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CIC Diversity Forum Research Universities and Diversity: Using Standing Our Ground Daryl E. Chubin American Association for the Advancement of Science.

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1 CIC Diversity Forum Research Universities and Diversity: Using Standing Our Ground Daryl E. Chubin American Association for the Advancement of Science Purdue University April 4, 2005

2 CIC Diversity Forum The National STEM Imperative: My Recent Participation BEST (2001 ) NAE/CDEW (2002 ) AAES Summit (2003) AAAS-NACME Standing Our Ground (2004) AAAS Capacity Center (2004 ) Sloan Foundation grant to to disseminate Standing Our Ground & advise/assist institutions (2005 )

3 CIC Diversity Forum Why STEM?Rationale for Investing in S&T Post-WWII Legislation (notably, NSF creation in 1950 & NDEA of 1958) Renewed Role in National Security Economic Development Equity Workforce Development... more than research...

4 CIC Diversity Forum U.S. S&E workforce draws on a narrow & declining segment of our population. U.S. jobs requiring S&E skills growing at 5% annually compared with 1% growth rate for rest of domestic labor market. Since 1975, the U.S. has fallen from 3 rd to 17 th compared to other countries in proportion of 18-24 year olds earning S&E degrees. U.S. student interest in technical disciplines is far off peak levels of the 1980s. The international segment of the U.S. technical workforce has increased steeply. The United States is not keeping pace with the growth of international S&E capacity, e.g., engineers produced per 10K population. The BEST Challenge: A Perfect Storm in the Making Data Trends: A Perfect Storm in the Making?

5 CIC Diversity Forum National Data: Trends & Concerns in STEM Fields Student under-participation: Academic preparation/college admission Enrollment and retention-to-degree: BS and grad STEM Workforce: Growing Postdoc Population Science faculty studies: MIT, Nelson top 50 analysis, Harvard NIH Pioneer Awards The (Un)changing Face of the Ivy League Yet... University presidencies (Ivy, Big 10, UC System) NSF ADVANCE/AGEP/LSAMP (BS & PhD institutions)

6 CIC Diversity Forum Minority = Black/African American, Hispanic, and American Indian Source: Joan Burrelli, NSF, based on 1999 Common Core of Data, U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics (NCES); NCES, 1998 IPEDS Fall Enrollment Survey; UCLA Higher Education Research Institute,1998 American Freshman Survey (estimate); and NCES, 1998 IPEDS Completions Survey

7 CIC Diversity Forum Opportunity for All? Demographic Change Globalization & Post 9/11 public policy: animbalance of trade in human resources Legal Challenges (state level) Declining STEM Enrollments: Interest/awareness Perceived rewards/career opportunities Higher ed welcoming/support Workplace climate

8 CIC Diversity Forum These persistent gaps in college participation among whites and minorities tell us that we must be more creative and imaginative in developing strategies and finding additional resources so that more students of color are successful on our campuses. William B. Harvey ACE Vice President & Director, Center for Advancement of Racial and Ethnic Equity

9 CIC Diversity Forum Tackling Participation Issues: Fix Students, Pathways, or College? Students: Demographic composition: whats the denominator? Pre-college academic preparation Recognizing talentsmarts v. potential Pathways: Intervention programsmarginal, soft money Access to higher education –finances matter College Environment Cultural competence Scale & flexibility

10 CIC Diversity Forum Approach of Standing Our Ground Produce a Guidebook focused on STEM education Address issues, with cross-references, to different audiences Counter the intimidation by anti-affirmative action groups, especially of state universities Induce conversations beyond admissions on campus between faculty/program staff & general counsels Increase awareness of program options (re pre-college outreach, financial aid, student retention, faculty recruitment) & accountability for actions on them

11 CIC Diversity Forum Contents Legal Primer Design Principles Conference Report: Data Compendium Jackson & Vest Speeches Background Readings Kane Reprint Responses to FOIA Requests

12 CIC Diversity Forum Legal Primer Federal Equal Opportunity Standards Titles VI, VII, IX, & ADA Equal Protection & Due Process Clauses Significant Federal Legal Opinions Grutter & Gratz, Bakke, & Adarand State-Based Equal Opportunity Standards CA, WA, FL, TX, MI Ongoing Federal Efforts SEEOA, NSF Criterion II, EEO Standards

13 CIC Diversity Forum Issues What is permitted & legally defensible on campus How do the following apply to programs: Strict scrutiny Compelling interest Narrow tailoring Race-neutral alternatives Critical mass

14 CIC Diversity Forum Design Principles Mission Intent Target Population Program Character Context Evaluation & Research Faculty Recruitment & Retention Leadership

15 CIC Diversity Forum Established August 2004 with 3-year, $400K grant from Sloan Foundation to AAAS STEM human resource development consulting service Provide institutions of higher education with nationally- calibrated research & technical assistance in examining programs & outcomes Foster institutional capacity to: recruit, enroll, & support students diversify the faculty AAAS Capacity Center at a Glance

16 CIC Diversity Forum Assets Roster of consultants & advisors includes specialists in data analysis, program design, outreach, evaluation, & higher education administration Consultant teams assembled to serve specific client needs over a typical project period of 5-8 months AAAS Capacity Center embodies resources in Standing Our Ground (legal, policy, cultural) for changing programs, and moreover, attitudes

17 CIC Diversity Forum [I]t is very distasteful to be pushed by the government to modify programs that have served our nation and our institution admirably for many years. These programs have created inspiration and opportunity for young people of color. They have not destroyed opportunity for anyone else. Dr. Charles M. Vest Former President, MIT

18 CIC Diversity Forum A Menu of Services Data on impact of percentage plans (access) & interventions (aimed at degree completion) How to conduct searches to diversify the faculty & administration Developing cultural competence among current faculty, staff, & students How to mainstream & institutionalize special (soft- money) programs Nurturing US student talent in the face of globalization

19 CIC Diversity Forum Modus Operandi AAAS Capacity Center assembles consultant teams to serve specific client needs Over a typical project period of 5-8 months, teams: Review program, department, college, or institution-wide performance (access, enrollment, support, retention) Devise/deliver strategies identified in a needs assessment and statement of work Submit report with toolkit to assist client in improving service delivery through campus resources/mechanisms

20 CIC Diversity Forum Collaboration with Intel Foundation (C. Barton) Support Engineering Leadership Workshop (Summer 2005): Conduct needs-assessment with a sample of participating institutions (Fall 2005) Engage requesting institutions to develop strategies for diversifying students and faculty (2006 ) Use Deans/Colleges of Engineering as a gateway for impacting institutional structure and climate Strategic Alliances: An Example

21 CIC Diversity Forum Susan Hackwood, California Council on S&T Jamie Lewis Keith, MIT Cora B. Marrett, U. of Wisconsin System Richard A. Tapia, Rice U. Warren A. Washington, NCAR Luther S. Williams, Missouri Botanical Garden Ted Greenwood, ex officio, Sloan Foundation Advisory Committee

22 CIC Diversity Forum Contact Dr. Daryl E. Chubin Director, AAAS Capacity Center 202-326-6785

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