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Drop Out Survey Cecil County Public Schools 2006-08 John Artinger Andy Anderson November 12, 2009.

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1 Drop Out Survey Cecil County Public Schools John Artinger Andy Anderson November 12, 2009

2 Special Education Dropout Rate YEAR Special EDRegular RaceFARMS White Black

3 Survey Dropout Survey N=184 Ranked results from 1-5 with 1= most responses Please answer the following as best you can. There may be more than one answer to a question. 1. Why did you leave school this year? _1__ Academic issues (bored, frustrated, fell behind, poor grades) _5__ Felt like I didnt belong _4__ Conflicts with school staff _7__ Forced out ( expelled, told to leave) _6__ Pregnancy or parenting issues _3__ Cant graduate with my class _2__ Other __Family Issues, Medical Issues, Drugs, Hate School, Grading Policy, GED is faster and easier, Wanted to work, Bullied 2. What kept you from succeeding in your high school program? _3__ Academic failure _5__ Requirements too high _7__ Cant get courses I want to take _6__ Not enough help or resources _4__ Discipline issues _1__ Poor attendance _2__ Other _Fell behind, Principal, Student conflict, Need too many credits, Hate school, Pregnancy, Discipline Issues, Self _

4 Survey Cont. 3. What did you like about school? _1__ Socializing _2__ The teachers _3__ Certain classes (which ones _Science, PE, English________________) _6__ Learning something new _5__ Sports and /or activities _7__ Safety and order _4__ Other _ Nothing, Everything, office staff, drugs___ 4. What courses or programs could we have offered that would have caused you to stay in school? _3__ Night school / summer school courses _4_ On-line courses _7_ Childcare help _6__ Math / reading assistance _5__ Technical or vocational courses in evening _2__ Technical or vocational courses offered in 9th or 10th grade _1__ Other _NONE, vo-tech in 8 th grade, computer classes, Dont know, classes are not the issue.__

5 Survey Cont. 5. What are you doing now? _1__Working _2__ In GED program (Bridges, Community College, Family Center, State Challenge, Other) _4__ Going to military _3__ Other Have GED, Waiting for GED opening, Job Corps, Parenting, Incarcerated, In mental health center 6. How did your counselor or principal assist you with staying in school? _1__ Talked to me personally _2__ Called or met with my parents _5__ Offered schedule or program change _6__ Provided extra academic help _3__ Neither assisted me _4__ Other Allowed to retake tests, helped me sign out,

6 Survey cont. 7. What do you like about what you are doing now? _ 1.Nothing 2. Working 3. Freedom 4. Finished GED 8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years without a high school diploma? 1. Working 2. College/Tech school 3. Military Over 50% said they would have a diploma

7 Dropout Survey School QuestionItemRising SunPerryville Bo ManorElkton North EastCountyRank Rank 07 No. dropouts No. completed surveys Why did you leavea. Academic issues school this year?b. I didn't belong c. Conflicts with staff d. Forced out e. Pregnancy/parenting f. Can't graduate w/class g. Other

8 Survey Cont. 2 2 RSHSPHSBMHSEHSNEHSCountyRank Rank 07 What kept you froma. Academic failure succeeding in your b. Requirements too high high school program? c. Can't get courses I want15 28 d. No help or resources e. discipline issues f. Poor attendance g. Other

9 Survey Cont. 3 3 RSHSPHSBMHSEHSNEHSCountyRank Rank 07 What did you likea. Socializing about school?b. The teachers c. Certain classes d. Learning something new e. Sports/activities f. Safety and order 0 g. Other

10 Survey Cont. 4 4 RSHSPHSBMHSEHSNEHSCountyRank Rank 07 What courses ora. Night/summer school programs could web. On-line courses have offered thatc. Childcare help 123 would have caused d. Math/reading assistance21 3 you to stay in school? e. Tech/voc. courses in evening f. Tech/voc. courses in 9th & 10th grade g. Other

11 Survey Cont. 5 5 RSHSPHSBMHSEHSNEHSCountyRank Rank 07 What are you doinga. Working now?b. In GED program c. Going to Military d. Other

12 Survey Cont. 6 6 RSHSPHSBMHSEHSNEHSCountyRank Rank 07 How did youra. Talked to me personally counselor or principal b. Called or met with my parents assist you with staying c. Offered program/schedule change in school? d. Provided extra academic help 1113 e. Neither assisted me f. Other

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