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NAESB OASIS Recommendation Network Service on OASIS (NITS on OASIS) 2/10/2014Page 1NITS on OASIS Informal Comments.

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1 NAESB OASIS Recommendation Network Service on OASIS (NITS on OASIS) 2/10/2014Page 1NITS on OASIS Informal Comments

2 NAESB Process A high level summary of the NAESB process: 1.Subcommittee, made of volunteers from the industry, drafts standards 2.Once competed, the standard is sent to the Executive Committee for approval – The standard is posted for a 30-day formal comment period prior to the Executive Committee meeting 3.The Executive Committee may approve, modify or reject the recommendation. It may also remand the recommendation back to the subcommittee with instructions for modification. 4.Once approved by the Executive Committee the recommendation is submitted to the NAESB membership for ratificaiton. 5.After ratification by the membership, NAESB submits the new standards, along with any formal comments, to FERC 2/10/20142NITS on OASIS Informal Comments

3 Informal Comments The Wholesale Electric Quadrant OASIS Subcommittee is preparing a recommendation for NITS on OASIS. The subcommittee has requested informal comments from industry participants on a draft version of the new standards. The subcommittee will use the comments to modify and refine the draft standard before submitting it to the Executive Committee. Comments may be submitted by anyone. The informal comment period ends on July 29, /10/20143NITS on OASIS Informal Comments

4 NITS on OASIS Recommendation - Recommendation Summary + 5 Parts WEQ NITS Draft Recommendation Proposed Revisions to the OASIS Acronym and Glossary (WEQ000): _oasis070111reqcom_a4.doc _oasis070111reqcom_a4.doc Proposed Revisions to the OASIS (WEQ001): _oasis070111reqcom_a1.doc _oasis070111reqcom_a1.doc Proposed Revisions to the OASIS S&CPs (WEQ002): _oasis070111reqcom_a2.doc _oasis070111reqcom_a2.doc Proposed Revisions to the WEQ OASIS Data Dictionary (WEQ003): _oasis070111reqcom_a3.doc _oasis070111reqcom_a3.doc Proposed Revisions to the WEQ Implementation Guide (WEQ013): oasis070111reqcom_a6.doc 2/10/20144NITS on OASIS Informal Comments

5 Overview OASIS was developed initially to facilitate submission of Point-to-Point requests and to document the approval process. In Order 890, FERC decided that transmission providers and network customers should use OASIS to request designation of new network resources and to terminate designation of network resources. NAESB was given the responsibility for designing new templates. 2/10/20145NITS on OASIS Informal Comments

6 Key Order 890 Requirements Order 890 provided substantial guidance on treatment of a Designated Network Resource (DNR): Qualifications for a DNR Attestation of DNR to be submitted through OASIS with each request to designate a new network resource Temporary and Permanent Termination of a DNR Concomitant evaluation of a request for temporary undesignation of a DNR and a related request for transmission service 2/10/20146NITS on OASIS Informal Comments

7 pro forma OATT (link)link Part III governs Network Integration Transmission Service (NITS) Section 29.2 governs the application process – Application on OASIS – Customer identification and eligibility – Network Load information – Network Resource information & attestation – Identification of customer-owned transmission – Term of service and customer attestation 2/10/20147NITS on OASIS Informal Comments

8 pro forma OATT (continued) Section 30: Network Resources – Rules for designation of a new network resource (Section 30.2) – Termination of Network Resources (Section 30.3) Indefinite Termination Temporary Termination Evaluation of Temporary Termination concomitantly with related service requests Section 31: Designation of Network Load 2/10/20148NITS on OASIS Informal Comments

9 NAESB NITS Recommendation Application for Network Service placed on OASIS Transactions (loads, DNRs, non-designated resources) handled on OASIS on a customer-by- customer basis Optional provision for tracking scheduling rights Customer may assign agent(s) to administer OASIS transactions New process facilitate handling of concomitant evaluation of a single undesignation coupled with a single request for service 2/10/20149NITS on OASIS Informal Comments

10 Technical Changes Pre-submittal work space will permit a customer to assemble information prior to official submittal (queuing) of request New templates – none of the existing templates are used for NITS (See WEQ-002) – XML templates instead of CSV – Different structure for making request 2/10/201410NITS on OASIS Informal Comments

11 Data Structure for NITS The general structure of the information conveyed in a given Input Template using the NITS CSV Format is shown below: 2/10/201411NITS on OASIS Informal Comments

12 Flow Diagrams: NITS Application Process (WEQ-013) 2/10/201412NITS on OASIS Informal Comments

13 2/10/201413NITS on OASIS Informal Comments

14 2/10/201414NITS on OASIS Informal Comments

15 Flow Diagrams: Designate a Network Resource (WEQ-013) 2/10/201415NITS on OASIS Informal Comments

16 2/10/201416NITS on OASIS Informal Comments

17 2/10/201417NITS on OASIS Informal Comments

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