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MGMT Summer 2012 Night #6, Part 2

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1 MGMT 661 - Summer 2012 Night #6, Part 2
E-Commerce MGMT Summer 2012 Night #6, Part 2

2 Definition of E-Commerce:
commerce that is transacted electronically, usually over the Internet textbook Figure 10-1

3 Some Stats First quarter 2011 e-commerce estimate increased percent from the first quarter of 2010. First quarter 2012 e-commerce estimate increased percent from the first quarter of 2011. Total retail sales increased 6.5 percent from Q to Q E-commerce sales in Q1 of 2012 = $53.2 Billion Total Retail Sales in Q1 of 2012 = $1,083 Billion So, E-Commerce = 4.9% of sales

4 What is unique about E-Commerce?
Internet is ubiquitous Internet works the same everywhere (IEEE standards) Low market entry costs Unique Marketing Abilities Multi-media Targeted messages to Individuals Easy for consumers to find pricing information more Information Symmetry

5 Internet Business Models
Virtual Storefront Information Broker Transaction Broker Online Marketplace Service Provider Social Network

6 Google Revenue by Source

7 AdWords Google's main source of revenue
you bid on terms and then pay-per-click whoever pays the most has their ad on top you can use "frequency capping" other advertising services: AdSense - buy terms on sites banner ads on their content sites (eg youtube) certified Google Advertising Professionals

8 Important Concepts (Buzzwords)
Types of E-Commerce B2C B2B C2C Clickstream Tracking B2B data sharing methods Electronic Data Interchange "Public" Exchange Private Exchange

9 M-Commerce Advantages: Challenges: even more ubiquitous B2C commerce
GPS enables very targeted marketing new digital goods, e.g. ringtones and games Challenges: mobile devices' display and input ≠ PC screen and keyboard even more ubiquitous

10 Geek Speak Time Client-Side Processing Server-Side Processing
JavaScript = instructions that run inside your browser can track your mouse, read and write cookies, etc Server-Side Processing processes data from your browser to create a unique response

11 Next Class... Decision Support Systems Knowledge Management Systems
Paper Ideas from tonight: Case Study : UPS Supply Chain Services Case Study : Oracle Accelerate (for mid-sized companies) Survey of CRM systems AdWords: selecting keywords, how much to pay

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