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AAVSO Futures: 1996-2005 Arne Henden Director, AAVSO

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1 AAVSO Futures: 1996-2005 Arne Henden Director, AAVSO

2 Dave Sworins 1996 email Wrote email 1 October 1996 Contained paper for submission to journal 16 pages of text! Found by Mike Saladyga, given to me in 2005 Internet Technology Ideas for the AAVSO Note: first web site for AAVSO was early 1996 Council Futures session in 1995, reported at Fall meeting; seed of Daves paper Dave attended Microsofts Professional Developers Conference in 1996, where they presented their future plans for the Internet

3 AAVSO Goals Maintain and improve value of AID Improve relationship with professional astronomers Improved support for variable star observers (VSOs), particularly new ones Recruit new members and observers Improve international cooperation and support of observers Do more science with AAVSO variable star data Reduce and control AAVSO costs Improve access to dark skies for VSOs Leverage new technology for VS research Get additional grants and funding Improve the quality of the AAVSO membership Improve the effectiveness of the Director and staff by reducing any unnecessary workload Improve the image of the AAVSO within the community of amateur astronomers and advance public recognition of the AAVSO and its contributions to science

4 Daves Recommendations Committee of volunteers to assist AAVSO staff on computer and internet. For example, create web pages containing an annotated bibliography of variable star papers Provide real-time resources for science education using variable stars Web site should target audiences (server side knowledge of which audience a regular visitor belongs to could tailor the web site dynamically) Should carefully design website, take advantage of authoring tools. Watch costs in web site maintenance

5 Daves Ideas Online variable star observation data entry Online database queries of star behavior with various filters and processing options Database monitors for professionals interested in stars under certain trigger conditions. Automatic email notification without staff intervention Online, up-to-date list of variable stars needed more observations with details on time window, aperture, and photometric equipment requirements Maintain database table of each observers program stars; utility to give back a list of stars ranked in importance to AAVSO for given night

6 Daves Ideas - 2 Online variable star annotated bibliography Email public folder of latest submitted observations Online college handbook of schools offering courses on VS and doing VS research; list of professors and professional astronomers with picture and bio AAVSO variable star stock ticker display (SS Cygni at 11 1/8). Stats on largest gain or loss, etc. Value point system for VS observations to supplement straight observation count Online observers handbook Downloadable voice dictation entry program for observers to enter data while observing, email file afterwards

7 Daves Ideas - 3 Pictures of AAVSO observers and members with telescopes and computers Online demo of VS observation with audio explanation and an eyepiece view of the sky Beginners book list book reviews online Database replication to/from AAVSO web server with affiliate international VS organizations Online credit card transactions Use internet to shift AAVSO from monthly reporting to continuous reporting Internet access to remote control telescopes reserved for VS observations by members. Online software for CCD transformation coefficient

8 Daves Ideas - 4 Public domain software for CCD data reduction Web pages for each AAVSO committee Put educational materials developed for Hands-on- Astrophysics online Provide home pages for members Provide chat hotline; answer public questions about AAVSO and VSO Online council election info and election balloting with password locking Members only web pages with info and news Switch from conventional publishing to online documents

9 Daves Ideas - 5 Dynamic web pages for individual variable stars A/V simulations of all the basic types of variables Audio presentation of observer calling HQ where Director answers phone; calls professional astronomer; pro then calls NASA to direct HST to the variable star in question Mpgeg movie of life on a planet near a variable star monitored by the AAVSO during an outburst Many more ideas in his original paper! He followed up with several more white papers on my request

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