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Million Book Project Today Gloriana St. Clair October 21, 2003 OCLC.

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1 Million Book Project Today Gloriana St. Clair October 21, 2003 OCLC

2 Thesis The future of libraries is digital. Development and growth of an international library project Opportunities and challenges in collaboration, content, and sustainability

3 Main Points Why? Genesis: Leaders, Partners Realities: Collections and logistics Dreams: Comments about the vision

4 Why? Libraries are very unevenly distributed across the world and within countries. Even in the U.S. there are enormous differences. Now technology makes possible a universal world library in which every person has access to anything written.

5 Why? In the end, this will be Vannevar Bushs Memex. - Michael Lesk, Internet Archive Bush, As We May Think Atlantic Monthly (July 1945) bks/computer/bushf.htm

6 Genesis

7 Leaders Co-Directors: Raj Reddy and Gloriana St. Clair Michael Shamos – intellectual property; e-commerce Jaime Carbonell – machine translation; information mining; auto-summarization

8 Leaders Gabrielle Michalek – pioneered 5 digitization projects Erika Linke – collections; intellectual property Denise Troll Covey – digital libraries; user studies

9 Partners National Science Foundation 2001$665,600 2002 $1,000,000 2003$1,000,000 2004$1,000,000 for equipment and travel

10 Partners Internet Archive

11 Partners Carnegie Mellon University Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Indiana University National Agriculture Library OCLC Penn State University University of California, Berkeley University of Washington

12 Partners China: Beijing University Chinese Academy of Science Fudan University Ministry of Education of China Nanjing University State Planning Commission of China Tsinghua University Zhejiang University India: Arulmigu Kalasalingam College of Engineering Goa University Indian Institute of Science Indian Institute of Information Technology–Allahabad International Institute of Information Technology– Hyderabad Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams Shanmugha Arts, Science, Technology and Research Academy University of Pune

13 At an Internet café in Hyderabad

14 Collections BCL - 60,000 best books U.S. government documents Partners unique cultural treasures University press negotiations Copyright clearance projects for targeted subject areas

15 New Collection Vision Half of the collection might be academic press books in copyright but out-of-print

16 Copyright Permission Research Success Rates Feasibility Study (1999) - 22% Academic & scholarly presses (to date) - 40% Posner Project (to date) - 60%

17 Possible U Press Partners National Academy Press MIT Press Harvard University Press - list of BCL books Need electronic version of the 1989 BCL

18 Constraints The collection must be composed of many sub-collections. Librarians will be consulted to ensure solid selection criteria. Copyright is a serious barrier to an effective effort.

19 Research Initiatives Machine translation Massive distributed database Storage formats Use of digital libraries Distribution and sustainability Security Search engines Image processing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Language processing Copyright laws

20 Distribution and Sustainability OCLC?

21 Latest Developments China received funding Over 30,000 books available @ use Internet Explorer! Million Book Project FAQ @ Libraries/MBP_FAQ.html Libraries/MBP_FAQ.html

22 Thank you & Q&A Gloriana St. Clair Dean of University Libraries Carnegie Mellon University 412-268-2447

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