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1 Hencie Consulting Services Building a Knowledge Share System Using Oracle Designer SCOUG 2000 Conference By Murli Manickam Sameer.

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1 1 Hencie Consulting Services Building a Knowledge Share System Using Oracle Designer SCOUG 2000 Conference By Murli Manickam Sameer Jejurkar

2 SCOUG 2000 Conference2 Agenda l Knowledge Share System (KSS) l Introduction to Oracle Designer l HKSS Architecture and components l Demo - HKSS and generation of a web server module from designer l Q & A

3 SCOUG 2000 Conference3 Need for a KSS l Similar situations, similar problems l Avoid re-inventing the wheel l Save time and money l Human turnaround l Jumpstart for new users l Can help to build metrics l Custom build to your requirements

4 SCOUG 2000 Conference4 What is a KSS l A central repository of information l Keep track of problems and solutions l Evolves over a period of time

5 SCOUG 2000 Conference5 Our Goals l Quick, easy access ñ to enter information ñ retrieve information ñ from anywhere l Easy to use - no training needed l Accessible by developers, DBAs, clients l Develop quickly, but systematically l Flexible, Extensible

6 SCOUG 2000 Conference6 Why Oracle Designer l Complete integrated life cycle CASE tool l Supports a variety of methodologies including classical SDLC, RAD, prototyping etc. l Supports generation for a variety of applications l Strong support for modeling l System documentation l Good Oracle skills in-house

7 SCOUG 2000 Conference7 Support for Various Phases l Analysis - support for logical models l Design - support for physical database design and application design l Development - support for SQL DDL and application code generation l Deployment - support for multiple schemas, instances and databases l Variety of QA and other reports

8 SCOUG 2000 Conference8 Designer Repository l Designer adopts a repository driven approach l Repository - most important part of Designer l A schema in Oracle database l Store for all meta-data l Multi user capability

9 SCOUG 2000 Conference9 Analysis Tools l Business process modeling l Entity Relationship modeling l Data Flow modeling l Function Hierarchy diagramming l All tools are integrated

10 SCOUG 2000 Conference10 ER Modeling in Designer l Graphical ER diagrammer l Support for M:1, M:M, 1:1 relationships l Extensive data dictionary support for information about entities, attributes, domains and relationships l Support for advanced features like arcs and super/sub type entities

11 SCOUG 2000 Conference11 ER Diagram

12 SCOUG 2000 Conference12 Database Design Tools l Database design transformer for first cut of database design l Graphical server modeling l Manage definitions for ñ tables ñ columns ñ constraints ñ views ñ snapshots

13 SCOUG 2000 Conference13 Server Model

14 SCOUG 2000 Conference14 Server side PL/SQL l Logic editor to define the procedural logic for business rules l Support for ñ Drag and drop editing ñ Automatic text formatting ñ Syntax checking against repository definitions l Define logic for pre-defined events ñ before/after insert/update/delete row/statement

15 SCOUG 2000 Conference15 Logic Editor

16 SCOUG 2000 Conference16 Physical Design l Report with Estimates the size of tables and indexes l Define table storage characteristics l Define tablespaces, data files

17 SCOUG 2000 Conference17 Database Deployment l Server model generator to generate SQL DDL scripts for database objects based on repository definitions l Generates Table API l Define deployment properties separately l Generate DDL for multiple databases and schemas

18 SCOUG 2000 Conference18 Function Hierarchy Diagram

19 SCOUG 2000 Conference19 Application Design l Application Design Transformer for first cut module design l Graphical module design editor l Multiple views - data view and display view l Define table usage - base and look ups l Define column usage - appearance, format, order

20 SCOUG 2000 Conference20 Module Diagram

21 SCOUG 2000 Conference21 Application Generation l Generate applications for ñ Oracle Developer - Forms, Reports ñ Visual Basic ñ Oracle Web Server (PL/SQL) l Generate MS Help l Control generation using ñ preferences at module/table/column levels ñ templates

22 SCOUG 2000 Conference22 Generated Module

23 SCOUG 2000 Conference23 Repository Reports l Matrix Diagrammer ñ CRUD matrix for entities v/s functions l Repository reports ñ quality assurance ñ matrix reports ñ impact analysis ñ function point analysis ñ table and index size estimation

24 SCOUG 2000 Conference24 HKSS Architecture l Uses three tier architecture ñ backend - Oracle database ñ middle tier - Oracle Application Server ñ client - any browser that supports HTML and JavaScript

25 SCOUG 2000 Conference25 Design and Generation l Completely designed and generated using Designer with the web server generator l PL/SQL packages that use the PL/SQL tool kit supplied with OAS l Hand coding for ñ Main menu ñ Page header

26 SCOUG 2000 Conference26 WSG in Designer

27 SCOUG 2000 Conference27 HKSS Components l Incidence/Problem Logging l Log in new incidence request l Assign request to a knowledge worker l View incidence requests and their status l Record steps in incidence resolution l Keep track of time spent

28 SCOUG 2000 Conference28 Possible Enhancements l Upload scripts and documents l Intelligent search capabilities l Portal interface l Workbench for employees l Metrics

29 SCOUG 2000 Conference29 Demo

30 SCOUG 2000 Conference30 Contact Information Hencie Consulting Services Murli Manickam( Sameer Jejurkar (

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