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THE SEAL OF GOD PRESENTED BY: VERNON S. PETERS Copyright©2000 Elmshaven Ministries.

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2 THE SEAL OF GOD PRESENTED BY: VERNON S. PETERS Copyright©2000 Elmshaven Ministries

3 THE SEAL OF GOD Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.-Exodus 20:8

4 THE SEAL OF GOD Before the fall Adam and Eve enjoyed the blessings of the Sabbath…in its holy purity. For six days God had worked on the beautiful Earth, on day seven, He ceased from this work and established it as a day of rest for eternity(Gen. 2:1-3)

5 THE SEAL OF GOD And the LORD said unto Moses, how long refuse ye my commandments and my laws? See, for the LORD hath given you the SABBATH…so the people rested on the seventh- day.(Exodus 16-28- 30). Before the fall, the Sabbath was a sacred event, but after the fall, its knowledge was lost to but a few people…Over time even the Hebrews, had lost the Sabbath. God would have to show them,once again when Sabbath was.

6 THE SEAL OF GOD After the fall Sabbath became nothing more than a common working day, its true meaning hidden behind the labors of this life…That is why today God is calling us to remember the Sabbath(Isa. 58:13,14)

7 THE SEAL OF GOD As the children of Israel toiled in Egypt for nearly 400 years, they lost sight of The Sabbath, when God finally freed them, He had to give them a sign,that they might rest every Sabbath day(Exodus 16).

8 THE SEAL OF GOD With the test of the manna, God showed Israel, which day was the Sabbath and which wasnt…additionally, He made them experience punishment, if they violated the Sabbath law(v.21-30) No one is beyond the punishment of God, if they refuse to adhere to the precepts of the Law of God. All who violate the Sabbath,will be punished.

9 THE SEAL OF GOD Moreover I gave them my Sabbaths, to be a sign between me and them,that they might know I am the Lord that sanctify them…And hallow my Sabbaths; and they shall be a sign between me and you, that ye may know that I am the LORD your God.-Ezekiel 20:12,20.

10 THE SEAL OF GOD The seal of God is like the seal of the President of the United States…both contain: A. The NAME of the law giver B. The TITLE of the law giver C. The TERRITORY of the law giver

11 THE SEAL OF GOD As the President of the United States, applies his official seal to the laws of the land, so Almighty God placed His seal in the heart of the Decalogue(see next lesson); today He is applying another seal, in that He is identifying His people, by placing within them, a desire to observe the seventh-day Sabbath: And I saw another angel ascending from the east,having the seal of the living God. See Revelation 7:1- 3. The Sabbath,will forever be observed, even in the new Earth(see Isa. 66:22-23). It will stand for eternity as a memorial.

12 THE SEAL OF GOD In these closing hours of Earth s history, God wants to apply His seal to your mind…as Satan wants to give you the mark of the Beast. Is it important to keep the Sabbath to be saved? NO! But you keep the Sabbath because you are saved…Jesus said, if you love me, keep my commandments (John 14:15).

13 THE SEAL OF GOD FOR A COPY OF THIS BOOK GO TO: http://antichrist-

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