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SOCIAL MARKETING applications in public health Dr Babar T Shaikh

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1 SOCIAL MARKETING applications in public health Dr Babar T Shaikh
The Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan

2 SOCIAL MARKETING Enabling Objectives:
To learn the basic concepts of social marketing to understand ways of performing social marketing in developing countries To learn four Ps of social marketing

3 Performance Objectives:
Social Marketing Performance Objectives: By the end of the presentation, learners will be able to conceptualize basic concepts of social marketing understand its important components apply the knowledge in medical practice

4 What is Social Marketing?
It is a marketing strategy modeled after corporate marketing, used by health professionals to develop successful health messages.

5 Social Marketing What makes social marketing different than other social change strategies? How is it different from what you are doing right now?

6 Social Marketing Key concepts
Uses commercial marketing technologies and theory Brings about voluntary behavior change Targets specific audiences Focus is on personal welfare and that of society

7 Potential Applications
Social Marketing Potential Applications Promote healthy behavior Promote services Increase utilization rates Improve customer satisfaction Enhance compliance

8 Social Marketing’s Popularity
It works by bringing about behavior change More cost effective Reaches larger numbers

9 Social Marketing Exchange theory
Distinguishing Features of Social Marketing Exchange theory Consumer orientation Data based decision making Competition Willingness to change offer

10 # 1 Consumer Orientation
Social Marketing # 1 Consumer Orientation Understand consumer perceptions Which benefits they find attractive Costs or barriers that deter them

11 Put Simply, Consumer Orientation Means
Social Marketing Put Simply, Consumer Orientation Means Understand what they want and need Respond to their wants and needs

12 Social Marketing #2 Exchange Theory
Exchange time and effort for benefits Make an attractive offer Create an awareness that the problem exists Demonstrate the product’s benefits Help lower the price

13 #3 Data Based Decision Making
Social Marketing #3 Data Based Decision Making Logical model for planning How you plan to help What you will help them to do Which factors you must address Data based decision making

14 Social Marketing Marketers keep a steady eye on the competition
Marketers position products relative to the competition

15 #5 Willingness to Change Offer
Social Marketing #5 Willingness to Change Offer Committed to designing products consumers want Committed to modifying programs Committed to addressing facts that influence their behavior

16 Traditional Approach to Health Education Messages
Social Marketing Traditional Approach to Health Education Messages Top Down Planning Expert driven Best practices Literature review

17 Social Marketing In Other Words…
We will tell you what you need and want (expert driven) Offer everyone same product, price, place and promotion

18 Social Marketing Uses A Interdisciplinary Approach
Social anthropology Behavior psychology Communications Education Commercial Marketing

19 Social Marketing Demographics Age Gender Ethnicity Geographical area
Education level

20 Social Marketing Psychographics
Attitude toward new behaviors (early vs. Late adopters) Types of people who share similar hopes, concerns, or who they admire Aspirations, personality types, lifestyles Willing to take risks and try new behaviors Tend to follow the crowd

21 Social Marketing Commercial Marketing
Satisfying customer needs and wants Process for individuals and groups to obtain what they need and want by creating/ exchanging products and value with others

22 Social Marketing Marketing Audience segmentation Product development
Pricing Testing Distribution

23 Segmentation: Marketing Model
Social Marketing Segmentation: Marketing Model Marketers know they can’t appeal to all buyers in the same way Political marketers: who do they try to reach? Coca cola: what proportion of market do they try to reach?

24 Social Marketing Segmentation Strategy
Divide heterogeneous group in homogenous subgroups Identify targets of opportunity Identify subgroups to respond to same offer Design interventions effective for each segment

25 The Four P’s of Social Marketing
Product Price Place Promotion

26 Social Marketing Product What we’re offering people: Service Behavior
Commodity (tangible goods)

27 Social Marketing Product Must Be Solution to a problem: Real: Benefits
Unique Competitive Real: Defined in terms of the user’s beliefs, practices, and values

28 Social Marketing Price The cost of adopting the product: Money Time
Pleasure Loss of self-esteem Embarrassment

29 Social Marketing Place Channels for information:
Where service is provided Where information is received Where tangible product is purchased Available Easy to find and use Appropriate Timely

30 Social Marketing Promotion Message design elements: Type of appeal
Tone Spokesperson

31 Social Marketing Works!
It brings about behavior change More cost effective by reaching larger numbers

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