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AAVSO The American Association of Variable Star Observers Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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1 AAVSO The American Association of Variable Star Observers Cambridge, Massachusetts

2 AAVSO Observers The definition of backyard telescope has changed dramatically in the last decade Amateur astronomers equipped with sophisticated telescopes and CCDs producing scientific results has become the norm

3 Transient Events AAVSO observers obtained crucial early data for the outburst of V838 Mon, one of the most unusual novae this century

4 Collaboration AAVSO observers notify astronomers using space telescopes of unusual or transient activity from the ground The SWIFT satellite notifies AAVSO observers of gamma ray bursts

5 AAVSO Data The AAVSO International Database contains over 19 million observations The database grows by nearly a million observations per year Data like these are critical to stellar research

6 VSX The International Variable Star Index Maintained by the AAVSO, VSX is the largest, most up to date single source for information on variable stars New discoveries are constantly being added to the database

7 AAVSOnet The AAVSO has robotic telescopes, including two ongoing photometric survey systems, available for professional and amateur research projects. Telescopes range from 60mm to 0.6m

8 AAVSO Chart Software Custom charts can be generated for any area of the sky in any field size, orientation or limiting magnitude. AAVSO comparison star sequences utilize the best photometry available in the world.

9 Portal for Researchers to facilitate your use of the AAVSO's resources in your research efforts find information about obtaining AAVSO data request new observations learn more about the AAVSO, its data, and its services for the research community

10 Publications The Journal of the AAVSO (JAAVSO) CCD Observing Manual Visual Observing Manual Solar Bulletin Variable Star of the Season Annual Report AAVSO Newsletter

11 Membership Benefits Access to AAVSOnet, our robotic telescope network Staff, observer and technical support for observing campaigns Access to the Journal of the AAVSO and the quarterly Newsletter Waiver of page charges in the Journal Access to special web-based tools and information Discounted meeting registration Voting privileges

12 AAVSO Meetings Members present their research; and exchange ideas about observing, techniques, problems and solutions Annual fall meetings are held in Cambridge, Massachusetts Other recent US meetings- Tucson, AZ; Madison, WI; San Francisco, CA, Waikoloa Beach, HI Recent International meetings- Mendoza, Argentina; Calgary, Canada; Cambridge, England

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