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Applying Social Marketing Principles to Newborn Hearing Screening Lynda Bardfield van Over AIR Health Washington, DC.

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1 Applying Social Marketing Principles to Newborn Hearing Screening Lynda Bardfield van Over AIR Health Washington, DC

2 Faculty Disclosure Information In the past 12 months, I have not had a significant financial interest or other relationship with the manufacturer(s) of the product(s) or provider(s) of the service(s) that will be discussed in my presentation. This presentation will (not) include discussion of pharmaceuticals or devices that have not been approved by the FDA or if you will be discussing unapproved or “off-label” uses of pharmaceuticals or devices.

3 Information alone doesn’t change behavior.

4 Social Marketing Process of influencing human behavior on a large scale, using marketing principles for the purpose of societal benefit, rather than commercial profit. —W. Smith

5 “Selling” Behavior Change
Consumer Orientation Audience Segmentation Exchange Theory Marketing Mix

6 Who Must Act To Solve Problem?
CONSUMER ORIENTATION Who Must Act To Solve Problem?

7 Target Audience Primary—People you want to do something new or different Secondary—People who influence them (facilitate or impede)

8 INFLUENCERS Who (do they talk to about health) (influences their actions) (provides info, products, services)?

9 Who is the Audience? Just how this ad for Hallmark greeting cards connects with a senior audience.

10 Consumer Based Health Communication

11 “Good communication appeals to the audience in an intelligent manner, as an equal, opting for the highest common denominator rather than the lowest. The approach is more participatory. People are asked to complete the circle and are rewarded for it. This creates a depth of understanding and memorability you can’t get any other way.” — Jeff Goodby Chief Creative Officer Goodby Silverstein & Partners As one very successful creative director who also owns his own agency put it…(read)

12 What Can Behavioral Theory Do?
Increase risk perception Instill confidence Popularize behavior

13 Social Learning Theory
“Learning would be exceedingly laborious, not to mention hazardous, if people had to rely solely on the effects of their own actions to inform them what to do. Fortunately most human behavior is learned observationally through modeling.” —Bandura

14 Patient-Provider Dialogue

When one size won’t fit all

16 All Women of Reproductive Age
How old are they? How do I reach them? What’s important to them?

17 Pre-contemplators

18 Contemplators

19 Identify Potential Segments
VARIABLES Responsiveness—Readiness to change? Size & Impact—Who would benefit most? Risk (Perceived & Real)—Who feels vulnerable? Accessibility—Who is easiest to reach? Where?

20 Segmentation Variables
What do they have in common? STAGE OF BEHAVIOR (Behavioral Determinant) Readiness, Attitudes, User/Non-User POTENTIAL AUDIENCE Women of reproductive age GEOGRAPHIC DIFFERENCE Urban, Rural, Suburban, Red/Blue State DEMOGRAPHIC DIFFERENCE Age, Gender, Marital Status, Education, Income, Occupation SOCIOCULTURAL DIFFERENCE Language, Religion PSYCHOGRAPHIC DIFFERENCE Humanitarian, Fatalistic, Born-again, Risk-taker, High Self-esteem (VALS–p. 132)

21 Prizm Birds of a Feather
“Geodemographics” 62 neighborhood ‘clusters’ Media Habits, Lifestyles Gray Collars, Bohemian Mix, Shotguns & Pickups

22 Benefit of adopting new behavior outweighs cost
EXCHANGE THEORY Benefit of adopting new behavior outweighs cost

23 “Costs” Monetary—$$$ for condoms, immunization, life jacket
Not—time, effort, energy, embarrassment, fear, pain Exit—hardships abandoning current behavior Entry—sacrifices adopting new behavior

24 Exchange YOU GIVE ME YOU GET $1.00 A Pepsi  Thirst quencher  Good taste  Fun  Youthful feeling  Girl/boyfriend

25 Exchange  Protection (Pregnancy/STD)  Peace of Mind
YOU GIVE ME YOU GET $.75 A Condom  Protection (Pregnancy/STD)  Peace of Mind  Sense of Control  Hope for Future

26 “I want my audience to see ____________ as __________________ and as more important and beneficial than _________________.”

27 Benefit Immediate—Peace of mind, peer approval, fitting into the prom dress, increased energy, praise Long-term—Prevention of chronic disease, longevity, world peace


29 4 P’s Product Price Place Promotion

30 The 4 P’s Product: Design product, service, or behavior
Price: Manage costs Place: Make available/accessible Promotion: Create messages/concepts Select channels There are as many definitions of Social Marketing as there are people who claim they invented it. Here’s one of my favorite definitions—from one of my favorite social marketing minds. Notice it includes human behavior. We’ll be studying that in a later class, along with the various theories used in social marketing. But, how does one market or ‘sell’ behavior change??



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