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Welcome to 2nd Grade Parents Night Introduction Welcome Parents and Students!!! Tonight we will go over 5 Basic things about our class this year and.

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2 Welcome to 2nd Grade Parents Night

3 Introduction Welcome Parents and Students!!! Tonight we will go over 5 Basic things about our class this year and what your children will be doing in 2 nd Grade!!! We will be going over the who, what, when, materials and Events of 2 nd Grade!

4 Who: The Teacher Mr. John Burrow ◦ Graduated from Arkansas Northeastern College in 2010 with an Associates in Art Degree ◦ Graduated from Arkansas State University in 2013 with a degree in Early Childhood Education. ◦ Currently pursuing a Masters in Education at Arkansas State University

5 Who: The Students The students are the most important part of the classroom! Together the teacher, students, and parents will work together to make sure our students succeed.

6 What: What We Will Learn We will study various subjects including reading, mathematics, science, social studies, and various other important topics. These topics will be taught through discussion, readings, hands on experience, presentations by visitors and professionals, and field trips

7 What: What are Special Projects Students Will Participate In? There will be two major projects this year. ◦ The Community Outreach Project  This project will be done throughout the first semester and each student will work in groups of three other students to present a way that they can help give back to this community. Parental Support is encouraged throughout this project ◦ The 5 th Annual 2 nd Grade Science Fair  This project will be worked on throughout the second semester and will consist of a Science Fair project which will follow the Scientific Method which we will be discussing. Again, Parental Support is a necessity!

8 When: What is the Morning Schedule The morning consists of: ◦ Independent Reading 8:00-8:15  This is time for students to read materials of their choice for 15 minutes without interruption! ◦ Reading Lessons 8:15-9:30  This is when we will dig into reading through our text and will work on grammar and reading skills. ◦ Mathematics 9:30- 10:45  Here we will explore our text books and work on both addition and subtraction skills, graphing, beginning fractions work and much more!

9 When: What is Our Afternoon Schedule The afternoon consist of: ◦ Lunch 10:45- 11:15  Parents are welcome to join students for lunch whenever they want! ◦ Recess 11:15-12:00 ◦ Social Studies 12:00-1:00  Here we will learn about our country and its rich history ◦ Spelling 1:00-1:45  This will be time to discuss new vocabulary words and also to learn more about spelling and writing.

10 When: What is Our Afternoon Schedule (continued) ◦ Science 1:45-2:30  At this time we will learn about the world around us through our text, questions and answer segments, and hands on experiences. ◦ Independent Reading 2:30-2:45 ◦ Journal Writing 2:45-3:15  This will be time for students to reflect through writing on what they read that day in their independent reading time. At the end of this week journals will be turned in and I will respond to their entries!!

11 Materials: What to Bring at the Beginning of the Year Students will be provided with most things but will need to bring a few things from home:BackpackArt BoxOne pack of 16 count Crayola crayonsOne pack of 8 Crayola markersComposition NotebookThis will be your child's JournalOne pocketed folderThis will be my parent communication folder and will be sent home every nightOne wide rule note book for each subjectReading, Math, Science, Social Studies.

12 Materials: What to Bring Throughout the Year Our classroom is always in need of items that you can bring in! These include: No. 2 PencilsBlack and Blue PensTissuesHand soapPaper towelsGerm Ex (or any brand Hand Sanitizer

13 Events: Holidays and Parties We will have 4 Holiday Parties throughout the year. Parents are encouraged to come to these parties!! ◦ October 31 st : Halloween Party-  Students are encouraged to wear their non- frightening costumes on this day! We will send out a sign up sheet for food to bring. ◦ November 22 nd : Thanksgiving Dinner at Lunch  This will be provided by our cafeteria and will consist of turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, corn, and apple pie! Parents should attempt to be here for this wonderful occasion.

14 Events: Holidays and Parties (continued) ◦ December 19 th : Holiday Party  This will be a wonderful in classroom occasion where we bring food and we do a gift swap where students bring one small toy (under $5) which will be drawn and given to another student. This should be wrapped. ◦ February 14 th : Valentine Party  This will be a fun time for students. Candy will be provided by the teacher and students will swap valentine cards with everyone in class. If you give out card you must bring one for everyone in the classroom.

15 Events: Parent Nights Every 9 weeks we will be preparing another parents night! These dates will be given to you in the form of a note. This will be a time for us to show off our best works as a class, hear dramatic readings from our students, and become engaged in the day to day goings on of our classroom.

16 Thank You Parents Thank you so much for your participation in your student’s education. Without your support our classroom couldn’t succeed. We are all looking forward to a great year!! ◦ If you need to see this presentation again please visit our class website and go to the Parents page.

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