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Nixon, Ford, Carter & Reagan Presidencies

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1 Nixon, Ford, Carter & Reagan Presidencies
May 19, 2014 Note Packet “L”

2 Nixon’s Foreign Policy
Nixon Doctrine No more direct US military protection in Asia Relationship with China Nixon & Zedong agreed to normal diplomatic relations Open to economic & cultural exchanges Reduced tensions

3 Nixon’s Foreign Policy
Relationship with the Soviet Union Détente “warm the cold war” & prevent open conflict “Realpolitik” – decisions based on what US needed for strength & stability

4 Nixon’s Foreign Policy
Relationship with the Soviet Union SALT (Strategic Arms Limitations Talks) SALT agreement set limits on numbers of defensive missile sites & offensive missiles each nation would keep

5 Nixon’s Domestic Policy
Gov’t response to environmental & consumer movements New Federalism Reduce role of fed. gov’t, increase state gov’t Revenue sharing – fed gov’t gives some income to states Slow inflation caused by Vietnam Wage-price freeze

6 Nixon’s Domestic Policy
Space Program Neil Armstrong 26th amendment Women’s rights movement


8 The Watergate Affair What – illiegal break-in to wiretap phones in Democratic Party HQs Where – Watergate Towers (apt. complex in DC) When – July 17, 2972 Who – Committee to Reelect the President (acting w/knowledge of high-level Nixon advisors) Why – secure info to undermine Democratic Party

9 The Watergate Affair The Cover-Up
Senate est. a committee to look into “illegal activities” Nixon’s VP charged with tax evasion, Ford becomes VP Senate uncovers tape recordings between Nixon & aides Supreme Court demanded tapes  Nixon refused  voting to impeach  Nixon resigns

10 The Watergate Affair Significance of Watergate
Showed the Constitution works (system of checks & balances) Decline in public trust of gov’t

11 Ford’s Foreign Policy Assisted in negotiations in Middle East
Continued Détente policy

12 Ford’s Domestic Policy
Nixon’s pardon Public questioned decision Amnesty Plan Met criticism when offered amnesty to thousands who avoided Vietnam draft

13 Ford’s Domestic Policy
Inflation OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) placed embargo on US (supported Israel) Gas & oil doubles

14 Carter’s Foreign Policy
Helsinki Accords Promised to respect basic human rights, withhold aid to nations in violation Camp David Accords Peace treaty between Israel & Egypt mediated by Carter

15 Carter’s Foreign Policy
Détente problems Détente ended when Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan US cut off grain shipments to Soviets Boycotted Olympics Hostage Crisis Islamic Rebels seized US embassy in Teheran holding 50+ hostages

16 Carter’s Domestic Policy
Stagflation Unproductivity of economy & inflation of prices Energy problem 40% of oil imported, world’s leading energy consumer Urged development of alternative fuel sources Corporate Bailouts Corporations failing b/c of stagflation Huge loans given out

17 Carter’s Domestic Policy
Environmental problems Stagflation prevented implementing environment programs Nuclear Energy Possible alternative to oil & coal Three Mile Island Accident Shed light on hazards of nuclear power

18 Carter’s Domestic Policy
Election of 1980 Republican candidate Reagan promised new beginning Swept election

19 Reagan’s First Term Foreign Policy
Adopted a tough stand towards communism Intervention in Central America Continued support to countries in communist threat Limited military intervention Failed peacekeeping attempts in Middle East Terrorism

20 Reagan’s First Term Domestic Policy
“Reaganomics” supply – side economics Tax breaks to businesses & wealthy Ones who will reinvest, encourage economic growth Trickle – Down economics Economic growth depends on increased amount of capital available to businesses

21 Reagan’s First Term Domestic Policy
“Star Wars” National security depends on defense SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative) – massive satellite shield to intercept & destroy Soviet missiles Immigration reform Forbids employers form hiring illegal immigrants (didn’t solve problem)

22 Election of 1984 Reagan (P) & George H.W. Bush (VP) won
1st president since Eisenhower to serve 2 full terms

23 Reagan’s Second Term Foreign Policy
Iran – Contra Affair Presidential aides sold weapons to Iran in exchange for freeing hostages Money went to support anti-communist reels in Nicaragua (contras) Presidential stance on ban on terrorism bargaining, aid to contras

24 Reagan’s Second Term Foreign Policy
Renewal of Détente Gorbachev criticism “Star Wars”, called for renewal of détente Gorbachev’s glasnost & perestroika Increased political freedom in Soviet Union, E Europe, some free enterprise to improve economic conditions Arms Reductions Elimination of short range & medium range land-based missiles

25 Reagan’s Second Term Foreign Policy
End of the Cold War Reform & anticommunist movements in E Europe Berlin Wall fell, Germany reunited Soviet Union broken up

26 Reagan’s Second Term Foreign Policy
Continued terrorism Drug trade Ending apartheid in Africa

27 Reagan’s Second Term Domestic Policy
Continued New Federalism Criticism of deficit spending (spend more than you make) & tax cuts

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