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Your FFA Program Objective: Summarize the events that have shaped Agricultural Education and FFA.

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1 Your FFA Program Objective: Summarize the events that have shaped Agricultural Education and FFA

2 The FFA Mission FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education.

3 What is FFA? …an organization of high school students in agricultural education students from all 50 states plus Guam and Puerto Rico.

4 FFA History

5 1917 – Smith-Hughes Act Named after a senator from Georgia.
Provided federal funding for Vocational Agriculture in public high schools.

6 1920’s Future Farmer Clubs Virginia was the first Boys only
North Carolina Young Tar Heel Farmers

7 1928 – Future Farmers of America
FFA was established The 1st convention was held in the Hotel Baltimore in Kansas City, Missouri The first dues were 10 cents Current chapter dues are $10.00

8 FFA History 1930 1935 FFA Creed is written by E.M. Tiffany
New Farmers of America (NFA) formed For black students studying agriculture

9 New Farmers of America Organization for African-American males in high school agriculture classes. Colors were black and gold Found mostly in southern states

10 FFA History 1950 Public Law 740 Gave the FFA a federal charter
The law said that each school teaching agriculture must have an FFA program

11 FFA History - Public Law 740
Created 3 integral components to an agricultural education program Classroom/Lab Instruction FFA SAE (Supervised Agricultural Experience programs) FFA Classroom SAE

12 FFA History 1965 1969 1971 FFA and the NFA merge
Girls were admitted into the FFA 1971 National FFA Alumni Association was founded Founded for supporters of FFA, not necessarily former members

13 FFA History 1988 Future Farmers of America changes its name to the National FFA Organization 1989 National Future Farmer Magazine changes its name to FFA New Horizons

14 FFA History The 1990’s National FFA Center moves to Indianapolis, Indiana

15 FFA History 2006 The National FFA Convention moves to Indianapolis, Indiana

16 Structure of the FFA

17 North Carolina FFA Association
Crest FFA Chapter Piedmont Federation Southwest Region North Carolina FFA Association National FFA

18 National Officer Team Comprised of six student officers President
Secretary Four Vice Presidents

19 Zach Kinne The current National FFA President. He is from Missouri

20 Dr. Larry Case Currently the National FFA Advisor
Employed by the Department of Education

21 North Carolina State FFA Officers
Made up of six students from across North Carolina President Five Vice-Presidents

22 Southwest Regional FFA Officers
Composed of at least six members from the region At least one officer is elected from each federation

23 Crest FFA Officers President Vice President Secretary Treasurer
Justin McEntyre Vice President Zach McNamara Secretary Elizabeth Harris Treasurer Bridgett Anderson Reporter Shelly Stockton Sentinel Austin Edwards Parliamentarian Dylan Witherspoon

24 The FFA Emblem

25 The Ear of Corn Provides the foundation of the emblem, just as corn has historically served as the foundation crop of American agriculture. A symbol of unity, because corn is grown in every state in the nation.

26 The Eagle A national symbol which serves as a reminder of our freedom and ability to explore new horizons for the future of agriculture.

27 The Rising Sun Signifies progress and holds a promise that tomorrow will bring a new day glowing with opportunity.

28 The Plow Signifies labor and tillage of the soil, the backbone of agriculture and the historic foundation of our country’s strength.

29 The Owl Long recognized for its wisdom, it symbolizes the knowledge required to be successful in the industry of agriculture.

30 Words of FFA & Agricultural Education
“Agricultural Education” and “FFA” are emblazoned in the center to signify the combination of learning and leadership necessary for progressive agriculture.

31 The FFA Official Colors
National Blue Corn Gold

32 Learning to Do Doing to Learn Earning to Live Living to Serve
The FFA Motto Learning to Do Doing to Learn Earning to Live Living to Serve

33 FFA Code of Ethics FFA has established guidelines for member actions and behavior All FFA members should follow the code and should use it as a guideline to live by. This class uses the FFA Code of Ethics as its classroom rules.

34 FFA Officers and Stations

35 FFA Officers and Stations
President Stationed by the rising sun Vice President Stationed by the plow Secretary Stationed by the ear of corn

36 FFA Officers and Stations
Treasurer Stationed by the emblem of George Washington Reporter Stationed by the American Flag Sentinel Stationed by the door and the shield of friendship

37 FFA Officers and Stations
The Advisor Stationed by the owl This office held by the agriculture teacher Minimum of six officers Additional officers may be established by the local chapter Chaplin Historian

38 Ceremonies Rituals conducted at each meeting
Opening ceremony Closing ceremony Outlined in the FFA Student Manual

39 Opening Ceremony- “All in Unison”
President: “FFA members, why are we here?” All members say: “To practice brotherhood, honor agricultural opportunities and responsibilities, and develop those qualities of leadership which an FFA member should possess.”

40 Closing Ceremony- The FFA Salute
“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

41 FFA Official Dress Males Black Socks White Collared Shirt
Official FFA Tie Official FFA Jacket zipped to the top Black shoes

42 FFA Official Dress Females Black skirt of appropriate length or Slacks
White Collared Blouse Official FFA Scarf Official FFA Jacket zipped to the top Black shoes

43 FFA Degrees Discovery FFA Degree (Middle School) Greenhand FFA Degree
Chapter FFA Degree State FFA Degree American FFA Degree

44 Types of FFA Membership
Active Students in middle school, high school, and college (up to age 21) Alumni Former active members, parents of FFA members, and others interested in and supportive of FFA Collegiate Honorary Local, state and national levels

45 FFA Programs of Activities (POA)
It is a plan that directs chapter activities Activities are determined by the student membership of the local chapter Committees are appointed to look at different areas of the POA Voted on by the total membership

46 Career Development Events
Individual or team competitions covering several subjects in agriculture and leadership Examples Parliamentary Procedure Public Speaking Agricultural Sales Land Judging

47 Conventions State FFA Convention National FFA Convention
NC State University in Raleigh June National FFA Convention Indy Late October

48 North Carolina FFA Center (White Lake)
FFA Summer Recreational Camp State Leadership Conference

49 FFA Websites National FFA Organization North Carolina FFA Association
North Carolina FFA Association

50 Creed Quiz- 1st Paragraph
I believe in the _______ of agriculture, with a _____ born not of _____ but of deeds - ____________ won by the present and ____ generations of agriculturists; in the promise of ______ days through _____ ways, ____ as the better ______ we now enjoy have come to us from the _________ of former _____.

51 Creed Quiz- 2st Paragraph
I _______ that to ____ and ____ on _ good ____, or __ be _______ in other agricultural ________, is ________ as well as ___________; for I ____ the ____ and ___________ of agricultural ____ and ____ an ______ fondness ___ those ____________ which, ____ in _____ of ______________, I ______ deny.

52 Creed Quiz- 3rd Paragraph
I believe in __________ from _________ and _______ from ______. I _______ in __ ___ _______ to work ___________ and _____ clearly, ____ such _________ and _____ as I ___ secure, ___ in the _______ of ___________ ______________ to serve ___ ___ and the ______ interest in _________ and _________ the _______ of our ____.

53 Creed Quiz- 4th Paragraph
I believe in ____ __________ on _______ and more _____ in __________; in ___ life ________ and ______ honest ______ to help _____ it so--for ______ as ____ as ______; in less ____ for _______ and ____ of it ____ ______; in ______ happy ______ and _______ ______ with _____ whose _________ depends ____ __.

54 Creed Quiz- 5th Paragraph
I _______ that _________ ___________ can ___ ____ ____ true __ ___ ____ __________ of ___ ________ ____ and ____ _ ___ _____ an _________ in __ ____ and _________ _____ will _____ _____ for __ ____ in ____ _________ ____.

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