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Formal Letter Writing: A Dying Art ?. Wecome to my class! Annie.

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1 Formal Letter Writing: A Dying Art ?

2 Wecome to my class! Annie

3 C U R U O K 3166 886 3Q == BTW See you. Are you OK? Thank you. Wait a minute. By the way. informal formal VS

4 Hi Mary, This Saturday is my birthday and we will have a party at 6 pm. Will U come? Love, Sarah Dear Sir, There is going to be a meeting in our company from 3:00 to 5:00pm on April 30 th. Please be there on time. Yours sincerely, Sarah personal e-mail business e-mail formal letter writing informal letter writing E-mail

5 A Dying Art ? Formal Letter Writing:

6 Skimming

7 Paragraph 1 When was the last time you sent someone a letter by regular mail? Thanks to the speed and ease of using the Internet, sending e- mail rather than mailing letters is the preferred means of communication for many people.

8 Paragraph 3 However, many of these same young people seem not to realize some basic rules when it comes to sending e-mail at work. Most of the people who responded to the survey said they didnt check their spelling or punctuation before hitting send. Even more surprising was that one in twenty of the people said they sometimes end e-mails to their boss with the words love and kisses! While this is fine for personal messages to friends and loved ones, it is normally considered inappropriate workplace etiquette.

9 Paragraph 4 The main reason for this use of informal language in workplace e-mail is that a lot of young people have always communicated with others on the Internetespecially using e-mail in a relaxed and friendly manner. For many, online communication outside of work involves talking with others in chat rooms, posting on message boards, and sending e-mail to friendsall for fun.

10 Paragraph 5 Another reason is that some young people now entering the workforce are unfamiliar with how to write formal correspondence, because they have never had to write a formal letter before. They have had no training in how to write a basis business letter, and dont know the style and language that should, and should not, be used. This need for training has led to various kinds of books and websites being written, which are intended to make people familiar with appropriate business e-mail etiquette and style.

11 Paragraph 6 With more business correspondence now being conducted using the Internet than ever before, it is important for people to realize the difference in language use between personal and business communicationespecially when using e-mail. So the next time you send an e-mail at the office, remember youre not just online, youre at work.

12 the findings of the survey the solution to the findings the reasons for the findings Para 2-3 Para4-5 Para 6 Matching

13 Scanning

14 Para.2-3 What Scanning

15 Numbers: 2,000 _________________ around half _________________ many _________________ most _________________ one in twenty _________________

16 Hi Sir The anniversary ( ) of our company is coming. The party is from7:00 to 9:00pm on April 30 th in Longwan Skyscraper Hotel. Looking forward to seeing U. Kissing you. Love, Mary punctuation spelling inappropriate etiquette unsuitable manner Formal letter writing, a dying art ?

17 Para.2-3 Para.4-5 What Why Scanning

18 Structure The main reason why... is that.... The reason for... is that.... Another reason is that....

19 Formal letter writing, a dying art !

20 Para.2-3 Para.4-5 Para.6 What Why How Scanning

21 Tony My boss said: Whats wrong with business e-mail at work. Work hard, or I will fire you.

22 Why? How?

23 1. No spelling mistakes. 2. Suitable punctuations. 3. Appropriate language. 4. Differences between personal e-mail and business e-mail.

24 ______ Im truly sorry that... The reason why … In order to improve my formal letter writing, … Now, I know some business e-mail etiquette, for example, … __________ Tony

25 Never too late to realize.

26 Art is etiquette, realize it. Art is melody, enjoy it. Art is treasure, keep it.

27 Assignment Reread the passage and pick out 3 - 5 beautiful sentences to recite. Rewrite your e-mail of formal letter writing.

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