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ICS 16 September 2003 INFEO Status INFEO still running nominally, but without large number of users First set of INFEO improvements.

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1 ICS 16 September 2003 INFEO Status INFEO still running nominally, but without large number of users First set of INFEO improvements are getting close to completion, promotion of INFEO (or more precisely re-branded INFEO) will follow

2 ICS 16 September 2003 INFEO Catalogue Search Architecture (in-test) GATEWAY to MUIS-B (at ESRIN) GATEWAY to BADC (at RAL) GATEWAY to IMS (e.g. NASA/IMS) GATEWAY to ISIS (at. DLR-DFD) ACCESS to GEO servers (on hold) Main INFEO Node and MCF (at ESRIN) INFEO node at NASA GATEWAY to MUIS-ENVISAT (at ESRIN) client new INFEO node at RAL

3 ICS 16 September 2003 INFEO demo Distributed search for collections Product search

4 ICS 16 September 2003 Demo conclusions Results from collections search require good description of the datasets (valids) Need to decide which datasets to populate into the operational INFEO

5 ICS 16 September 2003 NASA/MWND status NASA INFEO instance Currently Connected to ESA INFEO and relatively stable INFEO modified to work with Oracle 9i Currently populated with about 100 NASA ECS/IMS Collections Product Searching is via IMS Facility NASA IMS Facility instance Modified to work with latest ODL libraries (source code and protocol level changes) Currently connected to NASA INFEO and relatively stable IMS-CIP Translator Allows access to ESA INFEO via the EDG (EOS Data Gateway) Currently functions as an IMS server to the EDG version 3.2 client Needs modification to work with EDG 3.5

6 ICS 16 September 2003 NASA/MWND Next Steps Upgrade the collections with latest valids from NASA servers (about 1300 collections) proving to be hard to fully automate as there is no centralized repository for metadata ECHO (EOS Clearinghouse for metadata) may fulfull this need Absence of user interface for ingestion of collections into INFEO (Have not been able to get Forms to work correctly in Oracle 9i) Need to collect together all the individual bits and pieces of scripts to streamline the process and make it manageable Planning on re-working INFEO to work under Linux (Currently, many dependencies on very old GCC "C" compiler that need to be fixed)

7 ICS 16 September 2003 ESA/INFEO plans 1. INFEO re-branding In line with future ESA initiative (Oxygen), and to provide a fresh look and feel to non-catalogue search parts of INFEO, the site is being restructured Additional components being added … Watch this space in the coming months …

8 ICS 16 September 2003 ESA/INFEO plans 2. Performance improvements Performance improvements: –Collection search performance is currently quite poor (>20 seconds for small database of collections) –Improvements have been identified and a new contract will be placed very soon.

9 ICS 16 September 2003 ESA/INFEO plans 3. Gateway improvements Gateway improvements: –Ease of involvement of data providers has been identified as a issue / restriction to participation in INFEO INFEOs generic gateway involves complex mapping between CIP/SQL schema, the performance results are not always the best –A new gateway interface is proposed based on ISO19115 compliant XML via HTTP/SOAP The EOLI-XML covers basic requirements for search and present The specification has been reviewed by ICS, with some useful suggestions –INFEO back-end to support this new specification by end 04

10 ICS 16 September 2003 ESA/INFEO plans 4. Collection definitions Collection Definitions –Need to acknowledge better that not all data providers want to support search at product level –Reaching large numbers of collections in INFEO the management of collection metadata becomes a challenge (valids handling …) –Proposed improvements include: Import/Export to INFEOs advertisment directory Import/Export to IDN/DIF-XML

11 ICS 16 September 2003 ISO19115 part2 Drafting of part2 has begun Latest Draft: 07 June 2003 circulated to ICS (cintex-disc) Opportunity to further coordinate the input from WGISS if wished – contact if interested

12 ICS 16 September 2003 Schedule NWIP Ballot Review (21 May 2003) –PT Meeting #1 Review for registration of WD1 (4 Aug 2003) WD1 Registered with TC211 (by 22 Sep 2003) –PT Meeting #2 Review of WD1 – 17 th Plenary (27 Oct 2003) –PT Meeting #3 Review Intermediate Draft (12 Jan 2004) WD2 Registered with TC211 (by Apr 2004) –PT Meeting #4 Review of WD2 – 18 th Plenary (May 2004) –PT Meeting #5 Review for CD Ballot Release (July 2004) Release for CD 1 Ballot - 3 mo. (by Aug 2004) –Editing Committee Meeting (Jan 2005) Release for CD 2 Ballot - 3 mo. (by Mar 2005) –Editing Committee Meeting (Aug 2005) Release for DIS Ballot – 4 mo. (by Sep 2005) Release for FDIS Ballot – 4 mo. (by Mar 2006) IS (by Sep 2006)

13 ICS 16 September 2003 Project Team Experts nominated to NP Geographic information – Metadata - Part 2: Metadata for imagery and gridded data Project leader –Mr. John Eller, NIMA Editor –Mr. David Danko, Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.

14 ICS 16 September 2003 Experts … Canada –Dr. Kian Fadaie, Natural Resources Canada –Mr. Yves Hudon, Conseil du Trésor du Québec –Mr. C. Douglas O'Brien, IDON Technologies Inc. Saudi Arabia –Mr. Walid A. Molla, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) Thailand –Dr. Chaowalit Silapathong, Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (GISTDA) USA –Ms. Lara Bordick, Northrop Grumman IT –Mr. Hugh Bryant –Professor Liping Di, NASA/George Mason University –Dr. Barry Schlesinger, George Mason University –Mr. Shawn Silkensen, Lockheed Martin Corporation –Mr. David J. Williams,USEPA CEOS/WGISS –Mr. Jolyon Martin,European Space Agency DGIWG –Mr. James Durham,Joint Interoperability Test Command –Mr. Ronald Galloni, DST, Inc (DSTI) –Mr. Gerald Johnston, National Imagery and Mapping Agency ICAO –Ms. Carol McCaig, Joint Interoperability Test Command –Mr. Charles Poeppelmeier, National Imagery and Mapping Agency –Mr. Aleksandar Pavlovic, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) United Kingdom –Mr. Roger Lott, BP Exploration South Africa –Mr. Samuel Osei, National Spatial Information Framework

15 ICS 16 September 2003 Comments so far … Comments on current draft (to now, mainly ESA input) –Some lack of continuity towards previous standards (e.g. FGDC platform/instrument –Some missing attributes that are frequently used in remote sensing information systems (e.g. instrument mode and orbit ascending / descending times etc.)

16 ICS 16 September 2003 Stateless Catalogue Activities OGC definition of catalogue interface v2. is currently ongoing Current CEOS/ICS involvement is basic tracking of developments In Dec 2002 CIP requirements summarised and presented to OGC Current focus of OGC group is to align various capabilities of the OGC services so that the Catalog's Web implementation, for example, is an extension of the existing Web Feature Services interface where possible Results de-briefed by Doug Nebert on various occasions.

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