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Continuation of the analysis of the proposed Program-Budget for 2014.

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1 Continuation of the analysis of the proposed Program-Budget for 2014

2 1.- Non-personnel expenditure

3 Pursuant to the Working Groups request with respect to the Methodology used to determine the factor for applying a proportional reduction to all items in the program- budget, the Chair herewith presents that methodology and the results of applying it. Considerations regarding Scenario 1 Appendix A shows the breakdown of the calculations for each budget item. ITEMAMOUNT 2013 budget30,846.7 Less remodeling of the building500.0 Less Pensions and Health Insurance3,573.0 Result for 2013 Budget26,773.7 2014 Budget29,556.1 Less Pensions and Health Insurance3,706.6 Result for 2014 Budget25,849.5 Result for 2013 Budget26,773.7 Less Result for 2014 Budget25,849.5 Difference924.2 3.452%Percentage difference vis-à-vis the 2013 Budget

4 Methodology for calculating Scenario 2 As agreed by the Working Group, the Chair estimated Scenario 2 on the basis of the following considerations: The amounts considered for IPSAS, Conferences, Networks and Telecommunications are those contemplated in the draft submitted by the GS, while the figures for the inter-American human rights system are derived from applying Scenario 2, the breakdown of which is shown in Appendix B. ITEMAMOUNT IPSAS50 Conferences143.1 Networks & Infrastructure 200 Telecommunications264.5 I/A Court H.R.96.9 IACHR34.8 TOTAL784.3

5 Methodology for calculating Scenario 2 US$ (000) 784.3 were discounted from the Scenario 1 figures to finance the expansion of the items agreed upon in the amounts shown in the preceding Table. Given the size of the Conferences and Meetings item, following is an indication of the method used to distribute resources within it.

6 Methodology for calculating Scenario 3 As delegates will recall, Scenario 3 results from the US$ (000) 784.3 reduction in the Separations and Repatriations item and the proportional application of that amount to the remaining items. That was how the above-mentioned reduction came about. Furthermore, no consideration was given to the Pensions and Health Insurance item, as that amount had already been determined. In respect of the resulting amount, a weighting factor was determined for each item, to which the factor determined in respect of US$ (000) 791.1 was applied to obtain the new amount. Example: Appendix C shows how the methodology was developed.

7 Appendix 3 compares the three working scenarios, the 2013 authorized budget, and the proposed program-budget for 2014, presented by the General Secretariat. Finally, the Chair considers that the member states now only have one item to discuss: the allocation of US$20,000 to the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT)

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