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Citrix GoToMeeting A Look at ORGANIZER Panels

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1 Citrix GoToMeeting A Look at ORGANIZER Panels

2 Dashboard Control Panel:
Move It! See the same dots on TOP and BOTTOM? You can MOVE the Panel by clicking and dragging the Top or Bottom of Entire Panel. Or DOCK IT. Anchor your Panel on your screen with the Thumbtack Icon. Your Dashboard lets you Chat and See Attendees.

3 GrabTab:Minimize Minimize the Control Panel Pause your Screen Sharing
Shortcuts to: Share Your Screen Give Keyboard Control Away Annotate the document (and permit attendees to annotate) What is Off Air? Off Air: You are not showing your screen. Attendees see Waiting Room. On Air: Attendees see your screen. Paused: Attendees see snapshot of whatever you were just sharing. You can go elsewhere on your computer and they can’t see that. Icons in Order: Minimize and Maximize Control Panel; Pause your screen sharing (off-air), Share your screen (arrow), Keyboard control to someone else, Change presenter, and Annotate (give permission to annotate)

4 Control Panel Mobility
Move the panel by putting your mouse on the TOP or BOTTOM (dotted lines) and dragging to where you want it on your screen.

5 Only Organizers Have This Panel
Show Screen | Give Keyboard Control (Co-Edit) | Change Presenter

6 Dashboard Control Panel:
Permit Chat and Attendee Panels Go to Tools to Allow Attendees to Chat and View Other Attendees. Change Control Panel Color Go to Tools | Preferences

7 Dashboard Control Panel:
Show My Screen Click on SCREEN to see other options. (Show Clean removes task and toolbars. Click on application to show only one application or document. Show Entire Screen to view desktop…including any pop-ups that may show up on your screen.)

8 Attendee Panel View Attendees in Room by Name
Notice the Icons Next to Their Name: Presenter (Monitor) Keyboard Control (Keyboard Chart Icon) Pen Color (for annotation)

9 Chat Panel Ask Questions Respond to Questions
Send to different people using the “To:” (drop down) You need to give permission for attendees to chat. See Slide 6.

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