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The 1970s to the Present Chapters 29-32.

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1 The 1970s to the Present Chapters 29-32

2 Nixon’s Foreign Policy
Détente – lessening of tensions Nixon and Henry Kissinger Realpolitik Balance of Power

3 Nixon’s Foreign Policy
China Visit – 1972 Diplomatic Recognition Soviet Union and détente Arms Control Treaties SALT I ABM Treaty Grain Deal

4 Foreign Policy Energy Crisis, 1973 Helsinki Conference – 1975
Arab Oil Embargo OPEC Helsinki Conference – 1975 Held during Ford’s presidency “Helsinki Accords” Human rights and fundamental liberties European borders set (after WWII) Effects

5 Nixon’s Domestic Policy
New Federalism Revenue Sharing – What? Why? Civil Rights Legislation

6 Environmentalism EPA created, 1970 – Why? Toxic Waste Nuclear Protests
Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring 1962 Clean Air Act 1970 Toxic Waste Nuclear Protests Endangered Species Act, 1973

7 Economic Issues Inflation Wage and Price Controls – why? Stagflation
What happened? Stagflation Slowing productivity and rising inflation – a rare combination – will plague the Ford and Carter presidencies

8 Election of 1972 Democrats select George McGovern to run against Nixon – Why? Result

9 Watergate Watergate Biggest presidential scandal in history
Forced Nixon to resign

10 Watergate Key advisors – Bob Haldeman and John Ehrlichman CREEP
Watergate break-in – Why?

11 Watergate Bob Woodward & Carl Bernstein Washington Post Reality
The Movie

12 Watergate VP Spiro Agnew resigns, Oct 1973 – Why? Senate Hearings
Watergate Tapes U.S. v Nixon

13 Watergate Impeachment and Resignation Gerald Ford becomes President

14 Watergate – the Aftermath
The Pardon (Sept 1974) Thirty-one Nixon officials were convicted and went to jail The “Imperial Presidency” Criticisms of the Nixon White House The War Powers Act

15 The Ford Presidency Pardon Fighting Inflation WIN Fall of Saigon

16 Ford as President The Mayaguez Incident SALT II

17 Election of 1976 Ford vs. Carter
Campaign Issues – honesty, the outsider

18 Carter – Domestic Policies
Amnesty – Why? Controversial? Depts of Education and Energy created More inflation Environment Three Mile Island Airline Deregulation

19 Carter - Foreign Policy
Humanitarian diplomacy! Define Panama Canal Treaty Camp David Accord – 1978 What was it? SALT II - ratify Iran Hostage Crisis

20 Election of 1980 Carter vs. Reagan (another outsider)
Campaign Issues- Role of Religious Right

21 The Reagan Years Cold War Politics Middle East Evil Empire speech
SDI – Why? Middle East Lebanon and Libya Iran-Iraq War The U.S. backs Iraq and its leader, Saddam Hussein – Why?

22 The Reagan Years Western Hemisphere Nicaragua El Salvador Granada

23 End of the Cold War Michael Gorbachev Iron Curtain falls in 1989
Glasnost and perestroika Iron Curtain falls in 1989 Fall of the Soviet Union 1991

24 Reagan’s Domestic Policies
Supply-side economics (Reaganomics) Define Trickle-down effect Tax cut Results More deregulation AT&T

25 Reagan’s Domestic Policies
S & L Bailout – why? Air Traffic Controllers Strike Reagan’s response? Difference between Democrats & Republicans Appointment of Sandra Day O’Connor

26 Election of 1984 Reagan vs. Walter Mondale
Geraldine Ferraro nominated by Democrats as first female VP candidate

27 Reagan – Second Term Tax Reform Act of 1986 Immigration Reform
Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 Gives permanent status to 2.7million illegals who have lived in the USA since 1982 Iran Contra Scandal Reagan and the Supreme Court Reagan’s Legacy

28 Election of 1988 George Bush vs. Michael Dukakis
Role of the South for the Republicans

29 Bush’s Presidency End of the Cold War Operation Desert Storm

30 Election of 1992 Bush vs Bill Clinton (D) and Ross Perot (I)
Key Issues - The Deficit

31 Clinton NAFTA Failed attempt at health care reform
Republican rebirth in Congress, 1994 Newt Gingrich Contract with America

32 Clinton – Legislative Agenda
Family Leave Act PWORA – ending welfare as we know it Motor Voter Law Reelection against Bob Dole in 1996 Economic Prosperity Balanced Budgets Deficits, entitlements, and the national debt

33 Clinton – 2nd Term Impeachment 2nd Pres. to be impeached
Neither convicted

34 Election of 2000 Al Gore (D) vs George W. Bush (R)
Disputed ballots in Florida (hanging chads) Bush v. Gore (2000)

35 Which is the real ballot for Palm Beach County?
Butterfly Ballot – How did it get its name? Which is the real ballot for Palm Beach County?


37 The 21st Century No Child Left Behind Tax Cuts 9/11/2001
Homeland Security and the growth of government War on Terrorism

38 The 21st Century War in Iraq Election of 2004 against John Kerry

39 The 21st Century Election of 2008 Barack Obama defeats John McCain

40 Immigration – From Where?
Copyright by Harcourt Brace & Company All rights reserved

41 The Age of Globalization
Total Immigration, Sources of Immigration, 41

42 How do these maps reflect the population shifts within the USA?
Copyright by Harcourt Brace & Company All rights reserved

43 Trends on the Supreme Court
From Roe v Wade (1973) Ideological Battles on the Court The Court shifts right Burger to Rehnquist to Roberts Supreme Court confirmation battles – Why? What is the litmus test for appointees?

44 Political Trends since 1960
What has happened to the New Deal coalition? the conservative coalition? How did the changing coalitions affect a president’s ability to enact legislation? How does the country shift to the right? What does this mean? - election trends

45 Social Trends – How has the workforce changed?

46 Decreasing Number of Farmers, 1940-1990
Copyright by Harcourt Brace & Company All rights reserved

47 Technology Trends Space: the Final Frontier
Communications changes since 1950 How have these affected the following? Individuals Politics/ Elections The Media How has technology has affected business and lifestyle? Credit and credit cards Franchising The internet

48 The Age of Globalization
Science and Technology in the New Economy Breakthroughs in Genetics Human Genome Project Moral and Ethical Dilemmas DNA Model (Lawrence Lawry/ Getty Images) 48

49 Social Trends Women’s Rights Betty Friedan – The Feminine Mystique
Gloria Steinem Phyllis Schlafly Equal Rights Amendment Proposed by Congress, but never ratified by the states Roe v. Wade (1973)

50 Liftoff of Apollo 11 in July 1969.
Copyright by Harcourt Brace & Company All rights reserved

51 Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin descends the ladder on the lunar module.
Copyright by Harcourt Brace & Company All rights reserved

52 Man first walked on the moon in July 1969. (Neil Armstrong)
Copyright by Harcourt Brace & Company All rights reserved

53 The space shuttle Enterprise in 1977.
Copyright by Harcourt Brace & Company All rights reserved

54 Copyright + 1999 by Harcourt Brace & Company All rights reserved

55 How has the state you were born in changed?
What does urbanization mean? Copyright by Harcourt Brace & Company All rights reserved

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