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Objective: Summarize the events that have shaped Agricultural Education and FFA Your FFA Program.

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1 Objective: Summarize the events that have shaped Agricultural Education and FFA Your FFA Program

2 Structure of the FFA

3 North Lenoir FFA Chapter Tobacco Federation Southeast Region North Carolina FFA Association National FFA

4 National Officer Team  Comprised of six student officers  President  Secretary  Four Vice Presidents

5 Dr. Steve Brown  Currently the National FFA Advisor  Employed by the Department of Education

6 State FFA Officers  Made up of six students from across North Carolina  President  Five Vice-Presidents

7 Southeast Regional FFA Officers  Composed of at least six members from the region  At least one officer is elected from each federation

8  Tobacco Federation At least 6 officers elected.  You are in the Tobacco Federation It includes: Wayne County, Lenoir County, and Green County

9 North Lenoir FFA Officers  President  Andra Kite  Vice President  Loagen Wilson  Secretary  Trevoe Baca  Treasurer  Kevin Aycock  Reporter  Kyra Tyndall  Sentinel  Katherine Spence Historian Brannon Whaley Parliamentarian Cameron McAteer

10 FFA Officers and Stations

11  President  Stationed by the rising sun  Vice President  Stationed by the plow  Secretary  Stationed by the ear of corn

12 FFA Officers and Stations  Treasurer  Stationed by the emblem of George Washington  Reporter  Stationed by the American Flag  Sentinel  Stationed by the door and the shield of friendship

13 FFA Officers and Stations  The Advisor  Stationed by the owl  This office held by the agriculture teacher  Minimum of six officers  Additional officers may be established by the local chapter  Chaplin  Historian

14 Ceremonies  Rituals conducted at each meeting  Opening ceremony  Closing ceremony You may view opening and closing ceremony by clicking on the following link: er/Pages/ChapterMeetings.aspx

15 Opening Ceremony- “All in Unison”  President:  “FFA members, why are we here?”  All members say:  “To practice brotherhood, honor agricultural opportunities and responsibilities, and develop those qualities of leadership which an FFA member should possess.”

16 Closing Ceremony- The FFA Salute “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

17 Types of FFA Membership  Active  Students in middle school, high school, and college (up to age 21)  Alumni  Former active members, parents of FFA members, and others interested in and supportive of FFA  Collegiate  Honorary  Local, state and national levels

18 FFA Programs of Activities (POA)  It is a plan that directs chapter activities (Every Organization Needs a Plan. It provides direction and accountability.)  Activities are determined by the student membership of the local chapter  It includes community service, leadership development, competitions, fundraising, ect..  Committees are appointed to carry out different areas of the POA.

19 Career Development Events  Individual or team competitions for FFA members covering several subjects in agriculture and leadership  Examples  Parliamentary Procedure  Public Speaking  Agricultural Sales  Land Judging You may find a complete list at efault.aspx

20 Conventions  State FFA Convention  Raleigh  June  National FFA Convention  Louisville, Ky  Late October

21  FFA Summer Recreational Camp  State Leadership Conference North Carolina FFA Center (White Lake)

22 FFA Websites  National FFA Organization   North Carolina FFA Association 

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