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2 Deals with all the employees of the firm.

3 ACTIVITIES Advertise job vacancies Preparing job descriptions
Preparing person specifications Interviewing Induction of new staff

4 Health and Safety Issues
Calculating staff wages and salaries Sacking employees or disciplining them

5 Staff training Organisation of holidays Writing staff appraisals – this the yearly meeting that allows employers to evaluate employees

Recruitment is about getting people to apply for a job vacancy Internal recruitment is when you get applicants from inside the organisation External recruitment is when applicants are from outside the organisation

7 Selection is choosing the best person from the applicants who would be good for a job vacancy.
The most important aspect of selection is interviewing.

8 Once applicants have been interviewed they may be asked to take some tests e.g. IQ or personality
A short list is then drawn up and the best person will be offered the job. This is usually subject to references from previous employers.

9 CALCULATING WAGES There are a number of ways of calculating wages:-
Flat rates – set salary paid per year, split into 12 payments

10 Time rates – paid a fixed rate per hour,
Overtime Rate – given to those employees who work more than their contracted hours. Piece Rate – employee is paid according to how much they produce.

11 Standard Hour – combination of time and piece rates
Standard Hour – combination of time and piece rates. Employees expected to produce so much in a hour Bonus Rate – a bonus given to employees who produce more than required Commission – normally for sales staff who receive a percentage of what they sell

Job Description – a detailed description of what is involved in a particular job. Person Specification – details what sort of person a firm is looking to employ

13 Application Form – may ask candidates for a CV
Application Form – may ask candidates for a CV. Both are used to get background information on an applicant for a job vacancy. Contract of Employment – given to employees which details their conditions of employment e.g. pay.

14 Holiday Rota – this is used to work out employees holidays.
It usually will show each employee and will contain a calendar, where employees can choose the dates they want.

15 It is important so that the firm will always have enough people working and that not everyone is away at the same time. Staff Rota – similar to a holiday rota. This is used on a daily basis to show what tasks employees will be asked to do.

16 Training Request Form – this is filled in when an employee wants to attend a training course.
The employee will need to explain why they want to go on the course.

17 TYPES OF TRAINING Induction Training Training given to new employees
On-the-Job Training Training given while at your place of work Off- the-Job Training Training done outwith your place of work.


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