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Grande Ronde Basin Fish Habitat Enhancement Project Project No. 198402500 Vance R. McGowan Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife Funded by: Bonneville Power.

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1 Grande Ronde Basin Fish Habitat Enhancement Project Project No Vance R. McGowan Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife Funded by: Bonneville Power Administration

2 Initiated in 1984…. Our overall goal is to protect and restore riparian and instream habitat for ESA listed salmonids & improve natural fish production. Work is done on private lands. We prioritized our projects based on watershed assessments, & we work in streams where spawning and rearing occur or have occurred in the past.

3 ODFW/BPA Fish Habitat Projects, Grande Ronde Basin Projects La Grande Enterprise

4 Limiting Factors High summer water temperatures Low summer flows Loss of riparian vegetation Poor instream habitat diversity Loss of floodplain connectivity Unstable stream channels & sedimentation Inadequate fish passage

5 A Balanced Approach Combining… Protection of habitat- using 15 year leases with private landowners Passive restoration- using fencing Active restoration- when streams are not likely to recover in an acceptable time frame (includes plantings, instream structures or natural channel designs)

6 Meadow Cr. Ppt 6, Pre-project,1998 Floodplain Tail seep 84 deg F !! Habitat Limiting Factors: High Summer Stream Temperatures, Low Summer Flows, Poor Riparian Vegetation, Poor Instream Habitat, Wide & Shallow Channel, Loss of Floodplain Due to Old Railroad Grade….. 72 deg F

7 over 90 Rb/St concentrated in a coldwater seep (72 F),1 square meter in area, 3 inches deep Salmonids seek out cooler water…

8 However….Out of the frying pan into the fire! High Stress and Mortality from overcrowding, lack of cover, and predation. Free lunch for a Garter snake eating a juvenile steelhead

9 Before….. Meadow Cr, Ppt deg F 84 deg F

10 3 years later…limiting factors were addressed using fencing, large wood additions, natural regeneration, conifer plantings. (ODFW, CTUIR, NRCS,GRMWP project) Meadow Cr. Ppt 6, 2001 Fencing LWD Natural Regeneration Plantings

11 Removal of old RR grade, 1998

12 Old railroad Exclosure Fences Hillslope to hillslope protection.

13 ODFW, CTUIR and Salmon Corps planted over 10,000 conifers on this project.

14 Large Wood provides complex habitat = Fish Magnets

15 Chesnimnus Creek, 8 years recovery

16 Solar Powered Off-channel water sources.

17 Milk Creek Natural Channel Design Project, July 2001, (Shortly before water transfer) Riparian fence Highway ft. of new channel, 1250 ft. of new channel, Rosgen C4 Rosgen C4 New 5x10 Culvert Catherine Creek Ditch

18 Milk Creek, highway ditch, 85% riffle sinousity = 1.02

19 Newly constructed channel, November 2000

20 August 2001, two weeks after water added.

21 Milk Creek, July New Culvert and Water Transfer An interagency project by Eastern Oregon University/Hall Ranch, ODFW, Oregon State Forestry, Oregon Dept. of Transportation, OWEB

22 Old methods die hard…Bear Cr. 2000

23 Longley Meadows Project Planning, 2001 Cooperative projects with Cunha Ranches, ODFW, CTUIR, GRMWP, NRCS, USFS Grande Ronde R. Jordan Cr. Bear Cr. Old RR grade Alternative #1, Channel Realignment

24 Project Monitoring Photopoints Transects Stream Temperatures Biological Surveys (Redds, Juvenile Population Estimates, plant growth/survival) Rosgen Levels II-IV Streambank Stability, Undercuts, and Overhanging Vegetation (EPA) ODFW Aquatic Inventory (LWD, pools) Additional photopoints of instream work Coordinate with other agencies- Oregon State University, Pacific Northwest Research Lab, ODFW/La Grande Research, ODEQ, EPA, etc. Ongoing New

25 Project Milestones: Monitored improvements in stream health (shade, temperature, W/D ratios, & No. pools, etc.) Signed lease agreements on 42 projects Constructed 106 miles of exclosure fences, protecting 62 miles of critical listed salmonid habitat Planted 97,000 trees and shrubs Constructed 32 offsite water systems,and installed 2,900 instream structures Working cooperatively we used State of the art natural channel design on 5 miles of streams Continued maintenance/monitoring of all projects

26 New & Ongoing Projects Longley Meadows/Cunha Ranches: Bear Creek, Jordan Creek, Grande Ronde River & wetlands complex Wallowa River/Scott: fencing and instream Wallowa River/Baker: fencing and instream Ladd Creek/LMWA: natural channel design Rock, Sheep & Graves creeks: road relocation, fencing and instream Hurricane Cr/Lathrop: fencing and instream Little Creek: fencing and instream Retrofit existing projects: Large wood additions, RR grade removal We have ready and willing landowners!

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