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AIR OPERATOR CERTIFICATION. THE AIR OPERATOR CERTIFICATE - ICAO ANNEX 6, An operator shall not engage in commercial air transport operations unless.

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2 THE AIR OPERATOR CERTIFICATE - ICAO ANNEX 6, An operator shall not engage in commercial air transport operations unless in possession of a valid air operator certificate or equivalent document issued by the State of the Operator.

3 THE AIR OPERATOR CERTIFICATE The air operator certificate…. shall authorize the operator to conduct commercial air transport operations in accordance with such conditions and limitations as may be specified.

4 THE AIR OPERATOR CERTIFICATE The issue of an AOC …….by the State of the Operator shall be dependent upon the operator demonstrating an adequate organization, method of control and supervision of flight operations, training programme and maintenance arrangements consistent with the nature and extent of the operations specified.

5 THE AIR OPERATOR CERTIFICATE - The AOC shall contain at least the following: –a) operator's identification (name, location); –b) date of issue and period of validity; –c) description of the types of operations authorized; –d) the type(s) of aircraft authorized for use; and –e)authorized areas of operation or routes.

6 THE AIR OPERATOR CERTIFICATE THE CERTIFICATION PROCESS. The certification process is divided into steps: –Pre-application –Formal application –Preliminary financial, economic, and legal assessment of the application –Preliminary technical assessment –Operational inspections –Decision on application and award of AOC and ops specs

7 AOC - PRE-APPLICATION PHASE This phase includes preliminary contact, prior to formal application. CAA to make the potential operator aware of the regulatory requirements Show exact steps in the certification process Applicant is given understanding of the form, content, and documents required for the formal application.

8 AOC - FORMAL APPLICATION CONTENT: –A. The name and address of the applicant and the main base of the proposed operations; –B. A description of the applicant's business organization; –C. Information on management organization and key staff members, including their title, name, background, qualifications and experience;

9 AOC - FORMAL APPLICATION Detailed information on the operations (AW) under the following headings : –type of aircraft, equipment, instruments, equipment and flight documents to be used; –State of Registry of the aircraft, (copy of lease); –arrangements personnel training and qualification; –installations and equipment available; –nature of operations passenger/cargo, VFR or IFR, etc.; –arrangements for maintenance and inspection of aircraft and associated equipment;

10 AOC - FORMAL APPLICATION MAINTENANCE DOCUMENTATION –General Maintenance Manual (GMM) (This manual may be combined with the GOM for certain operators.) –Maintenance Program/Manuals –Weight and Balance Procedures –Maintenance Training Program/Manual –Minimum Equipment List (MEL/CDL –Maintenance Reliability Program –Continuous Analysis and Surveillance

11 AOC - FORMAL APPLICATION COMPLIANCE DOCUMENT detailed description of how the applicant intends to show compliance with each provision of the applicable code of air navigation regulations;

12 AOC - FORMAL APPLICATION Financial data; and Desired date for operation to commence.

13 AOC - PRELIMINARY ASSESSMENT GENERAL. –Very Important –Must try to establish competence at the initial stage, –Less likely to have serious problems later on. –Essential to reveal any critical deficiencies in the applicant's proposals –Will enable the operator to prepare alternative proposals

14 AOC - PRELIMINARY ASSESSMENT. GENERAL –If deficiencies are found applicant should be given a reasonable opportunity to rectify –otherwise the application should be rejected. –This preliminary assessment consists of two phases: Financial, economic and legal assessment Technical Assessment/Document review

15 AOC - PRELIMINARY ASSESSMENT CHECK APPLICANT HAS: –sufficient financial resources; –a route structure for the proposed operation; –an intended level of service that meets a need or demand and is in the public interest; –proposed an operation that is in accord with bi-lateral agreements; (Cont.)

16 AOC - PRELIMINARY ASSESSMENT CHECK APPLICANT HAS: –presented traffic studies indicating that the proposed operation should be economically successful; and –management structure and suitable personnel, equipment, facilities, manuals, buildings, service agreements, etc., or will be able to obtain them.

17 AOC - PRELIMINARY ASSESSMENT LEASING Unless suitable arrangements are made by the State of Registry and the State of the Operator, complex legal problems as well as safety problems, particularly in respect of the continuing airworthiness and operations supervision, may result.

18 AOC - PRELIMINARY TECHNICAL ASSESSMENT DOCUMENT REVIEW (AW) Review the following: –Aircraft Flight Manual(s) –Minimum Equipment Lists CDL –Weight and Balance Manual – Maintenance Manual(GMM) –*Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Program/Manuals –Maintenance Training Program/Manual –Maintenance Reliability Program –Continuous Analysis and Surveillance System

19 AOC - PRELIMINARY TECHNICAL ASSESSMENT GENERAL The company manuals must be sufficiently detailed to provide a comprehensive account of practically every aspect of the operator's organization, policies, and procedures. The primary focus of the preliminary technical assessment will be upon the information provided by the prospective operator in these manuals.

20 PRELIMINARY TECHNICAL ASSESSMENT GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS Can the aircraft be properly maintained, inspected and supported with the available maintenance and spare parts resources? Are the aircraft suitably instrumented and equipped for the proposed operation?

21 AIRWORTHINESS INSPECTIONS GENERAL. –AW inspections are normally conducted in the following sequence: a.Organizational Structure Evaluation b.Maintenance management c.Records Inspection d.Line Station Facility Inspection e.Main Base Facility Inspection f.Training program Inspection g.Emergency Evacuation Demonstration h.General Maintenance manual Review i.Proving Flights including Line Stations

22 AIRWORTHINESS INSPECTIONS ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE AND MANAGEMENT EVALUATION –Must be further evaluated to ensure proper control –Verify that written policies are fully understood and implemented. –clear lines of authority and specific duties and responsibilities of individuals are established. –Must be clearly outlined in the applicant's manuals,

23 AIRWORTHINESS INSPECTIONS MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT Personnel responsible for inspection and maintenance must be qualified. Key personnel still required even if all maintenance is contracted out. The positions that are required include the following: –The Director of Maintenance, –The Chief Inspector

24 AIRWORTHINESS INSPECTIONS Consolidated Positions. –An airworthiness Manager may hold more than one position however he must meet the qualification requirements for both positions. Chief Engineer always required Chief Inspector may not always required, Part time staff may be acceptable Deviations to the rule may be authorised.

25 AIRWORTHINESS INSPECTIONS RECORDS INSPECTIONS. ensure a suitable system exists for creating, preserving and retrieving required records, and the records as required by the national regulations, are being kept for the specified periods..

26 AIRWORTHINES INSPECTIONS LINE STATION FACILITY INSPECTIONS. Every airport should be inspected prior to first revenue flight or during any proving flights.

27 AIRWORTHINESS INSPECTIONS MAIN BASE FACILITY INSPECTION Evaluate –Housing and Facilities –Technical documents –Equipment, tools, and test equipment, Review Personnel list. Ensure that: –The maintenance organization/applicant has sufficient number of supervisory/licenced and inspection personnel.

28 AIRWORTHINESS ORGANISATION TRAINING PROGRAMME INSPECTION. Ensure the operator has a structured training and recurrent training program for all maintenance staff. Maintenance/inspection training programs are the most efficient manner to inform personnel of the requirements of the operator/applicant's program.

29 PROVING FLIGHTS. As a final demonstration that he has the proper organization, facilities, equipment, and training to successfully carry out revenue flights, the applicant will be required to perform a series of proving flights in accordance with the national requirement.

30 ISSUANCE OF THE AOC & OPERATIONS SPECIFICATIONS GENERAL The preceding process will have provided specific information related to: –the scope of the applicant's proposed operation; –the adequacy of the organization and resources;and –reveal any deficiencies.

31 ISSUANCE OF THE AOC DETERMINATION ON THE APPLICATION. Following the completion of the assessment and inspection programme, the Inspector will recommend to the Director that the applicant is either: properly equipped and capable in all respects of conducting the proposed operation, or is not, or is not yet capable of conducting the proposed operation

32 ISSUANCE OF THE AOC. The AOC will contain or make reference to the following information: operator's identification (name, location); date of issue and period of validity; description of the types of operations authorized; the type(s) of aircraft authorized for use; and

33 ISSUANCE OF OPERATIONS SPECIFICATIONS. Operations specifications and limitations applicable to an AOC will be issued in conjunction with the issue of the AOC certificate and form part of the certificate.

34 ISSUANCE OF OPERATIONS SPECIFICATIONS For purposes of standardization, operations specifications may be divided into separate parts as follows: Part A General Provisions Part B En-route authorizations and limitations Part C Aerodrome authorizations and limitations Part D Maintenance Part E Mass and balance Part F Interchange of equipment operations Part G Aircraft leasing operations

35 OPERATIONS SPECIFICATIONS TABLE OF CONTENTS PART D - AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE D71. Additional Maintenance requirements D72. Aircraft maintenance - general requirements. D73. Approved aircraft inspection program- GA D74. Reliability program authorization: entire aircraft D75. Reliability program authorization:airframe, powerplant, systems or selected items... D76. Short term escalation authorization. D77. Maintenance contractual arrangement authorization: for entire aircraft.

36 OPERATIONS SPECIFICATIONS CONTINUED D78. Maintenance contractual arrangement authorization: for specific maintenance D79. Reliability program contractual arrangement authorization D80. Leased aircraft maintenance program authorizations: D81. Parts pool agreement authorization D82. Prorated time authorization. D83. Parts borrowing authorization D84. Special flight permit with continuous authorization to conduct ferry flights

37 OPERATIONS SPECIFICATIONS D85. Aircraft listing D86. Maintenance program authorization for two engine airplanes used in extended range operation. D87. Maintenance program authorization for leased foreign aircraft operated by (local) air carriers D88. Maintenance time limitations D90- D94 reserved: D95. Minimum equipment list authorization.

38 OPERATIONS SPECIFICATIONS APPENDIX A – Maintenance Time Limitations section (For operators with a partial reliability program or no reliability program) PART E E96. WEIGHT AND BALANCE CONTROL PROCEDURES


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