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Stages in the Public Policy Process

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1 Stages in the Public Policy Process
Feedback on the Public Policy Development of the Public Policy Implementation of the Public Policy Genesis of the Public Policy Stage IV Stage I Stage II Stage III

2 Competing in the Political Market in the 21st Century
Understand current conditions, institutions and processes Develop a strategy for creating political market share Create a politically supportive culture within the organization

3 The Political Marketplace in the U.S.A.
Changes in legislative politics Expanding role of interest groups Declining voter participation Increasing importance of television Increasing importance of global political issues

4 Corporate Political Activities
I. Influencing Public Opinion Speaking out on issues Advocacy advertising Image Advertising Economic education Education - missuses II. Public Policy Formation General business associations Industry and trade associations Lobbying Constituency building Campaign contributions III. Post-Legislation Stage Contact with regulatory agencies Judicial procedures

5 Business Political Activities
Lobbying PAC Contributions Public Advocacy Coalition Building Strategic Grassroots Organization

6 Designing a Legislative Strategy
Identify the Legislative goal Arrange a strategy for reaching the goal Focus on important related Legislation Identify the preferences of the key Legislators Solicit information on constituency groups and policy makers Determine order of actions and the actors to perform them Establish visible coordinating network for each effort level Build coalitions and use direct mail Key on the potential of media support

7 Media Support Aim media pieces toward the undecided voters
Keep stories current, relevant and interesting Plan media appearances to control their direction and fit Key on the visual as well as audio aspects of media events Generate free, in-house media materials to distribute to papers, radio and television Time the release of materials to coincide with deadlines Meet regularly with editorial boards and op-ed writers

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