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Scratching A Niche Shane L Wagg Principal Wilde Marketing April 19, 2005.

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1 Scratching A Niche Shane L Wagg Principal Wilde Marketing April 19, 2005

2 Pretty witty. And gay.

3 Buy The Numbers?

4 Its How Big?

5 Have Gone, Will Travel

6 Gay Youth 2 – 6x more likley to attempt suicide 50% report parental rejection over sexual orientation 40% of homeless youth identify as GLBT 28% drop out rate due to harassment 6x more likely to be harassed over orientation

7 Making Cities Slicker Marketing opportunities – sponsorship, broadcast media, print and online media, event and promotional opportunities and sampling.

8 Pitchers & Catchers Gay Games VII - Chicago - Jul 15 – Jul 22, 2006 - 27,000 expected Out Games I - Montreal - Jul 29 – Aug 5, 2006 - 26,000 expected

9 Gimme A Ring Sometime Canadas wedding market is worth an estimated $31 Billion Gay wedding market (~ 5%) Actual Toronto same-sex weddings since 2003 an estimated 8% Gay wedding market in Canada is potentially $1.5 Billion

10 Where The Boys Are One of the most successful gay marketing campaigns to date has involved the hard to reach lesbian consumer market. The campaign, by Subaru, has been so successful it warranted an email campaign by right-wing groups warning their membership against buying a Subaru lest they be thought lesbian.

11 Where The Boys Are Market Challenges Lack of gay consumer research on a national level Lack of reach/frequency opportunities Editorial content/advertising issues for image-conscientious corporations Labour-intensive media planning/buying in accessing and reaching gay market

12 Gay Media - A Marketers Dream Population Density/Migration Patterns Dedicated Media Channels Specific To Each Market Focused/Crafted Messaging Opportunities Gay Knowledgeable Marketers Low Market Entry Cost First-Mover/Front-Runner Advantage Creative License Resource: The Gay Market Guide 2005 Hyperion Interactive Media

13 Plugged In is by far the gay market dominant leader. The company is the first publicly traded gay media company, has an aggressive advertising campaign in Canada and has virtually shut out competitors based on its domain name.

14 Gay Population Composition

15 Stereo Types – And Car Types Too! Source: Who should be advertising? A better question is who shouldnt advertising in the gay market.

16 In Conclusion – Real World Examples Based on David Foots Boom Bust & Echo inheritance figures, Canadas gay financial services market is potentially worth $50 billion; the U.S., approximately $500 billion. VanCity Credit Union, Capital One, American Express, Smith Barney and others have created targeted gay content advertising, in addition to creating a mini-site specific to their gay client bases. Other national financial institutions would do well to follow their market lead.

17 In Conclusion – Real World Examples Travel is a highly competitive market, and equally so in the gay market. Airlines are competing for pink dollars with the development of specials, and travel content targeting gay travelers. The Internet has provided gay travelers the opportunity to seek out not only value pricing propositions, but to identify companies such as American Airlines, Southwest Airlines and Air Canada, who are active in demonstrating their commitment to the gay travel market.

18 In Conclusion – Real World Examples Personal and home electronics are appearing with increased frequency in gay media. With each new market entrant, more pressure is placed on competitors in each space particularly as marketers go in search of new markets and audiences.

19 Best Practices Be inclusive and diverse Be sensitive to stereotypes Do good research Whenever possible, go national Be consistent and be confident

20 Do Use real gay or lesbian individuals Use openly gay celebrities or athletes Use same-sex pairings in every day situations Use same-sex pairings with physical affection Reference sexuality through verbal, text, graphical or anthropomorphic mentions Use unexpected twists, counter time-worn clichés and add other humor sources Use a mix of masculine/feminine pairings or men or women as couples or friends

21 Dont Resort to stereotypes Presume to know the market without research Use phrases like the gays

22 Resources – Gay Market Guide 2005 – Gay/Lesbian Consumer Census

23 Thanks!

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