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1 Jamaica

2 Map of Jamaica

3 Jamaica’s Flag

4 Country Quick Facts Jamaica
Capital City: Kingston Population: 2.84 million Main Languages: English, Patois Main People Groups: Black African, mixed-race, East Indian Religions: Christianity (Anglican, Baptist, and other Protestant churches), Roman Catholicism, Rastafarianism, Judaism

5 More Quick Facts Jamaica
Location: Jamaica is an island in the Caribbean Sea. Below Florida you will see the long island of Cuba. Below Cuba is the smaller island of Jamaica. It is about the size of our State of Connecticut.

6 More Quick Facts Jamaica
The Land: Most of the land is mountainous. The land near the coasts is flatter. The Arawak Indians who first lived there called the land Xaymaca, “land of wood and water.” Beautiful beaches attract lots of tourists. Weather: Jamaica is warm and humid all year round. The rainy season lasts from May to October.

7 More Quick Facts Jamaica
Assemblies of God Facts: 8 missionaries work in Jamaica. 288 churches and 264 pastors. Bible school has over 70 students.

8 LET’S PRAY… for our missionaries and the Jamaican pastors and churches. for the kids of Jamaica. Many come from broken homes. Drugs and crime are common, and many families have members with AIDS. for more workers to help reach the eastern part of the island, to work at the Bible school, and to work with kids. for the Maroons and the Rastafarians, who need to serve Jesus, not other spirits.

9 BGMC provides the needed supplies for Spanish radio and TV programs all over Latin America and the Caribbean.

10 BGMC provided library books for the Bible college in Jamaica.

11 BGMC provided the training materials for the Caribbean Teen Challenge conference.

12 BGMC provides lots of supplies for all the countries in Latin America and the Caribbean such as this manual for helping children with AIDS.

13 Thank you for giving to BGMC to help reach the people of Jamaica.

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