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HotDAML Driven Information Push The objective of HotDDIP is to provide content based knowledge management and distribution for a stream of DAML annotated.

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1 HotDAML Driven Information Push The objective of HotDDIP is to provide content based knowledge management and distribution for a stream of DAML annotated documents. Anno- tations Analysis, Review, Administration Analysis, Review, Administration Document Repository Document Repository Document Processing Document Processing Source N Source 1 Source Doc Tagged Source Doc Meta- Data Notifi- cation Publish & Subscribe Web-based Access URN assignment Transformations Structural Tagging Create Meta-data Semantic based Publish and Subscribe Notification Generation Feed to Repository DAML Centric Document Repository. Value added annotations. Citation of other documents. Document Search and Retrieval Document Management Topic and Sub-topic Basic Geo-spatial and Temporal Structurally Tagged Formatted

2 HotDDIP Project Document Model Working Documents –Fluid Working Environment –Migrate to Repository Document Repository –XML/RDF/DAML Centric –Repository is read-only Documents Tagged with concepts from various DAML ontologies –Citation Ontology - provides citation down to paragraph level. – Document Structure Ontology - Structural concepts for various formats. –Reference Ontology(s) - Specific reference domain concepts. –Domain Ontology(s) - Specific analysis domain concepts. –Analysis Ontology - Provides terms used for analysis rational and conclusions. Document Repository Reference Domain Specific Analysis, Meta-Data & Other Annotations Analysis, Meta-Data & Other Annotations Working Documents

3 HotDDIP Project Publish and Subscribe Demonstration HotDDIP Publish and Subscribe Document Feeder Talker Listener ASA Simulation Command and Control System Interface Logistic Systems Interfaces Alternative Action Analyzer Platform Sensor Assessment Command and Control System Interface TOC XML DAML DAML Crawler Phase I Phase II XSLT Engine Publication Service Ontology Service Subscription Service Query Service BCM Various Document Repository RetrivalWare Sybase EP Other Document Repository RetrivalWare Sybase EP Other

4 HotDART Hot Data Analysis and Reconciliation Tool Lewis Hart James Lu

5 HotDART Components DART DAML DMIR Leveraging IR&D funding, and existing GRCI developed GOTS applications to build a distributed, web centric RDBMS meta-data analysis and management tool. DART - provides a foundation for mapping and analytical functions. –Import Meta-Data from Oracle DBMS, MS Access, ER/Win, Oracle designer 2000, SQL Scripts, XML, UML –Comparative Analysis supports Database Mapping, Data interoperability, Migration and Integration DAML - provides an Articulation Service for further analysis of meta-data. – DAML Ontology for the description of relational databases and articulations between. – Rule based identification of candidate mappings between subjects, tables, and elements in RDBMSs. DMIR - provides a web portal with tools for further analysis and a repository for past results. – Web based access to analysis and reporting tools. – Shared repository for RDBMS meta-data descriptions and comparisons between RDBMS systems.

6 HotDART Project Phase I Demonstration Sub-set of Global Transportation Network (GTN) and Cargo Movement Operations System (CMOS) meta- data has been imported into DART. DART exports the data in an XML format, which is transformed into RDF/DAML matching a DART RDBMS ontology. CODIP Articulation Service reads the transformed XML and asserts the DAML into Jess using the DAML API. The Articulation Service identifies matching tables and elements in the two system, and creates an Articulation ontology comparing the two systems. The articulation ontology is transformed back into XML and imported by DART, which exports the results to DMIR. DMIR provides WWW access to review and modify the results. WWW CMOS GTN DMIR DART Import XSLT Export Articulation Service DAML API Jess XSLT DART XML Registration DART XML Comparison GTN : CMOS Rules

7 Example Match Simple, Perfect <c:Match rdf:about="grci2659" d:strength="10.00" > <c:MatchFactor rdf:about="grci1913" d:detail="BoatWidth" d:kind="EX_NM_MTCH:ele_nm" d:strength="7"> c:MatchFactor rdf:about="grci2271 d:detail="Boat width in meters rounded up." d:kind="PHRASE_MTCH:ele_defn" d:strength="10"> <c:MatchFactor rdf:about="grci2341" d:detail="FLOAT8" d:kind="EX_DT_MTCH:ele_data_type" d:strength="2"> <c:MatchFactor rdf:about="grci2394" d:detail="BoatWidth" d:kind="EX_NM_MTCH:ele_access_nm" d:strength="6"> BoatWidth file:Shipyard_2.daml#genid308 BoatWidth file:Shipyard_3.daml#genid311 c:reasons Elements

8 Structural Match Matching elements found in matching tables. Example Match Structural, Not Perfect WorkOrder file:Shipyard_3.daml#genid662 WorkOrder file:Shipyard_2.daml#genid735 <c:Match rdf:about="grci3027" d:strength="8.60" > WorkOrderID file:Shipyard_3.daml#genid308 OrderID file:Shipyard_2.daml#genid342 <c:Match rdf:about="grci2999" d:strength=9.84" > <c:MatchFactor rdf:about="grci3029" d:detail="grci3027 grci2999" d:kind="TBL_ELE_MTCH" d:strength="3"> c:MatchFactor rdf:about="grci3030 d:detail="grci3027 grci2999" d:kind="ELE_TBL_MTCH" d:strength="9"> <c:MatchFactor rdf:about="grci1730" d:kind="EX_NM_MTCH:tbl_nm d:detail=WorkOrder d:strength="8"> <c:MatchFactor rdf:about="grci1819" d:detail="Unique marina work order ID." d:kind="PHRASE_MTCH:ele_defn" d:strength="8"> <c:MatchFactor rdf:about="grci1825" d:detail="INTEGER" d:kind="EX_DT_MTCH:ele_data_type d:strength="2"> c:reasons Tables Elements

9 HotDART Project Phase II and Beyond Integration into a Web Application Server to provide DMIR portal with complete RDBMS meta-data management capability. Addition of Translation, Migration and other services to provide additional functionality. Use as a test-bed for enhanced articulation technology. Apply to current Marine Corp Systems Command (MCSC) Shared Data Environment (SDE) integration efforts and to future potential efforts such as GTN2. Provide community access to DMIR portals into facilitate integration, migration, and interoperability in an operational community's data environment. Web Application Server Articulation Service Articulation Service DART Services DART Services A-B DMIR Upload Author Analyze WWW Translation Service Translation Service



12 Trans DAML+ OIL Articulation Ontology AB A-B DART Ontology An Articulation HotDART Ontologies DART Ontology describes: –RDBMS content meta-data –RDBMS comparison meta-data Articulation Ontology describes matching meta-data entities. Instances in the DART ontology describe RDBMS systems. An Articulation between DART instance is translated into the DART Compare ontology. 0 1 2

13 Example Rule and Matches Jess Rule (defrule Sim_Name_Property_Match (declare (salience 10)) ;; Get a name property's info (NameProperty (name ?pnam) (strength ?pstr0) ) (DAMLProperty (localName ?pnam) (OBJECT ?ptype)) ;; Find one property of this type. (DAMLProperty (type ?ptype) (ID ?id1) (namespace ?ns1) (subject ?sub1) (object ?obj1) ) ;; Find another property of this type. (DAMLProperty (type ?ptype) (ID ?id2&~?id1) (namespace ?ns2&~ns1) (subject ?sub2) (object ?obj2) ) ;; Compare there names as phrases. (test (not (sameIC (?obj2 getValue) (?obj1 getValue)))) (bind ?pstr (comparePhraseIC (?obj1 getValue) (?obj2 getValue))) (test (>= ?pstr 8 )) => (bind ?mf (createMF ?sub1 ?sub2 (str-cat "SM_NM_MTCH:" ?pnam) (str-cat (?obj1 getValue) "|" (?obj2 getValue)) ?pstr )) ;; Log it (printout t "Sim_Name_Property_Match " (?mf getID) ;; etc…. ) GTN-CMOS Matches Sim_Name_Property_Match COMPARE_IRD.daml#grci9920 file:CMOS_IRD.daml#genid1627 and file:GTN_IRD.daml#genid3586 because SM_NM_MTCH:ele_access_nm NAME desig_name Sim_Name_Property_Match COMPARE_IRD.daml#grci9923 file:CMOS_IRD.daml#genid1627 and file:GTN_IRD.daml#genid2095 because SM_NM_MTCH:ele_access_nm NAME passenger_name Sim_Name_Property_Match COMPARE_IRD.daml#grci9928 file:CMOS_IRD.daml#genid1627 and file:GTN_IRD.daml#genid1561 because SM_NM_MTCH:ele_access_nm NAME last_name Sim_Name_Property_Match COMPARE_IRD.daml#grci9925 file:CMOS_IRD.daml#genid1627 and file:GTN_IRD.daml#genid1353 because SM_NM_MTCH:ele_access_nm NAME full_name Sim_Name_Property_Match COMPARE_IRD.daml#grci9924 file:CMOS_IRD.daml#genid971 and file:GTN_IRD.daml#genid3474 because SM_NM_MTCH:ele_nm MANIFEST_TYPE air_manifest_type_code Sim_Name_Property_Match COMPARE_IRD.daml#grci9926 file:GTN_IRD.daml#genid1739 and file:CMOS_IRD.daml#genid1019 because SM_NM_MTCH:ele_nm manifest_reference PAX_MANIFEST_REFERENCE_ID Sim_Name_Property_Match COMPARE_IRD.daml#grci9921 file:GTN_IRD.daml#genid3441 and file:CMOS_IRD.daml#genid363 because SM_NM_MTCH:ele_access_nm weight TOTAL_BAG_WEIGHT Sim_Name_Property_Match COMPARE_IRD.daml#grci9922 file:GTN_IRD.daml#genid3441 and file:CMOS_IRD.daml#genid1291 because SM_NM_MTCH:ele_access_nm weight PAX_WEIGHT

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