systemic approaches (structures, policies, and practices)

6 DIVERSITY IN GRADUATE EDUCATION Faculty as a Special Concern Student diversity and faculty makeup

7 DIVERSITY IN GRADUATE EDUCATION Perspectives on Research and Practice Biomedical research Primatology Psychology Social sciences

8 DIVERSITY IN GRADUATE EDUCATION Responses to Adarand, Hopwood, and Prop 209 Documented changes in medical school and law school admissions Graduate school ??

9 DIVERSITY IN GRADUATE EDUCATION Declining minority first-year enrollment The challenge of distributed admissions Loss of special programs

10 DIVERSITY IN GRADUATE EDUCATION Special Efforts Undergrad research experiences for underrepresented students Networking with faculty in institutions with significant minority enrollment Links to special programs Advertising through professional societies (SACNAS, etc.) Talent scouting among own undergrads Financial support Organizations of/for The climate of the departments and institutions Cohorting

11 DIVERSITY IN GRADUATE EDUCATION Post-Adarand Pre-Michigan Decision

12 DIVERSITY IN GRADUATE EDUCATION Post-Michigan Admissions policies and holistic review Everything else? Financial aid, outreach, targeted recruitment, faculty? Challenges by anti-affirmative action groups Failure of Administration to provide guidance except race-neutral alternatives


14 Legal Primer Federal Equal Opportunity Standards Titles VI, VII, IX, & ADA Equal Protection & Due Process Clauses Significant Federal Legal Opinions Grutter & Gratz, Bakke, & Adarand State-Based Equal Opportunity Standards CA, WA, FL, TX, MI Ongoing Federal Efforts SEEOA, NSF Criterion II, EEO Standards

15 DIVERSITY IN GRADUATE EDUCATION Design Principles Mission Intent Target Population Program Character Context Evaluation & Research Faculty Recruitment & Retention Leadership

16 DIVERSITY IN GRADUATE EDUCATION Structural Approaches Lessons learned from NSF/AGEP & NSF/ADVANCE Packard Scholars Select Universities (UMBC) Select Faculty (Tapia at Rice, Warner at LSU)

17 DIVERSITY IN GRADUATE EDUCATION AAAS Capacity Center At a Glance Established August 2004 with 3-year, $400K grant from Sloan Foundation to AAAS STEM human resource development consulting service Provide institutions of higher education with nationally- calibrated research & technical assistance in examining programs & outcomes Foster institutional capacity to: recruit, enroll, & support students diversify the faculty (Daryl Chubin, Director)

18 DIVERSITY IN GRADUATE EDUCATION A Menu of Services Data on impact of percentage plans (recruitment/access) & interventions (aimed at retention/degree completion) How to conduct searches to diversify the faculty & administration Developing cultural competence among current faculty, staff, & students How to mainstream & institutionalize special (soft-money) programs Nurturing US student talent in the face of globalization

19 DIVERSITY IN GRADUATE EDUCATION Wanted Leadership Dialogue Staying Power Resources Mainstreaming Advocacy

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