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Status and Preliminary Agenda. Agenda - Sunday, May 23, 2004 1200-1300 Registration 1300-1330 Plenary Session 1330-1500 SWSA Discussion: 1330-1430.

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Presentation on theme: "Status and Preliminary Agenda. Agenda - Sunday, May 23, 2004 1200-1300 Registration 1300-1330 Plenary Session 1330-1500 SWSA Discussion: 1330-1430."— Presentation transcript:

1 SWSA@NYC Status and Preliminary Agenda

2 Agenda - Sunday, May 23, 2004 1200-1300 Registration 1300-1330 Plenary Session 1330-1500 SWSA Discussion: 1330-1430 Review meeting goals and schedule, including –Sign-off on Requirements Document –Objectives for Upcoming Months –F2F Meeting goals 1430-1500 METEOR demonstration (Amit Sheth) 1500-1530 Break 1530-1800 SWSA Discussion: –Summary of WSMO approach and trajectory wrt SWSA –TAGA (Agent Trading Game) Demo and Use case –Mapping of SWSA requirements onto B2C scenario –Discussion of approaches to and roles for mediation

3 Meeting Objectives Sign off on Requirements Document Set objectives for this year –Identify set of key protocols and ontologies to specify in next few months –Determine approach to layering on existing standards –Plan for finishing small set of detailed use cases.

4 METEOR Demonstration Amit Sheth, Kunal Verma, U Ga –Tools for acquiring semantics elements of WSDL definitions (in presence of multiple ontologies) –Relationships to existing WS standards –Matchmaking protocols

5 TAGA Demonstration Trading Agent Game in AgentCities Seen as illustrative scenario for commercial use of Semantic Web Services –Other similar use cases now being discussed by SWSL to identify language requirements, approaches

6 TAGA Agent Classes Customer Agents (CA) represent individual customers with travel constraints and preferences Travel Agents (TA) broker business services Service Agents (SA) offer travel services (airline, lodging, entertainment) Bulletin Board Agent (BA) is the service matchmaker (between CA and TA) Auction Service Agents (ASA) operate auctions (between CA and TA) Market Oversight Agent (MOA) monitors financial transactions.

7 Interactions, Protocols CAs and TAs registers with BBA –BBA as Community membership manager –To play in game, be found, matched TAs advertise with BBA (matchmaker) CAs specify service requirements to BBA –Includes QoS and reputation constraints BAA matches candidates, forwards to TA TAs request proposals from ASAs, SAs –Negotiation, Bidding TAs propose sale of package to CA TAs attempt to purchase package –May fail resulting in aborted transaction, compensation

8 Agenda - Monday, May 24, 2004 0900-1030 SWSA Discussion: WSMO Architectural Approach Mapping and Translation during Invocation (Mark) 1030-1100 Break 1100-1200 Elaboration of SWSA Objectives for 2004 Review of Discovery Architectures (Katia, Massimo) SWSA Roadmap Key elements to define this year Ties to existing Standards and Layers 1200-1300 Lunch 1300-1500 SWSA Roadmap Discussion 1500-1530 Break 1530-1700 SWSA Wrapup and Tasking for coming Months 1700-1800 Plenary Session – Outbriefs 1800 Adjourn

9 OWL-S Virtual Machine and Matchmaker Katia Sycara, Massimo Paolucci

10 Chris Proposal Focus on defining a few critical protocols –Advertising –Service Match Query –Invocation –Ontology and Mapping Lookup/Translation –Enactment/Management

11 SWSA Functional Areas Discovery –Advertise and Match Query Process Enactment –Invoke, Status, Response, Exception Negotiation and Contracting Community Services –Membership, Authorization, Privacy, Trust Lifecycle –Resource relationship modeling, management –Life generation, status, resurection, substitution –Version management

12 Fig 1: Basic DAML-S Use model Requesting Agent A Service Provider B OWL-S Matchmaker (1) Advertise Service Profile (2) Issue Service Query (Profile for Goal A) (3) Return Match Candidates (Profiles w. Service Model URIs) WorldWideWeb (5a) Get Service Model B (5b, 6) Construct, Issue Request (Goal or Query) (8-10) Apply Grounding, Translate, Interpret Reply Ontology O B Ontology O A OWL-S Ontology (1) Publish Service Model B Service Model B (3) Find Candidate Profiles (4) Select Service (7) Perform Service, Generate Reply

13 MyAgent Current Goal: (Owns :owner Mark :item <Book :name XML for Dummies :by Fat Parens>)) KB: (User MyAgent ) (Owns Mark )) (ccardOf Mark ) (ccardOf Mark ) (Residence Mark ) Using ontologies: mylife.owl, mystuff.owl, owl-s.owl econ101.owl Econ101.owl Defines OWNS, axioms for PURCHASE transactions Owl-S.owl Defines Service Profile, Process, Grounding Publishes: Process: BuyBook LocalVars: ?item :, ?ccard : Inputs: B4STitle : string = ?item.title B4SAuthor: string = ? B4SQty: int = ?item.qty B4Sccname: string = ? B4Sccnum: string = ?ccard.idno B4Sshipto: a postalAddress Effects: (Owns :owner ?client :item ?item) (Shipped :item ?item :addr ?B4Sshipto :carrier ?B4Scarrier) (DebitCC :cc ?ccard :amt ?item.cost)) Using ontologies: Books4Sale.owl (uses Inventory.owl, econ101.owl, ccard.owl, shipping.owl, owl-s.owl…) imports mystuff-inventory-map.owl Book ~> Item (qty 1) name title by author mylife-ccard-map.owl CC ~> CreditCard Holder.fullname name ccno idno uses

14 SWSA Outbrief Requirements Document final comments incorporated for scheduled release June 1 Discussion of METEOR-S tools for semantic annotation and matching w. WSDL, BPEL Discussion of UMBC Trading Agent Game architecture as a use case for investigating SWSA protocol interactions. Discussion of Service Invocation and Translation Issues Discussion of alternative matchmaking and brokering topologies Roadmap and Document Outline

15 Documents to produce Requirements Note Submission to SWS-IG to augment current doc: –Discussion of building on existing standards W3C WS Architecture Abstraction of UDDI-like registry support –Roadmap to stages/degrees of automation

16 Draft Roadmap Dimensions/Issues: discovery, invocation, mapping, exception handling Stage 1: Simple service invocation and response handling –User directed manual discovery –User directed composition –Ensuring semantic interoperability during invocation and responses exception handling –Mapping: predefined, lossless, simple translation engines Stage 2: SWS with Automated Discovery and Mapping –Goal characterization for matchmaker querying and service selection reasoning –Mapping: add mapping infrastructure (registries), partial mapping Stage 3: Complex Discovery Models and Negotiation/Contracting –Proxy/Broker based interaction protocols »Includes forwarding of QoS and Privacy requirements –Negotiation dialogs for refining discovery, establishing service requirements

17 Architectural Elements and Protocols Note Focus on primitive elements and capabilities for –Discovery mechanisms and associated protocols, –Kernel (bootstrapping) support Semantic community registry seed discovery and use protocols For finding Service registries and ontology mapping registries –Agent internal SWS support for goal description, process model interpretation, invocation reasoning, response interpretation, process monitoring –Support for ontology mapping and alternative translation mechanisms (middleware and agent internal) –Protocols to include support for communication of security, privacy (information ownership), QoS, Service Lifecycle and Ontology/Protocol Versioning

18 Schedule SWSA Requirements draft release June 1 Requirements Note by Aug 1 Draft Architecture Note by Sept 30 Final Architecture Note by October 30


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