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ELBA – Current Developments Chris Phillips eVLBI Project Scientist 16 June 2008.

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1 eLBA – Current Developments Chris Phillips eVLBI Project Scientist 16 June 2008

2 ATCA Mopra Parkes Hobart Ceduna Tidbinbilla Sydney ASKAP The LBA

3 LBADR – LBA Data Recorder Cousin of MRO/EVN-PC Commodity PC with VSIB input card Primarily record onto Apple Xserve RAID Control software highly modified from original MRO Mark5b emulation mode eVLBI with TCP or UDP Very flexible Data written to normal Linux filesystem Realtime sampler statistics Flexible realtime fringe checking CSIRO. eVLBI-Aus

4 LBA status Using DiFX software correlator for all LBA operations All disk correlation has been done at Swinburne University of Technology (Melbourne) eVLBI correlated at Parkes Disk correlation will transfer to Curtin University (Perth) by August 2008 CSIRO. eVLBI-Aus

5 DiFX All LBA correlation now runs on DiFX Distributed FX MPI parallelization on Beowulf style cluster Written by Adam Deller at Swinburne University of Technology Active development also from Walter Brisken Available free of charge for scientific research Supports LBADR, Mark5a, Mark5b, Mark5c Crucial part of VLBA sensitivity upgrade Supports mixed mode correlation Easy to add support for new formats CSIRO. eVLBI-Aus

6 DiFX: Architecture Based on MPI Written in C++ Uses IPP libraries extensively 2 types of processes I/O processes (DataStream) Compute processes (Core) Incoming data stream is time divided and copied round robin from DataStream to Core Asynchronous sends mitigate swarming effect Supports disk and eVLBI operation TCP & UDP, filesystem and native Mark5 CSIRO. eVLBI-Aus

7 APSR Cluster ATNF Parkes Swinburne Recorder Backend for Pulsar processing at Parkes 18 node Dell cluster Dual processor quad core VLBI front end I/O cluster PAMHELA 5 node, dual processor dual core 4 (Intel) NICs for network flexibility Job control from PAMHELA, APSR used as slave CSIRO. eVLBI-Aus Image Credit: Shaun Amy

8 PAMHELA APSR Telescope Connections

9 Case Study: How not to implement a cluster PAMHELA running 32bit Debian Etch APSR running 64bit CentOS No shared filesystem MPI/DiFX does not like mixed 32 and 64bit binaries DataStream sending 4 times more data than receiving Many issues getting MPI Mpich would not scale to use full cluster Openmpi seemed to get confused by multiple interfaces CSIRO. eVLBI-Aus

10 ATNF Observatory Network Provided by AARNet Pair of dark fiber, carrying multiple 10 Gbps SDH 2 x 1 Gbps connection to each observatory Used for commodity traffic (web, email, ftp, ssh, observing etc) and eVLBI Each link effectively limited to 512 Mbps for eVLBI traffic Sydney to observatory can be run at line rate using bog standard PCs 989 Mbps user data (evlbi software) 20 Mbps typical for scp CSIRO. eVLBI-Aus

11 ATCA Mopra Parkes Sydney To Swinburne To Seattle 10 Gbps 10 Gbps AARNET3 To Perth

12 Current eVLBI status eVLBI being offered via normal call for proposals and actively encouraged 3x512 Mbps ATCA-Parkes-Mopra 2x1 Gbps ATCA-Parkes (or Parkes-Mopra) Implemented as 2x 2x512 Mbps Exclusively layer 2 Hand crafted traffic engineering for routing, using multiple VLANS Connection to Hobart problematic Effectively single 155 Mbps shared IP network Cannot sustain 64 Mbps TCP reliably CSIRO. eVLBI-Aus


14 Network Upgrades 1 Gbps link to Swinburne imminent… Multi-gigabit access to 10 Gbps AARNet3 backbone in progress Implementing VPLS Layer2 over Layer3 eVLBI to Curtin New cluster for ATCA 3x1 Gbps using distributed approach Still waiting on upgraded bandwidth to Hobart CSIRO. eVLBI-Aus

15 EXPRES-Oz AARNet and ATNF Partners on EXPReS project Demonstrate realtime eVLBI from Australia to JIVE AARNet provided 1 Gbps light paths from Parkes, Mopra and ATCA to JIVE CENIC, Pacific Wave, CANARIE, SurfNet Science observation of SN1987a at 1.6 GHz 11hr observation at 512 Mbps sustained Using Mark5b UDP 340msec RTT CSIRO. eVLBI-Aus

16 Image Credit: Paul Boven, Image created by Paul Boven Satellite image: Blue Marble Next Generation, courtesy of NASA Visibible Earth


18 Contours ATCA 9 GHz super resolved image (0.4 FWHM)

19 e-APT Demo Connecting Shanghai and Kashima to Parkes at 512 Mbps AARNet have provisioned 3x 622 Mbps circuits Mixture of SDH and layer 2/3 AARNet, CENIC, JGN2, CSTNet, Pacific Wave, HKOEP Dedicated Mopra-Parkes link Presented as gigabit Ethernet CSIRO. eVLBI-Aus

20 e-APT Demo: Implementation ATNF telescopes using LBADR data format and TCP Kashima and Shanghai using JIVE UDP format Raw Mark5 data stream with 64bit sequence # Shanghai using jive5a control on Mark5a Kashima written realtime Mark5b converter and also generate JIVE UDP packets 1500 MTU used exclusively CSIRO. eVLBI-Aus

21 Image created by Paul Boven Satellite image: Blue Marble Next Generation, courtesy of NASA Visibible Earth


23 Internet2: Wave of the Future Winners of inaugural award! 10 Gbps connection on Internet2 (continental USA) for 1 year Possible usage: eVLBI to Haystack eVLBI to JIVE Details still being worked through CSIRO. eVLBI-Aus

24 Contact Us Phone: 1300 363 400 or +61 3 9545 2176 Email: Web: Thank you ATNF Chris Phillips eVLBI Project Scientist Phone: +61 2 93724608 Email: Web:

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