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14 May 2002 ESA Catalogue Activities A whirlwind tour of ESAs catalogue activities –overview of the architecture of ESA's.

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1 Jolyon.Martin@esa,intCEOS/ICS 14 May 2002 ESA Catalogue Activities A whirlwind tour of ESAs catalogue activities –overview of the architecture of ESA's catalogue services –Highlighting … XML front end to MUIS proposed XML back end to INFEO ISO 19115 compliant XML schema for all new catalogue initiatives

2 Jolyon.Martin@esa,intCEOS/ICS 14 May 2002 PI / End User Value Adder Distr.Entity User Service Facilities User Catalogue Browse On-line Archive On-line Order MUIS INFEO CEOS/GIS Interop. OpenGIS API Core Service Facilities Master Catalogue AMS Backup Archive Order Handling Mission Planning Station(s) Processing/ Archiving Centers Browse On-line Archive Rolling NRT Service Browse On-line Archive PAF-Local Coordination Center(s) Production Handling Dissemination AMS Local Archive Production Handling future Flight Operations Acquisition Processing past NRT Dissemination EOLI Web I/F

3 Jolyon.Martin@esa,intCEOS/ICS 14 May 2002 Master Catalogue Secure, Complete catalogue –Behind firewall –Complete reference for all satellite acquisitions and products –Archive reference database for Order Desk Currently being upgraded for new missions and new technology Metadata design ( XML interface ) is compliant with ISO 19115 standard definition for Metadata management Prepared for XML exchange with other agencies Documented in Multi Mission Master Catalogue Metadata XML ICD and.xsd

4 Jolyon.Martin@esa,intCEOS/ICS 14 May 2002 User Services Catalogue (MUIS) MUIS multi-mission user and information services –Routinely synchronised with the master catalogue –Summarises acquisitions for easier user access –Filters/hides various data (e.g. from cal/val) –High performance, optimised for user query Achieved through indexing using polar orbit model of acquisitions Provides services for many clients – EOLI, INFEO and others …

5 Jolyon.Martin@esa,intCEOS/ICS 14 May 2002 MUIS architecture EOLI-C Server Port 8080 DSMSDS IDSPBSOFS Operational MUIS-C UMS GDS INFEO-Gateway

6 Jolyon.Martin@esa,intCEOS/ICS 14 May 2002 Catalogue User Interface (EOLI) EOLI Earthnet Online Interactive Advanced features as required for specific users –E.g. Interfometry pair identification –ESA ordering options / scene selection etc. –Aligned with data policy for ESAs principal investigator community (project quotas etc.) Latest addition EOLI-stand alone –Harmonized with existing EOLI Interfaces –Java stand-alone application so multi-platform (Windows, Unix, Linux, Macos X) –On-line access to MUIS (Inventory, GIS maps, Browse, Ordering, User Set) –Off-line mode (Local Inventory, Local map, Browse on CD-ROM, server synchronized Shop Cart and User Set)

7 Jolyon.Martin@esa,intCEOS/ICS 14 May 2002 Interoperability Layer (INFEO) CEOS interoperability layer is provided by INFEO –Side-by-side access to ESA + any other catalogues –See previous presentation

8 Jolyon.Martin@esa,intCEOS/ICS 14 May 2002 MUIS ISO 19115 XML Front End Users are wanting more than just a graphical interface to the user services –For Distributing Entities, GRID, web-service chaining … MUIS DSM being evolved to support an XML front end to present catalogue as web-service via SOAP/HTTP –searchRequest: this message allows to identify products inside a single collection via a search condition and to request the number of hits or product metadata in differentformats as Response. –presentRequest: this message allows to retrieve (multiple) product metadata within a single collection by providing the product identification. –response: this message contains the result in form of number of hits or returned product metadata. –Request/Responses inspired by OGC Anticipated delivery 2003

9 Jolyon.Martin@esa,intCEOS/ICS 14 May 2002 INFEO ISO19115 XML Back End Current INFEO gateways are z39.50 translators –Fewer industrial support for z39.50 –Generic translation to SQL looses performance Therefore, INFEO XML-back end is proposed –Simplified interface for other providers (based on whats required for EOLI like client) –Stateless interface –ISO 19115 compliant XML message –The proof of implementation will be MUIS new front end –Any other ISO compliant data providers ? Anticipated delivery 2004

10 Jolyon.Martin@esa,intCEOS/ICS 14 May 2002 XML schema compliant with ISO19115 Extensive analysis of standards and schemas used to define an XML interface to ESA catalogue services –References: ISO, GML, CIP, FGDC, OGC Uses CEOS & ESA experience –Satellite domain extensions defined –Performance Reference to browse URL data rather than binary data transfer in XML Efficient tag set –Readability Although, staying ISO compliant means a few tags are not at first intuitive and few tags are not so useful Available for review –For master catalogue as Multi Mission Master Catalogue Metadata XML ICD and.xsd –For user services as Earthnet Online XML Front End ICD,.wsdl and.xsd

11 Jolyon.Martin@esa,intCEOS/ICS 14 May 2002 XML Details (see spreadsheet analysis) –For domain extensions ( ) –For product identifier Citation resTitle = productID –For data content types Image details added –Language independent enumerative lists (asc/desc = 0/1)

12 Jolyon.Martin@esa,intCEOS/ICS 14 May 2002 02 ESA are proposing a programme consolidating ground segment activities to support multi- mission data access across European agencies INFEO experience will be vital part, but to be complimented by e.g. –Mission planning agreements –Order-desk agreements Different levels of integration between European EO enterprises foreseen

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