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Matter Centric Collaboration (MCC)

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1 Matter Centric Collaboration (MCC)
Introducing what’s coming to FileSite Today, I’m here to give you an introduction to Matter Centric Collaboration. Pam Bartoli, Korrine Naydihor, Al Ciochon and I have spent the last 7 months researching matter-centric collaboration. We have talked with law firms who have already implemented MCC to learn what has worked and what has not. We have talked with 3rd-party consultants who have implemented MCC at many firms to hear what they have learned. And, we have been working with MCC ourselves. We will be happy to answer your questions at the end of this presentation, as I’m sure you’ll have some. But, keep in mind, we are still in a discovery process and will be ironing out the details as we proceed. We don’t have answers to everything just yet. But, we will continue to keep the lines of communication open throughout this process. As we learn more about what will work at WHD, we’ll let you know. And, be assured - everyone will receive great hands-on training before you will actually start using MCC. I’ve been told by several firms, that a week or two after turning on MCC, people have really enjoyed working this way. So, let me give you a peek at what MCC is all about.

2 Matter Centric Collaboration
MCC is a collection of matter-workspaces, folders, documents and s.

3 Matter Centric Collaboration
These items are inserted into FileSite – and appear in your Outlook folder list. The matters you are working with will be available in what’s called “My Matters”

4 Electronic Redwelds Folders are organized in Matter Workspaces.
A Matter Workspace is similar to a Redweld Once a matter is opened in Elite, the corresponding Matter Workspace will be created in FileSite.

5 Electronic Folders Within Matter Workspaces are a collection of folders Folders are similar to pressboard or manila folders These folders will be determined practice area of the matter. In this example, we have a folder for s. The addition of matter-related s and voic to matter workspace builds a more complete picture of the matter. This may look more complicated than what you have been used to doing in a document management system thus far, but it’s really just different. Saving documents will become a little easier.

6 Profiling Made Easy Instead of completing a profile form when saving a document, just choose the appropriate folder Saving documents will become similar to saving documents on your home computer. You’ll select the folder where you want save your document. But, instead of selecting your “My Documents” folder, you’ll select the appropriate matter workspace, then the folder in that workspace that makes sense for your document. Once you select the folder, just enter the Description of the document. The rest of the profile fields are inherited from the folder. Accuracy!

7 Why should WHD go Matter Centric?
Easier collaboration between people working on a matter Easy “browsable” access to matter information Automatic profiling Easily secure all documents for a matter (Ethical Wall) Preparation for the new Interwoven Records Management System All matter content to be stored together in one Workspace, making it easier to find. Also, easier to get new attorneys or team members up to speed on a case. They can browse through all documents, correspondence, etc... Eliminate the need to fill out a profile form. Folders contain profile information, documents inherit the profile information. 4) Apply security to an entire matter workspace, which is inherited by the folders, and the documents placed in those folders. 5) After MCC is in place, we’ll convert our physical records database to Interwoven’s records management system. This will allow you to view information about both physical/paper files and digital files together in the one matter workspace. Also, Retention polices can be applied to both paper and digital files.

8 Next Steps towards MCC Determine folder structure for each practice area’s Matter Workspaces Determine the Profile Metadata for each folder in Matter Workspaces We have been working on several back-end items in preparation for MCC. We consolidated all document libraries into the one WHD library. We have been upgrading and beefing up our servers to get ready to handle the addition of all these matter workspaces. We are planning to increase our WAN bandwidth to allow faster transfer of files between offices. Now, in planning how MCC will work at WHD, our next steps are 1)Folder structure 2)Profile metadata (fields)

9 In Summary: Why Matter Centric?
Easier collaboration and searching Easy to browse through matter Auto-profiling Ability to apply Ethical Wall security Preparation for the new Interwoven Records Management System

10 Thank You

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