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Creative Uses of Workflow/Products Randy Steere, Consultant Jo Haraf, CIO Morrison & Foerster LLP.

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1 Creative Uses of Workflow/Products Randy Steere, Consultant Jo Haraf, CIO Morrison & Foerster LLP

2 Workflow Products ŸGeneral Workflow Engines §MetaStorm §WorkflowGen §FloSuite ŸHighly Integrated Solutions §Relay §LegalKey

3 Client/Matter Intake Project ŸMany times the first project executed Ÿ Typically an obvious project Ÿ Also more complicated project § Visible to practically everyone § Hard to roll out incrementally § Many steps and approvals § A lot of disparate information

4 Benefits of Client/Matter Intake Ÿ Speed up process § Especially across offices § Easier data entry Ÿ Capture more information Ÿ Better conflict checking § Easier to understand conflict results Ÿ Capture and store all information online § Documents § Conflict results and resolutions § Waiver letters Ÿ Streamline routing/approval rules

5 Challenges - Integrations Ÿ Internal Conflict Checking Ÿ External Conflict Checking Ÿ Confidential/Ethical Wall/VIP checking Ÿ Accounting Ÿ Marketing Ÿ Records Ÿ Docket/Calendaring

6 Challenges - Database Ÿ Writing to the Application Databases § API or Importer or Direct Write § Custom fields Ÿ Basic information for time entry Ÿ Basic information for conflicts Ÿ Complete information later Ÿ Requires knowledge of business rules

7 Challenges - Emails Ÿ This project can result in many emails § Notifications of ToDo items § Followup questions § Notification of Client/Matter number § Conflicts results Ÿ Don't want to spam people § Rollup of emails § Email reply § Links within an email to an action screen § Application Screen Only

8 Challenges - Conflicts Ÿ Conflicts result § Ranking § Highlighting (colors) § Screen v. paper presentation § Drill down capability Ÿ Resolution procedures § Streamline clearing obvious items § Force more attention to important items

9 Results Ÿ Highly automated Ÿ Paperless Ÿ Streamlined Ÿ Better risk management Ÿ Faster response to client

10 Morrison & Foerster LLP Ÿ~1,000 attorneys Ÿ19 offices §United States, Europe, Asia ŸPractices with a technology spin §Litigation, Business (many sub-groups), Tax, Labor ŸMicrosoft shop ŸCompaq, Cisco, SANs (TBD) ŸHP notebooks, desktops, printers

11 MoFo Workflow History ŸSelected Metastorm eWork (8/2001) ŸCompleted Projects §Client/Matter Intake (Live 2/2002) §Technology Purchasing (Live 1/2003) §Matter Change Management (Live 7/2004) §Lateral Partner Intake (Live 8/2004) §Client facing idea submission... ŸQueued Projects

12 Workflow Programming Resources Technical and Personal Skills ŸSQL Ÿ.Net ŸPatience ŸBusiness Process Design

13 Automat: Client/Matter Intake ŸInitiated by secretaries ŸPortal view for attorneys ŸVolumes §1,000 folders/month §50% of folders become new matters ŸIntegrated with Elite ŸReport generation reduced from 24 to 4 hours ŸPhase II – IP processing ŸPhase III – Pro Bono matters Conflict Report Creation Conflict Resolution New Matter Opening

14 AutoMat Processing Times

15 MoFoDepot Technology Purchasing VendorArchive Order Received Order Request Order Processing Hardware Software Maintenance Consulting Services Approval ŸLaunched after Six Sigma review ŸPrimary concerns: §Order visibility §Vendor delivery time ŸReports time by stage ŸInternal processing <= 3 days ŸVolume: ~ 150 POs/month ŸIntegrated with Access §Standard configurations §Vendor contact information

16 MoFoDepo Gadget From Purchasing View

17 MoFoDepo From Management View The alternative to email

18 Matter Change Management ŸSimple design; no 3 rd party system interfaces ŸCommon notification reduces inconsistencies among silo systems ŸTo Do list reduces missed changes ŸOpportunity for independent groups to work together - Project Titanic Secretary Group Processing Patent New Business Accounting Records Trademark Archive

19 Lateral Partner Intake ŸImmediate notification of incoming partners ŸVisible to: §Firm-wide administrative management §Office management §Sponsoring partner ŸOver 100 assignments launched by one submit ŸA full years worth of tasks New Partner Accepts Notify Firm-wide Managers Notify Local Office Team Sponsor

20 Lateral Tasks for One Firm-Wide Resource

21 Best Practices ŸFollow standard development policies ŸUse façade development ŸImplement.Net for table management and reporting ŸLeverage the same team for discovery and development ŸInclude attachments in the database

22 Creative Uses of Workflow/Products Randy Steere, Consultant Jo Haraf, CIO Morrison & Foerster LLP

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