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V. Winter Storms.

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1 V. Winter Storms

2 A. Introduction Snow falls when humid air cools to below 0° Celsius (32° Fahrenheit) Heavy snow can make roads impassible so traffic cannot get through Power lines can be knocked down causing power outages

3 B. Lake-effect snow Heavy pockets of snow that form on the east side of the Great Lakes Cities of the southeast sides of the Great Lakes are often impacted

4 3. Formation The cold dry air passes over the lakes and picks up moisture and heat. As the air moves over the colder land, the air cools, the water condenses, creates clouds. The cold air cannot hold the moisture and it falls out in the form of snow.

5 C. Snowstorm Safety 1. Seek shelter from the wind and cold temperatures 2. Avoid getting wet. 3. Cover exposed parts of your body 4. Frostbite- condition where skin body tissue is damaged due to extreme cold 5. Hypothermia- body temperature drops below the required temperature for normal body functions

6 D. Additional Information
Blizzard Conditions mph sustained winds 2. Heavy snow or blowing snow- limits visibility 3. 3 hours 4. Low temperatures and much lower wind chills






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