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Welcome to Room 121 Science 8

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1 Welcome to Room 121 Science 8
Taught By: Ms. Litzenberg

2 Ms. Litzenberg’s Information
8th year at Greenspun JHS Previously taught for 9 years- Life Science, Physical Science, Math 8, and Math 7 Moved here from Ohio 9 years ago Attended Kent State University for undergraduate degree Bachelors degree in Middle Childhood Education with a concentration in Math and Science Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction in Science Education Teaching Certificates in Math, Science, and Technology

3 My Spare Time

4 My Contact Information Ms. Litzenberg Phone: (702) Ext. 3121

Individual conferences may be held about student grades and/or behavior before or after school by calling the registrar’s office ( ) for an appointment. Conferences may also be held over the phone. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

6 Course Expectations

7 Physical Science Course Scope:
This yearlong course for eighth-grade students provides the physical science explanations that extend understandings developed in previous science courses. Students will use scientific processes, protocols, and tools including inquiry, to build understanding of structures, patterns, and relationships explained through the physical sciences. Critical thinking, collaboration, accuracy, and communication skills will be emphasized as students refine their scientific literacy. This course is required for eighth- grade students. Course Goals: To demonstrate scientific literacy and content knowledge of physical science topics. To safely engage in structured and original explorations of scientific questions. To understand the nature of scientific endeavors. Course Content: Physical science topics included in this year long course will include: atomic structure and models, forces and motion, magnetism, energy and energy transformations, waves, sound, light, and other relevant scientific topics aligned with the Nevada Science Standards and Clark County School District Science Objectives.

8 Homework Physical Science
Homework will be assigned an average of three nights per week. It should take about minutes each night. Students are asked to write homework assignments in their agendas. Homework will generally not be given on Fridays. Items not completed in class will be required homework to be turned in the following day. Work turned in late will not receive full credit. 1 day late (-10%), 2 days late (-20%), 3 days late (-30%), 4 or more days late= 0%

9 Grades Physical Science grades will be weighted as follows: Practice % Assessments 75 % Physical Science semester grades will be weighted as follows: Quarter 1/ % Quarter 2/ % Semester Exams 10 % The Assessments category will include tests/ quizzes, homework quizzes, oral defenses, etc. The Practice category will include practice work including classwork, such as labs, notes, and practice worksheets, and homework, such as projects, practice questions, and worksheets. Extra credit will not be given in this class.

10 Citizenship Citizenship marks will be determined by the number of citations the student accumulates. Citation reasons include: Missing materials, talking, disrespect, horseplay, class disruption, out of seat, name-calling, gum/ candy, calling out, V.H.O.P., writing/ passing notes, littering, cell phone use, etc. Consequences for citations are: 3rd - Drop from Outstanding to Satisfactory 6th- Drop from Satisfactory to Needs Improvement 8th- Drop from Needs Improvement to Unsatisfactory

11 Discipline Consequences
Discipline consequences will follow along with the citizenship logs. Consequences for citations are: 2nd- student conference 3rd- phone call home 6th- counselor referral 8th- dean’s referral The following will result in an automatic dean’s referral and an unsatisfactory citizenship grade: Cheating Plagiarism Fighting/ Major Disruptions Safety Violations

12 Our Classroom Expectations:
Procedures (Informational)

13 Agendas Students are responsible for bring their agendas to class every day. Students will fill out their agenda for Science class everyday. We fill out our agendas for the whole week the first 15 minutes of every Monday. Parents/Guardians can communicate to their students teacher’s through the agendas. Agendas are use to record homework, passes, etc.

14 Make-up Work/ Late Work
Students are responsible for all class work and homework missed due to absences. It is the student’s responsibility to pick up their make-up work. If the student does not pick up their make-up work upon returning to school it will be considered late. Work turned in late will not receive full credit. 1 day late = 10% deduction, 2 days late = 20% deduction, 3 days late = 30% deduction, 4 days or more late = 0% When handing in late work and absent work the student must attach the appropriate form to it and fill it out correctly.




18 How to sign up for Ms. Litzenberg's Science 2013-14 messages:
To receive messages via text, to (669) You can opt-out of messages at anytime by replying, Or to receive messages via , send an to To unsubscribe, reply with 'unsubscribe' in the subject line.

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