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By: Hope Wagner Samantha Schmucker Ashlynn Kent

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1 By: Hope Wagner Samantha Schmucker Ashlynn Kent
. . . Blizzards . . Blizzards . . . . . By: Hope Wagner Samantha Schmucker Ashlynn Kent By: Hope Wagner Samantha Schmucker Ashylnn Kent .

2 Formation of Blizzards
Cold air (below freezing) is needed to form snow-air must be cold in clouds and ground level or snow will turn into freezing rain Moisture in the air is needed to make clouds and precipitation-water vapor in air forms clouds/precipitation Warm air must rise over cold air-warm and cold air must come together to form a front that brings snow

3 Damages If stuck outside or in cars you may develop- hypothermia, frostbite, wind chill, or DEATH Kill or bury animals Knock down trees, utility poles, or power lines In Alaska winds can damage roofs and other structures

4 Likely Occurrence of Blizzards in U.S.A.
Blizzard country-mid western U.S. and central Canada Blizzard state- South Dakota

5 Worst Blizzards in History
The “Great White Death” Occurred in blizzard country Colorado/Wyoming and the west Series of blizzards lasting seven long weeks Snow drifts up to 30ft high Stranded hundreds

6 Worst Blizzards in History
Occurred in South Dakota Killed thousands of cattle Ruined cattlemen financially The Blizzard of 1905

7 Worst Blizzards in History
Worst blizzard ever recorded in Chicago More then 52cm of snow in 29 hr. and 8 min Airports closed for three days Trains froze and buses were stranded Chicago, January 26-27,1967

8 Most Recent Blizzard in U.S.A
Madison Wisconsin December 2009 More then 19 in. of snow fell 17 deaths Hit the Midwest and upstate New York It hit from Nebraska to Illinois Des Moines, Iowa had in. of snow

9 Blizzard Safety If your outside try to find shelter
Make sure you have wood or coal for heating You should have a flash light and a battery operated radio or TV Lamps, Candles, and matches You should keep yourself hydrated Try to stay dry and warm

10 Interesting Facts Temp. drop + Snow for 3hr. = Blizzard
Snow is a great insulator, 10 in. of fresh snow is the same as a 6in. lay of fiberglass insulation 70% of deaths occur in automobiles About 25% of deaths are people caught outside during the storm Most deaths are males over 40 years old

11 Bibliography search- Blizzard paralyzes much of Midwest Blizzard of 2009 in Wisconsin “Blizzards” - Steven Otfinoski “Blizzards” Michael Allaby

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