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Social Bookmarking and RSS LSNTAP Online Training 19 July 2006.

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1 Social Bookmarking and RSS LSNTAP Online Training 19 July 2006

2 Presenters Steve Gray Steve Gray is Technology Manager at Legal Services of South Central Michigan, as well as the curator of the web site. Madhu Lakshmanan Madhu is a free-lance information architect and end-user advocate. She is also a content coordinator consultant for LSNTAP.

3 Agenda Web 2.0 – Whats the deal? –Features Social Bookmarking –Tagging –Spotlight on –Use in NPOs –Uses in Legal Services RSS –What is it All About? –Use in Legal Services –Other Non-profit Uses

4 Web 2.0 - Introduction No single definition for what makes a site a web 2.0 site. It is not just using AJAX code or subtle colors and curved boxes in the design. Web 2.0 - a set of principles and practices Sites and web apps are Web 2.0 in varying degrees – it seems to be a continuum not a yes/no value.

5 Web 2.0 – Some Features More user control of look and feel Online applications with increased use of scripting languages Designed for hackability and remixability Perpetual Beta Device, not only PC/Mac Lightweight, yet rich UI Harness collective intelligence Web 2.0 is using the web the way it was intended to be used – Paul Graham

6 Social Bookmarking & Tagging Social Bookmarking is the concept of viewing and sharing bookmarks with others using the web as a medium. Tagging is a way of organizing and searching these links. A tag is a keyword or descriptive term associated with an item, an item can have more than one tag associated with it Allows classification/search in many different ways since each person may see the same thing in different ways Gmail uses labels in the same way Key component of social bookmarking, creating context and add organizational value

7 It is a social bookmarking web service for storing and sharing web bookmarks users can tag each of their bookmarks with a number of freely chosen keywords A combined view of everyone's bookmarks with a given tag is available; e.g. the URL "" displays all of the most recent links tagged lstech –This feature can be used by organizations to create a set of common resources based on a tag that is unique to their members. –RSS feeds of any tagged set are available to include on a website or feed-reader.

8 Demo -1

9 Demo -2 How to Bookmark

10 Demo -3 Search Private saving of bookmarks – use a group login to For: username RSS feed

11 Navigation Address bar or breadcrumbs Every user has his or her own page for bookmarks: Every tag has its own page: You can view bookmarks by user and tag: View bookmarks tagged RSS" and ntaptraining" (an intersection): View bookmarks tagged RSS" and ntaptraining" by grange: View bookmarks tagged specifically for you: Your subscriptions:

12 Tips from Create many bookmarks Tag everything, clean up your tags periodically Use the Inbox Play around with compound terms and media types and file-types Track other users Subscribe to feeds Export, create tag clouds for your blog or website Explore – new features are coming

13 Can We Talk? How is/could the poverty law community use Please type your answers in the chat window.

14 Social Bookmarking in NPOs Nptech tag on - Using the free online social bookmarking tool,, any user can mark a web page for the attention of the nonprofit technology community by using the tag "nptech." - collaboration among individuals who are interested in information technology for NPOs Craft Emergency Relief Fund - using bookmarks to populate links on their preparedness page.

15 nptech tag

16 Live Resource Page

17 Social Bookmarking in NPOs -2 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society They set up lots of tags relating to their mission and fundraising program. Are experimenting with them within their message boards and emails - the vision is that the "group" can collaborate together to create a much more robust and complete set of articles and resources in one place. They continue to experiment and play with tags, using them for a few months in conjunction with experiments on Squidoo to combine tag RSS feeds directly into their lenses.

18 Lymphoma on Squidoo

19 Social Bookmarking In Poverty Law Programs WorkGroups – i.e. statewide taskforces Programs – program bookmarks Experts – like a blog for resources

20 Poverty Law Workgroups

21 Internal use in Poverty Law Programs

22 Experts

23 RSS Your own personal customized newspaper Information delivered to you Saves time Useful for Collaboration –Track particular topic/source –Suggested Reading list –Everyone sees the same news –Share with others through blog/website

24 RSS Use in Legal Services Roll Your Own Poverty Law Newspaper Feeds

25 Can We Talk? How is/could the poverty law community use RSS? Please type your answers in the chat window?

26 Poverty Law Newspaper

27 Use in Statewide Websites

28 RSS in Other NPOs RSS Grant Channel - publication of structured announcements of grants made. Project VoteSmart – compiles information updates on the 20 most recent key votes going through Congress Handsnet – now populated by content from various RSS feeds.

29 HandsNet

30 RSS and

31 Resources Tools ely-delicious-complete-tools-collection/ ely-delicious-complete-tools-collection/ Choosing Effective Tags choosing-effective-delicious-tags choosing-effective-delicious-tags Extended bookmarklets RSS Resources Delicious Tag for RSS Delicious Tag for SocialBookmarking and LSTech

32 Questions?

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