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DISASTER REDUCTION AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Preparatory process World Summit on Sustainable Development, WSSD IATF 5, 25-26 April 2002.

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Presentation on theme: "DISASTER REDUCTION AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Preparatory process World Summit on Sustainable Development, WSSD IATF 5, 25-26 April 2002."— Presentation transcript:

1 DISASTER REDUCTION AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Preparatory process World Summit on Sustainable Development, WSSD IATF 5, 25-26 April 2002

2 Preparatory process WSSD n National Assessments n Regional Assessments and Prep. Meetings n Stakeholder meetings for partnership during 2002 (Forum, UNDP/Capacity21 and others) n Preparatory Committee (Commission on Sustainable Development, CSD-10) n Thematic consultation meetings Key partner is UN/DESA, Secretariat WSSD

3 Expected outcomes of WSSD n Political Statement, reinforce commitment to IMPLEMENTATION of Agenda 21 n Programme of Action (negotiated) Johannesburg Programme of Action expected, based on commitments for targets, delivery mechanisms, resources and monitoring. n Initiatives and Partnerships, innovative approach

4 ISDR secretariat involvement n Evolving Backgound paper n PrepComs 2&3, Support to delegates and UN/DESA n Participation in consultations and expert meetings n On-line debate on background paper n Web resources available

5 DecJanMarMaySep 20012002 Hemispheric Meeting Costa Rica, 4-5 Dec Freshwater Bonn 3-7 Dec 2nd Prep Com. NY, 21 Jan-8 Feb Background doc No. 5 - UN/DESA 3rd Prep. Com. NY, 25 Mar-5 April Early Warning consultation Bonn, 11-12 March 4th. Prep. Com Indonesia, 25 May-7 June SIDS highlevel Jamaica, 9 May WSSD, Johannesburg 26 Aug-4 September 2002 ECOSOC, NY Asia meeting 24 Jan, New Delhi Time line Jun On-line debate 15 April-9 May Jul Global Change Berlin, 20-21June

6 World Summit on Sustainable Development 2002 Johannesburg timeline 2001 2002 Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Aug Sep CSD10 1st PrepComCSD10 2nd PrepCom Work in UN system on documentation CSD10 3rd Prep Com Regional PrepComs CSD10 4th PrepCom Regional/ Sub-regional PrepComs Johannesburg Summit

7 3rd PrepCom outcome n Draft text for Programme of Action, (now worked on as Chairmans paper) n Disaster reduction under Poverty eradication; Protecting and Managing the Natural Resource Base; SIDS; Decision making n Side events: -water management, including floods; - earth observation satellites and global mapping, support early warning systems for disaster mgt, climate and water cycle monitoring

8 Draft Programme of Action Recognition of ISDR as framework n Launch global programme for action to address vulnerability and disaster reduction, multi-risk approach –Focus on joint observation, research and early warning system; assessment of climate change impact/and El Nino; develop regional, subregional & national strategies; strengthen national capabilities risk assessment/legislative arrangements; watershed and wetland restoration. –Indicators for disaster reduction

9 Programme of Action-further needs: n Targets and implementation mechanisms n Identify specific actions and means - possible support from agencies and funding sources n Link to Yokohama plus ten To be worked on with delegations INPUT PAPERS/SUGGESTIONS WELCOMED

10 4th PrepCom, Bali, 25 May- 7 June I.- Inter Governmental process: n Informal drafting Programme of Action (25-27 May) n Elements for political document n Highlevel Segment (5-7 June) II. Multistakeholder segment III. Continued presentation partnerships and initiatives

11 Side events Bali n Focus on new, emerging issues, areas and priorities. ISDR planning one on: –Summary from online debate: how disasters impact on development, role of community action and education –Early warning- global approach –International Centre for El Niño Studies Disaster reduction for sustainable development

12 Partnerships/initiatives Type 2 outcomes n International in scope, added value, support implementation of sustainable development in developing countries (LDC, SIDS...) n support Agenda 21, Millenium goals and Joburg outcome n Voluntary, self- organizing nature, participatory approach n Monitoring of progress by WSSD follow up framework n Launched in Joburg, announced Bali, ongoing

13 Possible partnerships within ISDR Early Warning Forum/Network ( build on recommendations from WG2) Network/s for education, capacity building and community outreach- integrated risk mgt approach (regionally based) SIDS- capacity building for vulnerability reduction (UNDP/Capacity 21) Other WG issues ?

14 Background paper n Advocacy purpose n New version to circulate in Bali n Evolving- course of action n On-line debate providing interesting input n Final for WSSD, published TASK FORCE: n Comments (7 May) n Dissemination n Cross reference in own productions On-line debate:

15 Supporting documentation n Several global reports under preparation, useful for WSSD: –World Disaster Report (IFRC) –Global Environmental Outlook (UNEP) –Global Review on Disaster Reduction (ISDR) –World Vulnerability Report (UNDP) –Millenium Ecosystem Assessment (WRI)

16 WSSD- in Johannesburg 26 Aug 4 Sept. n ISDR poster promoting the subject n Promotional information package, jointly UNDP and other interested TF members n No specific ISDR side event foreseen, press event. Participation in other planned events (identify) n Jointly support delegates.....

17 Sum up for discussion IATF: Proposed further action n Back ground paper comments and dissemination, cross reference n PrepCom 4 participation, Bali, side events n Focus for Political Statement n Partnerships/initiatives: develop in consultation with ISDR

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