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Lolo Creek Watershed Project #

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1 Lolo Creek Watershed Project # 199607702
Nez Perce Tribe Fisheries Watershed Program

2 Lolo Creek is located in Central Idaho within the Clearwater River
Sub-basin. Land ownership is a matrix of federal, private and state.

3 Partners Clearwater National Forest Potlatch Corporation Inc.
State of Idaho Private Grazing Lessee

4 Lolo Creek Connectivity between DFRM Programs
Watershed Restoration Production Research & Monitoring Cultural Importance

5 Funding Bonneville Power Administration
NOAA Fisheries – Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund (CRITFC) Potlatch Corporation Clearwater National Forest State of Idaho North Central Idaho Resource Advisory Committee

6 Limiting Factors Temperature Sediment In-stream cover
Watershed disturbances (logging/grazing/roads) Habitat degradation (habitat loss) Passage

7 Objectives Coordination (cooperators/ESA consultation/permits/SHPO)
Restore/enhance riparian and in-stream habitat Restore connectivity/passage Alleviate sediment associated with roads Monitoring and Evaluation

8 Accomplishments Cost-sharing with CNF, Potlatch Corp., and State of Idaho 15 miles fence construction (25,000 acres/ 6 miles stream protected) Over 50 miles road obliterated Eight culvert replacements & 4 culvert removals 300-feet bank stabilization Riparian Planting/Re-vegetation Culvert Inventory, Survey, and Prioritization

9 Cattle Exclusion Fence

10 Riparian Plantings

11 Streambanks Before Stabilization

12 Streambank Bioengineering
Youth Conservation Corps

13 Road Surveys

14 Road Decomissioning

15 Culvert Inventory & Survey

16 Culvert Inventory & Replacement Prioritization
86 surveys 12 bridges 12 passable structures 10 sites with no structure 12% 14% 14% 60%

17 Burnt Creek Log Culvert Removal Before & After

18 Cedar Creek Culvert Replacement

19 Cedar Creek with Grade Control in Culvert – 2003

20 Cedar Creek Outlet August 2004

21 Monitoring Snorkeling Temperature Stream Habitat Road Obliteration

22 The Future Culvert Replacements Road Decommissioning
Habitat Enhancement Riparian Re-vegetation Streambank Stabilization

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