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Gary Ray Fall 2011-Spring 2012 480-472-8266 Room 11.

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2 Gary Ray Fall 2011-Spring 2012

3 480-472-8266 Room 11

4 Grades online (beginning Sept 1) Look for most current grades on Friday Grades By appointment Make Up Times Email me to request work for students missing school for an extended time Out of School Work

5 The first weeks of class will focus on machine and shop safety. Safety is stressed through study guides, instruction, and tests. Horseplay will not be tolerated. Misbehavior may lead to the student losing lab privileges and given alternate assignments.

6 Behavior for this class mirrors professional behavior on a job. The expectations are: A.Be punctual B.Come prepared with materials to work C.Use time effectively D.Listen, observe, and follow rules E.Maintain a good, cooperative attitude F.Observe all safety rules and regulations G.Work effectively in groups H.Explore areas of career interests

7 Curriculum is broken into 9 different categories: Core Technical Skills Communication Technology Manufacturing Technology Construction Technology Power and Energy Technology Transportation Technology Engineering Technology Electronics Technology Demonstrating desirable personal skills and habits. (Professionalism)

8 Students participate in projects to learn about the concepts in this class and reinforce interdisciplinary skills. Project based learning allows students to learn the design process through teacher directed activities, student initiated activities and blended activities of both.

9 Grades are based on: Quizzes/ Tests Projects Safety Tests Misc. Assignments Professionalism

10 Please feel free to or me if you have any 480-472-8266 Room 11.

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