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e-Tag Functional Specification

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1 e-Tag 1.8.2 Functional Specification

2 e-Tag 1.8.2 Functional Specification
Modifications for Network Integration Transmission Service on OASIS Other items

3 e-Tag 1.8.2 Functional Specification
Voted out of JESS on March 6, 2013 Posted for 30-day formal comment on March 7, 2013 Received 4 comments JESS met April 23, 2013, developed responses presented to the WEQ Executive Committee April 30, 2013, Carmel, IN as late comments

4 e-Tag 1.8.2 Spec. Formal Comments
NAESB WEQ Standard Review Subcommittee - The subcommittee recommends adoption of all comments by the SRS with the exception of the fourth bullet from the bottom (Section , Line 4; insert space between “submittal” and “withdrawn”). The subcommittee recommends that instead of a space being inserted, the word “withdrawn” be deleted. SPP - The subcommittee recommends that the first comment of SPP be adopted. There does not need to be a change to the name of the IDC Working Group as the name of the group will not change under the IDC Association. BPA - The subcommittee determined that these comments would be best addressed through Request R13004 in a future version of the specification. ISAS Leadership – see next slide

5 e-Tag 1.8.2 Functional Specification
ISAS leadership cited their approved Regional Business Practice (INT-004-WECC-RBP-2 ). WR4.  Each Balancing Authority and each Transmission Service Provider that initiates a Curtailment shall ensure that each Reliability Adjustment RFI meets each of the following: Releases its own reliability limit profile on the Interchange Transaction Tag, when the reliability event allows for the reloading of the transaction, without releasing the reliability limit of other Balancing Authorities and Transmission Service Providers; The current level on the Interchange Transaction Tag shall not be greater than the most limiting reliability limit. (See guidance section for narrative regarding the “current level.”)

6 e-Tag 1.8.2 Functional Specification
JESS is recommending the specification be remanded back to JESS for further development. If not remanded, JESS will develop interoperability test plans and implementation schedule for

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