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The Five Themes of Geography

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1 The Five Themes of Geography
Geo = Earth graphy = study of

2 1. Location Where is it? Why is it located there?
Absolute location is given in degrees of lattitude and longitude. (470 35’N, ’W) (very specific) Relative location depends upon point of reference. Example: near, far, close, short drive, etc. (more vague or general)

3 2. Place What is it like? Physical Characteristics – landforms (mountains, plains, etc.), bodies of water (oceans, lakes, bays, etc.), and ecosystems (soil, plants, animals, climate) Human Characteristics – bridges, roads, buildings, culture, language. All places have features that distinguish them from other places.

4 3.Human/Environment Interaction How do people interact with and change their environment?
Depend on the environment Adapt to the environment (like all species) (“adapt or die!!”) Modify the environment (We make the environment adapt to us!!)

5 4. Movement How are people and places linked by communication and the flow of people, ideas, and goods? Transportation, communication, trade Patterns of movement such as migration Linkages and connections

6 5. Regions What are a regions unifying features and how do they change over time?
Regions are a basic unit for geographic description (Atlantic region, New England States, etc) Geographers divide the world into regions (examples: The Great Lakes region, The Eastern Seaboard of the U.S, “Oceana”) Regions can be defined on the basis of physical and human characteristics

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