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Education Partnership

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1 Education Partnership

2 Overview DAU Mission Executive Summary Potential Players
Strategic Partnership Concept DAWIA Certification – 2 parts (education, experience) DoD Workforce (demographics/retirements) Summary

3 DAU Mission Provide practitioner training, career management, and services to enable the AT&L community to make smart business decisions and deliver timely and affordable capabilities to the warfighter. We train the AT&L Workforce through certification and assignment-specific courses We promote career-long learning through our Continuous Learning Center We offer performance support to the AT&L Workforce through consulting, Rapid Deployment Training, and targeted training We facilitate knowledge sharing through online resources and communities of practice We provide Human Capital Strategic Planning for the AT&L Workforce DAU is a training organization, not an academic university. It is the corporate university of the DoD AT&L workforce. As such, we focus on enabling this workforce to be effective in the workplace and accomplish AT&L strategic goals and business objectives. DAU provides: Certification and Assignment-Specific Training (stress to the students that certification course content is currently geared toward all personnel in the career field and the variety of work that they do. In the future, these courses will be shorter and more job-specific courses will be developed.) Performance Support / Rapid Deployment Training Continuous Learning Knowledge sharing With these learning assets, DAU providing learning opportunities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. DAU Human Capital Strategic Planning: DAU also champions strategic, integrated workforce management programs and innovations to recruit, develop and retain a highly capable, motivated and agile DoD AT&L workforce. More details will be given in chart # 4 3

4 Executive Summary Concept
DAU is working to partner with Ohio Colleges & Universities, Local Industry, and Learning Organizations including AFMC, ASC, and AFRL at Wright Patterson AFB, OH to create opportunities for college students who complete DAWIA certified coursework in contracting or logistics Co-op Opportunities The FY10 State of Ohio stimulus package may have up to $250M available for internships/co-ops (an RFP will be issued in July 2009 to solicit programs interested) Co-ops at Wright Patterson AFB will allow students to gain on-the-job exposure to both contracting and logistics careers Colleges/Universities will provide or accept equivalent DAWIA courses in contracting or logistics as part of undergraduate degrees Courses include CON 100, 110, 111,112,120, 214, 215, 216, 217 & 218 or LOG 100, 102, 200, 201, 235, & 236 There will be various options for students to complete the coursework depending on their college status Industry benefits as students will be better versed in the DoD language of contracting and logistics Ohio benefits from one more way of attracting/developing a quality workforce

5 Executive Summary (cont)
Background Workforce is changing rapidly with 75,000 Department of Defense employees eligible to retire now An additional 120,000 coming up on their initial eligibility within the next 5 years and the average DoD employee retires within 3 years of eligibility We need to work together to attract and recruit talented students in these high demand career fields DAU Point of Contact: Jerry VanDeWiele, Major, USAF, 3100 Research Blvd, Kettering, OH Phone: (937) &

6 & YOU?? Potential Players
Aeronautical Systems Center (ASC) - Contracting Air Force Material Command (AFMC) – Logistics Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) - Contracting Southwest Central Ohio Procurement Technical Assistance Center (SWCO PTAC) Sinclair Community College Central State University & YOU?? Partnership was established with Warner Robins Air Logistics Center, Macon State College, Warner Robins Aerospace Industry and the Defense Acquisition University. Wright State University Dayton Area Defense Contractors Association Defense Acquisition University (DAU)

7 Strategic Partnership Concept
Strategic Partnership between DAU MW and Interested Colleges/Universities or other Organization MOU (written agreement) between DAU MW and the Partner(s) outlining the objectives both parties will ensure get accomplished Students will sign up to one of 4 options depending on their current academic status Enroll in Community College and start taking CON or LOG 100 courses as part of their curriculum (could technically start while in High School if enrolled in college) If currently a Freshman in a 4 year institution, enroll in CON or LOG 100 level courses during the first 2 years, then CON or LOG 200 level courses during their Junior/Senior years. If available/feasible, apply for a co-op during their Junior year Enter in as a Junior/Senior if already in a 4 year school Combination of the above programs Once an Undergraduate Degree is awarded, the student will be able to apply for jobs within Wright Patterson AFB, OH (ASC/AFRL/AFMC) at higher entry starting salaries than an applicant without the CON or LOG coursework (and co-op) Executive Summary Potential Players DAU Strategic Concept DAWIA Certification – 2 parts (education, experience) Partnership was established with Warner Robins Air Logistics Center, Macon State College, Warner Robins Aerospace Industry and the Defense Acquisition University.

8 Strategic Partnership Concept (cont)
DAWIA Coursework Considerations In the event one of the partnering colleges/universities does not have the appropriate equivalency to teach DAWIA coursework, that partnering college/university will need to work with either DAU and/or Bellevue University for articulation so the student can receive credit towards their degree for taking the CON or LOG coursework online with Bellevue or DAU Contact Ms. Lori Reed at for more information on Bellevue’s Accredited & DAWIA approved online Contracting courses (Bellevue does not have Logistics courses approved thru DAWIA) Partnership was established with Warner Robins Air Logistics Center, Macon State College, Warner Robins Aerospace Industry and the Defense Acquisition University.

9 Strategic Partnership Concept (cont)
Careers Students who meet all student eligibility requirements may be hired with a salary incentive (Co-Ops) Heightened understanding of Gov’t Contracting & Logistics Certification Degree All parties benefit from this initiative: Traditional college students looking for a great career – Robins AFB is the largest employer in the state of Georgia. Students who complete this concentration in contracting with a 3.0 GPA or higher may be hired by Robins AFB with a salary incentive which gives them a clear pathway to a highly professional job on the base. Industry partners also benefit from a heightened understanding of government contacting which in turn will help in shaping smart business arrangements. Macon State College gains an enhanced academic portfolio leading to more effective recruitment and job placement. RAFB largest employer in the state. DAU gains increased flexibility within a limited budget. AF gains students who walk through the base gate with a solid foundation of contracting knowledge for a successful career and avoids $13,500 of training costs per student. This partnership provides WRALC a pipeline for highly training candidates who can tackle the acquisition challenges of the future. The educational partnership represents an opportunity to improve and transform the way we do business. Increased flexibility within budget. Liaison available to discuss issues concerning DAWIA certification training. Enhanced academic portfolio for recruitment & job placement (CON & LOG Courses)

10 FY 09 Contracting Training
P = Prerequisite Level I Certification Level II Certification Level III Certification CON 100 Shaping Smart Business Arrangements ACQ 101 Fundamentals of Sys Acq Mgt 1 CLM: Contract Format and Structure (CLC033) 1 CLM: Harvard Business Series 25 hrs, online ACQ 201A Interim. Sys Acquisition 4 class days P CON 215 Intermediate Contracting for Mission Support CON 214 Business Decisions for Contracting CON 110 Mission Support Planning P CON 111 Mission Planning Execution 35 hours, online 40 hrs online Online + 8 class days CON 218 Advanced Contracting for Mission Support CON 353 Adv. Bus Solutions Mission Support 40 hrs online CON 216 Legal Considerations in Contracting P 40 hrs online P CON 217 Cost Analysis/ Negotiations P CON 112 Mission Performance Assessment The DAU’s Learning Capabilities and Integration Center (LCIC) includes program directors for each level of certification. These recognized experts of the LCIC look across the entire curricula in each career field to ensure appropriate content, sequencing, and delivery. They closely interact with the DoD AT&L career field Functional Advisors and Functional Integrated Process Teams, who establish career field competencies, to develop training course content. They also work closely with the office of the USD (AT&L), Federal Agencies and industry to capture the latest initiatives and best practices and disseminate information to the workforce by a variety of means (e.g., the AKSS and various Communities of Practices [COPs] and Special Interest Areas [SIAs]). This chart shows the Core requirements for the Contracting Career Track established by the Contracting career field Functional Advisor. See the DAU catalog for Core Plus training & Unique position training. Career Field Transition Notes: Note CLC 033, ACQ 101, and ACQ 210A and the Harvard Business modules are new requirements) Should you require further information please contact: (703) CON 120 Mission Focused Contracting P 40 hrs online Pre-coursework Plus 4.5 class days Online class days 9.5 days classroom 20 hrs online 10 class days Application/case based GS 9-12 & E7-O4 Case/scenario based GS & E7-O5 Knowledge based GS 5-9 & E7-O3 Level I “Core Plus” Courses & CL Module (See DAU catalog for details) Level II “Core Plus” Courses & CL Module (See DAU catalog for details) Level III “Core Plus” Courses & CL Module (See DAU catalog for details) Vers 9.1

11 FY 09 Life Cycle Logistics Training
P = Prerequisite Level I Certification Level II Certification Level III Certification 2 CL Modules: PBL & Designing for Supportability 2 CL Modules from Core Plus List NOTE: There are NO prerequisites for LOG235A ACQ 101 Fundamentals of Systems Acquisition Management P LOG 101 Acquisition Logistics Fundamentals ACQ 201 Intermediate Systems Acquisition LOG-200 Intermediate Acquisition Logistics LOG-235 Performance Based Logistics P 2 CL Modules from Core Plus List P and 26 hrs, online 35 hours, online 1 week classroom 60 hours online 50 hours online 25 hrs, online P P LOG-350 Enterprise Life Cycle Logistics Management P LOG 102 Systems Sustainment Management LOG-201 Intermediate Acquisition Logistics P LOG-236 Performance Based Logistics This chart shows the Core and Core Plus training requirements for Life Cycle Logistics (LCL) Career Track established by the LCL career field Functional Advisor at OSD and the LCL Functional IPT. Major Changes in this DAWIA Certification Training Track for FY08: 1. Incorporation of Core Plus (see Appendix B, DAU Catalog for additional details) 2. A requirement to complete two Continuous Learning Modules (CLM) for each of the three DAWIA Certification levels. For Level I, they are specified (CLL 008 Designing for Supportability in DoD Systems and CLL 011 Performance Based Logistics (PBL)). For Levels II and III, logistics personnel must complete two additional supervisor-employee agreed upon courses or continuous learning (CL) modules from the Core Plus list in the DAU Catalog. 3. Course renumbering to eliminate A&B designations, to coincide with major distance learning course revisions in FY08. Four courses are being renumbered: LOG 235A becomes LOG 235 effective 1 Nov 07 LOG 235B becomes LOG 236 effective 1 Nov 07 LOG 201A becomes LOG 200 effective 1 Jan 08 LOG 201B becomes LOG 201 effective 1 Jan 08 4. Although not reflected on this chart, LOG 304 is scheduled to be replaced with a new LOG 350 Enterprise Life Cycle Logistics Management course in the fourth quarter of FY08. The Life Cycle Logistics career field includes professionals responsible for planning, development, implementation, and management of an effective and affordable weapons, materiel, or information systems support strategies. Life cycle logisticians perform a principal joint and/or Component logistics role during the acquisition and operational phases of the system life cycle to: (1) ensure product support strategies meet the program goals for operational effectiveness and readiness; (2) ensure supportability requirements are addressed consistently with cost, schedule, and performance; (3) perform an integral role in systems engineering to ensure supportability considerations are implemented during systems design; and (4) plan and develop performance-based logistics initiatives as the preferred approach to product support. Life cycle logisticians ensure the integration of all support elements to maximize deployability, supportability, and mobility of the system throughout the program life cycle. They can work directly in a program management office, in support of the program manager, or in other supporting and sustainment logistics activity organizations. (Source: LCL Position Category Description) Should you require further information please contact: Bill Kobren, DAU Logistics & Sustainment Center Director at or (703) 9 days classroom Knowledge based GS 5-9 & E7-O3 Application/case based GS 9-12 & E7-O4 Case/scenario based GS & E7-O5 26 hrs, online 5 days classroom 5 days classroom Level I “Core Plus” Courses & CL Modules (See DAU catalog for details) Level II “Core Plus” Courses & CL Modules (See DAU catalog for details) Level III “Core Plus” Courses & CL Modules (See DAU catalog for details) Vers 9.1

12 DoD Acquisition Workforce Career Fields

13 DoD Acquisition Workforce
  Career Fields (13) ARMY NAVY/USMC AIR FORCE OTHER TOTAL Auditing 2 3,485 3,487 Business, Cost Estimating, & Financial Management 4,171 1,716 1,503 218 7,608 Contracting 10,042 5,018 7,371 5,314 27,745 Facilities Engineering 441 3,477 9 3,927 Industrial/Contract Property Mngt 125 56 27 321 529 Information Technology 2,733 744 1,116 248 4,841 Life Cycle Logistics 6,319 4,154 1,781 76 12,330 Production, Quality & Manufacturing 2,193 2,000 334 4,439 8,966 Program Management 4,475 3,624 3,958 717 12,774 Purchasing 332 555 123 667 1,677 SPRDE - Science & Technology 171 19 100 290 SPRDE - Systems Engineering 11,964 16,690 6,239 253 35,146 Test and Evaluation 2,140 2,446 2,598 94 7,278 Unknown 506 6 1,132 1,644 Total 45,443 40,651 25,075 17,073 128,242 DAU is the corporate university for the DoD Acquisition, Technology and Logistics (AT&L) Workforce. In FY 03, according to the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC), our “corporation” consisted of 134,431 employees from 13 career fields. A change in FY 03 was the splitting of the Systems Planning, Research, Development and Engineering (SPRDE) career field into two career paths: SPRDE - Systems Engineers and S&T Manager. (NOTE: “Other Career Fields” includes Industrial/Contract Property Management, Purchasing, Information Technology, SPRDE-S&T Manager, Auditing, and Unknown/Other)

14 DoD Acquisition Workforce Generational Composition
National* DoD** Civilian AT&L*** Workforce Generation Workforce (millions) % Silent Generation (born before 1946) 11.5 6.5% 45,625 6.7% 6,624 5.9% Baby Boomers ( ) 61.5 34.9% 438,971 64.5% 74,887 67.3% Generation X ( ) 43.5 24.7% 132,948 19.5% 18,544 16.7% Generation Y ( 31.5 17.9% 62,676 9.2% 11,286 10.1% Millenium (1990-present) 28.0 15.9% 153 0.0% *Source: Armour, Stephanie "Generation Y They've Arrived at Work with a New Attitude" USA Today, Nov 7, 2005, 18-28 **Source: OSD P&R Report: DoD Civilian Workforce Statistics/DoD Demographics/May2006 Edition ***Source: AT&L Datamart FY07 AT&L Workforce Count/AT&L workforce data contains 456 files with null for age Even though our workforce is working longer, there is a growing concern that a large and experienced component of the DAW will start to contract—creating gaps in critical skills

15 Federal Government “The Federal Government is the Largest and Most Powerful Economic Entity in the World.” Employees = 1.8 Million Budget = Over $2 Trillion Dollars Directly Impacts every American in Countless Ways Level of confidence in institutions: A great deal No opinion Some Very little None U.S. military 68% 26% 4% 2% 1% Churches and religious organizations 44% 40% 9% 5% 2% Presidential branch of the U.S. government 28% 41% 20% 10% 1% Health-care providers 26% 49% 19% 6% 1% U.S. Congress 12% 57% 22% 8% 1% State government 11% 62% 20% 7% 1% National news media 10% 49% 27% 12% 1% Lawyers 9% 49% 26% 14% 3% Copyright 2004, The Chronicle of Higher Education.  Reproduced with permission.

16 Gov’t Score Card The federal government is rated as superb for benefits and job security among all survey respondents. However, they rank lowest the government’s ability to provide a competitive environment, innovation and creativity, and attracting the best and brightest in comparison to the private sector. Council for Excellence in Government & the Gallup Organization, December 5, 2006

17 Summary Educate today, hire tomorrow
The DAU Midwest looks forward to your ideas, involvement, and efforts in making this partnership a reality to help students find good careers here in Ohio For more info on the Defense Acquisition University:

18 Questions for MVAC Will MVAC participate in this effort?
If answer to #1 is yes, how will MVAC contribute?

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