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1 La Red de Informacion Humanitaria (Redhum)

2 Timeline and background Redhum as network and the Website Redhum from the launch to the future

3 Timeline and background

4 2005 Study done on Humanitarian Information tools in the Region Humanitarian Information Network in Panama 2006 Agreement between OCHA and CEPREDENAC and SICA Workshops within CEPREDENAC and CNEs from Central America 2007 Reliefweb support and collaboration The members of the Regional IASC – REDLAC approved Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Apr Mar May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct 20052005 20062006 20072007 The selection of the Redhum Team The Official Launch of the Website Redhum

5 Redhum as network and the website



8 Redhum as Network 2007 Redhum Team completed for Central America 6 Information Assistants 1 Editorial Manager 1 Editorial Assistant UNETEs, CNEs, IFRC, UN and NGOs Informed and increasing contributions Dominican Republic and Ecuador with persons working with CNEs and UNDP 2008 Expanding to South America Expanding to the Caribbean Expected more coverage and increase numbers of publications and partners Panama Guatemala Costa Rica El Salvador Nicaragua Honduras Ecuador Domenican Rep.

9 Redhum website News Centre – news from the most important media Various countries, several emergencies, daily updates

10 Redhum website Calendar of Activities Trainings, workshops, simulations, symposiums, …

11 Redhum website The latest maps with thematic or geografic information (by emergencies, by source, by themes, …)

12 Redhum as website Relevant Documents produced by Humanitarian Actors (Situation Reports, guide lines, standards, assessments,…)

13 Redhum website Alerts and Emergencies highlighted on the first page (One click and access to the emergency of interest)

14 Redhum website All Emergencies in one place (With the assistance of the search bar, find information about any emergency is easy and simple)

15 Redhum website Humanitarian Vacancies (Strengthening the Humanitarian network: organizations can have this extra space to publish their vacancies)

16 Redhum website Contact List and Links to Sources and Partners (Partners and sources can have their sites linked here or more specific integration can be done)

17 Redhum website 3W – WhoWhatWhere with online search capability (Sharing your contact details with Redhum, we will be able to provide comprehensive and more complete directories)

18 Redhum website Visit the website and discover more…

19 Redhum from the launch (and future expectations)

20 Statistics - First 3 Months Only first 10 days Page Loads Returning Users New Users

21 High Demand on Emergencies Page Loads Returning Users New Users Week Before Mexico Floods Nov. 07 Week during Mexico Floods Nov.07 Week after Mexico Floods Nov. 07 Increased number of page loads during emergencies is a good indicator of effectiveness Page load numbers higher than prior to the emergency is a good indication of new Redhum frequent users

22 Users from all over the world 1200 documents posted from more than 200** different sources (more than 450 are reports about the 15 Emergencies covered) Note: Redhum attention for 2007 is Central America, but our team is trying (as much as possible) with the cooperation of several partners and UNETEs to cover other regions even without having a Redhum representative. 225 Maps (40% Geographic Information / 60% Thematic Information) 110 Activities posted in the Calendar 88 Vacancies from several organizations 141 fotos (90% related to emergencies published) ** Different country offices from same organization are considered different sources of information What Redhum users can find? As of November 2007

23 The future expectations Decision makers encouraging the use of Redhum in countries: Asking PI Officers to contact Redhum Assistants and sign agreements Submitting documents, maps, vacancies, events, etc… direct to our accounts Asking other organizations and UNETEs to contribute to the Redhum network More donors supporting Redhum: Redhum promotes available standards * as much as possible Redhum is a central hub of humanitarian information and can minimize gaps Redhum is a Regional initiative with a low cost because use national capacity * Standards used by Sphere, Glide, ReliefWeb, Redlac and others are reflected in Redhum Organizations strengthening cooperation with Redhum: More integrations with other existent platforms or initiatives Increased numbers of documents submitted and not searched by our team National focal points for Redhum hired by interagency agreements/funds

24 Humanitarian Information from All to All! Participation is the key of the success! Thanks for the attention! For comments and suggestions

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